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Watching You

Chapter 4

.:Fuujin's POV:.

"How about this one, Fuujin?" Hyper-Girl asked as she held up a hideous green dress in front of me. How can I wear something that would make me puke? It looked like it came from the section for streetwalkers for Hyne's sake!

I heard a sigh and turned my head to look at Rinoa, the brunette girlfriend of Squall. At first, I thought that she was just going to be hyper and talk about how GREAT things are with the Commander of Balamb. However, I was surprised that she hardly talked about him the whole time we were at the house of horrors, or the clothing shop as most others would call it.

"Selphie, Fuujin doesn't have the skin tone to pull off that shade of green," the Sorceress remarked as she started to go through the racks.

I mildly glared at her and sat back down on a nearby chair. I still tire a little easily ever since the T-Rexaur attack in the training center. I suppose that I am not COMPLETELY healed. That was when something caught my eye.

I looked at it for a moment before getting up and walking over to the rack and pulled out this deep red dress. It was simple, nothing extra added to it but I liked the color…

"Whoa, that is the PERFECT dress!" Selphie squealed in my ear, making me cringe from the sharp sound. "You should try it on!"

Rinoa came back to us, obviously hearing Hyper-Girl's loud screech. She eyed the dress I was holding and a big smile appeared on her face. Uh…oh…

That damned woman pushed me into the fitting room! I thought she was okay until then! I heard her call out, "Put it on, Fuujin! I want to see how it looks!"

"Yeah, Fuu! I wanna make sure that this dress will make Zell drool!"

Damn those women…

It took a few minutes to figure out how to get into it and managed to zip it up the back. I hated dresses with a passion and was about to walk out of the fitting room when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

That's me? That CAN'T be me…I have always known that I was not a beautiful woman, especially since of that eye patch. But this…

"Come on, Fuu! Rinoa and I wanna see!"

I took in a deep breath and cautiously stepped back into the shop, readying myself to face the harsh criticisms of Hyper-Girl and the Sorceress before kicking their asses from here to Garden and back. When I didn't hear anything from them, I turned to glare at them.

"WELL?" I spat out, me getting angrier by the second. I then noticed the looks of shock on their faces. Huh?

"Wow…you look great in that dress," Rinoa managed to get out. It seemed that she had a hard time to speak.

"DO NOT!" I disagreed, feeling that somehow I was lying to myself.

"Zell won't drool at you when he sees you wear this," Selphie began quietly.

I focused my glare on the petite brunette and felt like I wanted to hit her. "WHY?"

"Because once he sees you, he's gonna take you back to the cabin and have hot monkey sex with you instead!" Selphie giggled like a maniac.

Oh…my…God…was this girl insane?!?

"WHAT?!?" I exclaimed loudly and I was about to kick that little girl until next week when I noticed the smile on Rinoa's face. It wasn't mocking or anything like that. I think that it was a genuine one…and it was being directed at me…

"Fuujin, let Zell treat you like you should be treated."

I looked at the Sorceress…she was starting to confuse me. I felt a headache coming on so I stormed back into the dressing room and changed back into my regular clothing… Hyne, I felt normal again. Once I stepped out of that room, Selphie took the dress from me and giggled.

"Don't worry about all of this Fuu. Now that we got your clothing size, Rinoa and I are gonna get you a wardrobe to bring with you for the cruise. And NO you CAN'T wear your uniform or you'll just HAVE to help me on the next festival committee…"

I shuddered at that…from what I remember, Selphie always follows through with her threats. Feeling defeated, I pulled out my wallet to pay for the clothing, but I saw both girls shaking their heads at me. Why?

"We'll be getting these for you," Rinoa answered my silent question.

"WHY?" I demanded…I don't like feeling like a damned fucking charity case.

"Because you will make our Zelly-poo happy, Fuu. You don't see how his eyes light up whenever he has mentioned you," Hyper-Girl answered, her eyes twinkling. I still wanted to smack her upside the head… "And you aren't as bad as you act. You'll be perfect for Zell and I think that you're perfect for him."

I just KNOW my eyes widened at that. Zell? The Chicken-wuss perfect for me? I snorted at that thought. Sure, he is kind, sweet…gorgeous…What the fuck?! He is NOT gorgeous…just hot as hell…

Oh fucking hell…

I'm in deep shit now…

I do like Zell…I feel my heartbeat start to race just thinking about him. And I think I may be blushing…my face feels hot. Why me? I don't need a man…I don't want a man. But…

Hyne have mercy on me but I want Zell…

I shut my eyes tightly …I can feel my body shaking a bit from this revelation. I then felt a hand squeeze my shoulder gently and I opened my eyes to see Rinoa smiling softly at me.

"Don't worry, Fuujin, we'll help you. We know you care for Zell."

I saw Selphie nod her head emphatically. "Yeah, and you also gotta talk in more than one word sentences, Fuu. Shouting isn't very nice all the time, especially around Zelly."

I sighed and nodded. I hope these girls know what they're doing…


.:Zell's POV:.

Hyne, I have never felt so nervous before! I was standing near the pier where the cruise ship was docked. I knew that Selphie told me to be here no later than three o'clock, but I couldn't help myself. I think I got here about an hour early thanks to Ma. When I told her what I was doing this weekend, she had such a HUGE smile on her face. Thankfully, no one I knew was around when Ma started asking about my date and how she looked like…

That was when she started imagining, out loud, about how silver haired and blue eyed grandkids would be wonderful and blonde haired red-eyed ones would be so cute. I hid my face a few times when some people passing by thought that it was funny. I told Ma that it was just a date and that nothing was gonna happen. That was when she said something funny to me…

"Zell, that's what I thought too when I was put on a blind date with your late father. It'll work out, son." At that, Ma gave me a quick hug and left to go home. I stared at the ground a few minutes when she left and realized that whenever Ma said something like that, it usually turned out to be true.

I sighed out loud and shuffled my feet a bit, feeling anxious about what may or may not happen on this cruise. I nudged my bag and suitcase for a moment…I was feeling so BORED!

What the…someone just smacked me upside the head! I whirled around with my fists ready to hurt whoever did that when I stopped. That deep chuckle…I would know that sound anywhere. I looked up and saw a familiar gray trench coat and a cocky-assed smirk that I recognized.

Seifer. Why the hell is that bastard doing here?

"What do you want?" I hissed through clenched teeth. I really don't want to fight right now…but he's Fuujin's friend. Oh Hyne…

Seifer laughed and reached over to mess up my hair, which I avoided easily. I spent a long time looking just right for Fuujin and didn't want to get my hair all messy.

"Sorry, Chicken, but you're just way to easy to rile up." That bastard…he laughed again and then he glared at me. He grabbed me by the collar and pulled me up. What the hell is his problem?

"Fuujin is like a sister to me. Hurt her and I hurt you." He then just dropped me and I landed on my ass. He then gave me a smile…you know one of those smiles that promised pain and torture. "See ya around, Chicken. I gotta go have a talk with Puberty Boy."

Just as Seifer was about to walk off, I heard someone whistle. I turned my head and saw Rinoa and Selphie carrying a couple of suitcases. Selphie waved at me and I waved back and that's when I noticed her…

Fuujin…she looked…Wow…She was wearing black slacks, a silky-looking shirt that dipped low…oh boy, she has cleavage…and she was also wearing a black sweater that was open in the front to show off that low-cut shirt. Did I already mention that she had cleavage?


Damn, I forgot that Seifer was still here…the bastard went up to her and gave her a hug. I felt instantly jealous…I mean, he knows more about the girl I really like than I do. Hey, he looks like he's laughing and whispered in her ear. Fuujin just kicked Seifer in the shins…I couldn't help it, I started laughing.

"Shut up Chicken-wuss!" the former Sorceress Knight yelled, making me laugh even more as he gave me a one fingered salute. I laughed more and then turned around…

Hyne, Fuujin looked so beautiful…is that a blush I see on her face? "Um…are you ready to go?" I asked her…shit, I don't like sounding so shy and quiet.

Fuujin just nodded and grabbed her bags and took the ticket that Selphie held out for her. I watched her walk across the pier and stopped. I think she was waiting for me.

"OW!" I shouted as someone smacked me on the back of my head again. I turned to glare at Selphie, but she just had an 'innocent' look on her face. I shook my head for a moment and sighed as she handed me my ticket and stuffed something in my bag.

"Now, Zelly, you and Fuu have a GREAT time," she remarked, a giggle coming out of her mouth. Hyne, she's up to something… "And remember, those cabins have HUGE HONKIN' beds." She then waltzed back over to Rinoa. At least Squall's girlfriend gave me an encouraging smile.

I smiled back at my two friends and slowly made my way to the pier and Fuujin…I really hope I don't screw up on this date…

"Oh yeah! I put condoms in your bag, Zelly!"



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