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Sharem: This is just a simple story that I felt needed to be written and it's my first Final Fantasy story ever.  The first part of the story is in Fuujin's POV and then in Zell's POV…^_^

Watching You

Chapter One

            ~Fuujin's POV~

            I was sitting out in the quad, watching all of the students walk by to do whatever it is that they want to do.  It was a weekend, by the way.  I saw many of these cadets hold hands with each other and I felt a sick feeling in my stomach.  How can they allow themselves to be weak enough to feel a shadow emotion like love?  I snorted softly to myself as I stood up from the bench I was sitting on and began making my way to the front gate.  I supposed that I needed some fresh air…Actually, I think it was so I didn't have to take insulin from the rising sweetness levels I observed.

            On my way to the gate, I saw even more couples holding hands…but then, I saw him outside talking to a pretty girl.  I think it's that quiet girl from the library…what the hell was her name?  Ah screw it…that girl was beneath me for even wondering who she was.  I carefully made my way to the gate, trying my best to not get noticed by that Chicken-wuss.  On careful observation, I realized that Seifer was right in calling him that name.  His blonde bangs were spiked up which reminded me of a rooster's comb.  I chuckled silently as I walked out the gate to get away from the 'loving' couples I seem to see everywhere.

            Once outside, I took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly, trying to decide what to do next.  My only two friends were not here at Balamb Garden.  Both Raijin and I were accepted back at Garden and became SeeDs.  Raijin was on a mission for Garden right now.  Seifer, on the other hand, decided that he wanted a quiet life and left for Fisherman's Horizon.  I suppose I cannot blame him for wanting to take life slowly.  Me, on the other hand, I cannot see myself sitting somewhere and let the world pass me by.  I felt that I needed to do something…more like prove to myself that I am a person worthy of respect.  And maybe love.  I shuddered at that last thought.  I did tell myself earlier that love was a shadow emotion.  That was when I started thinking about Chicken-wuss again.

            He wasn't very tall…maybe around five foot five but he was very compact and muscular.  He was also very…very…I don't know what it was but I liked what I saw.  I slapped myself for that thought.  But…I just can't help it sometimes.  I think it was because I was lonely.

            Yes…a former member of the Disciplinary Committee had admitted to herself that she was lonely.  I growled softly as I began to walk towards the city of Balamb.  Maybe the walk to the city was going to do me some good.  Not only that, if I came across any monsters, then that would help me in keeping my mind off of Chicken-wuss.

            I was now at Balamb and inside one of the smaller bars.  I ordered something to drink and turned around to watch the people enter and leave.  I suppose that was what I do nowadays…just watch people.  No one seemed to want to get to know me.  Maybe it was because of my past association with Seifer.  Who knows…oookay…now what was this?  I saw Chicken-wuss enter the bar and without his pretty girlfriend.  I raised my eyebrow at that and shrugged as I turned back to face the bartender.  He gave me a sleazy grin as he handed me my drink.

            "Ya know…ya don' have ta pay for yer drinks," the bartender leered as his hand reached over and tried to grope me.  GROPE ME?!?

            "RAGE!" I bellowed as I grabbed the pervert's wrist and flung him over the bar and onto the hard wooden floor.  He was a burly and ugly man and I was faintly surprised to see him get back on his feet swiftly.

            "Yer gonna pay for that, bitch!" the bartender screamed as he lunged for me again.

            I smirked slightly as I was able to move out of the idiot's charge.  It was so easy to do and I kicked the bastard on the back of his head as he went by me.  Little did I know that the bartender had friends.  Suddenly, I found myself knocked to the floor of the bar.  I nearly gagged because of the crap that was down there.

            "BASTARDS!" I snarled as two more burly men grabbed my arms and roughly pulled me back up.  They held me tightly as I tried to struggle against their grasp.  The perverted bartender grinned nastily at me as he roughly grabbed my chin and forced me to look up at him.

            "Ya know, yer a pretty lady despite that eye patch you're wearing," the bartender drawled as he eyed me up and down.  I spat in the man's face and I could tell that he was not entirely happy with that act.  I saw him draw his fist back and I waited for the oncoming blow.

            "That isn't a way to get a lady to like you," a voice called out.  I glanced over in the direction of the voice and my eye opened wider than usual to see Chicken-wuss holding the pervert's wrist in his hand.  I watched the compact SeeD thrown the bartender across the room.  That gave me the chance that I needed.  I managed to free my right arm and elbow one of the brutes behind me.  Swiftly, I decked the other one with a kick to his knee.  I heard something shatter as I did that.  I think I broke the jerk's knee.  He deserved it for holding me for that pervert to try and hurt me.

            Let's just say that after Dincht and I proceeded to pulverize those three men into quivering masses of bleeding jelly, the owner of the bar threw us out.  Wait a moment…I think that I just used Chicken-wuss' name instead of…why?  I shook my head free from that thought and was about to walk down the street when I felt someone's hand rest on my shoulder.  I immediately turned around and was about to hurt the person who did that when I saw that blonde hyper mass of energy jump away from me.

            "Fuujin, it's just me," the hot dog boy replied as he held hived hands up, showing me that he meant no harm.  I just rolled my eye at him.

            "WHAT?" I asked, hoping that my one word question would just confuse him and leave me alone.

             He seemed…nervous for some odd reason.  Was that a blush on his face that I saw?  I crossed my over my chest and waited for him to answer.  "Well…I was talking to Lily," he began to explain to me.  His voice was soft for some reason I couldn't understand.  "She's the girl from the library.  We were at the front gate talking about the people we…liked.  I know that my friends thought that Lily and I were going out, but we just ended up being really good friends."

            "SO?" I asked, rolling my eye again.  I did not know why Dincht was even talking to me.  I had thought that he would have let me get beat up and groped by that perverted bartender but he actually helped me.

            He coughed for a moment, causing his blonde bangs to fall gently around his face.  I suppose that during the brawl, his hair got messed up.  I kept my face under control as I noticed how adorable Dincht appeared like that.  I mentally sighed as I realized that I do have some sort of attraction to the idiot.

            "Well, we were discussing on people we liked.  Lily said that I should try to be friends with them and try to see things from their point of view."  He was now looking at the ground and scuffing his feet.  I wondered why?

            "EXPLAIN!" I said in a cold tone.

            "I've…been watching you, Fuujin, ever since you returned to Garden.  Even though you had Raijin with you, you still seemed...lonely.  I don't think that you're a person who should be lonely.  Now that Raijin is gone most of the time on missions, you are always by yourself.  You don't even have anyone else to be around.  I'd…I'd like to be your friend."

            I was stunned.  This man…he wanted to be friends with me?  I just stared at Dincht with my one eye and I tried to say something…anything.

            "Why?" I asked softly, not shouting out my usual one word sentences.  Zell took my hand gently into his and brought it up to his lips and kissed it.

            "Because I like you," he answered just as softly.  I looked up and stared into his eyes…those eyes that shone like the sky during the setting sun.  Ooh…I nearly gagged at myself for thinking such a sappy thought…but one thing was true.  He was right…I was lonely.  I jerked my hand away from Zell (when did I start thinking of him as Zell?) and started backing away from him.

            "NEGATIVE!" I shouted.  I don't know why, but his admission actually scared me so I did the only thing that came to my mind.  I ran.


Sharem: This is a short chapter and to be honest, I don't know when I'll be able to update it.  It was an idea that had been running in my head for awhile.  I love the characters Zell and Fuujin.  I thought that with the blonde's energy, he just might be able to bring down the walls that Fuujin had set up around her heart…^_^ Rest assured, the next chapter will be in Zell's POV…^_^