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Warning contains: Adult language


^Inner thoughts^

Chapter 1: Predator and Prey

"Well, well, well, looks like we have a stray kitten."

Aya froze, his hand clutched his katana until his knuckles turned white.

"Why Schuldich, I think you're right," sneered Crawford.

^Not here, not now^, Aya thought ignoring the pain from his abdomen that the gun caused.

The two Schwarz members noticed blood coming from the redheaded Weiß assassin.

"Hey Schu, I think the kitten got into a little fight," Crawford said impishly. "If you'd like we could patch it up for you Ran."

Aya glared at precog, "Shut the hell up!"

Schuldich smirked at the Schwarz leader, "Oh my, I think you just made the kitten mad Crawford."

Crawford just smiled, reaching in his pocket to take out a small bottle.

Aya narrowed his eyes at the container ^what the hell. . .^ As he was about to take a step back, he suddenly began to feel light headed.

Schuldich noticed how Aya had almost toppled forward. He smiled, /Give it up Ran you won't escape/

"Get out of my head!"

Schuldich's grin vanished, he face unreadable. "We can do this the hard way or the easy way, it really doesn't matter to me. But it looks to me that you're in no condition to put up a fight."

Aya knew that there was know way he could win against the two Schwarz members together or one on one, but he wouldn't let them know that. He raised his katana and lunged forward into Schuldich. Not expecting him to charge, Schuldich used his incredible speed to get out the way. Unknown to the telepath however, the Weiß leader had no intention of fighting either Crawford or him. The last thing Schuldich saw was Aya's black trench coat disappear in the nearby woods.

Crawford chuckled, "I guess he doesn't want to play."

Schuldich smiled," But I want to play with him. He's gonna be such a fun pet to have."

Crawford opened the bottle that he had in his hand and poured some of the chloroform liquid onto a cloth. "Just hurt him 'too' much, I know how rough you can be with new ones." He tossed the soaked cloth to the telepath.

Schuldich put the cloth in his pocket and took off after Weiß leader.

Crawford smirked, "Happy hunting Schu." Then he walked off, disappearing from sight.

The Weiß leader ran blindly into the woods not looking back to see if he was being followed. He began to feel light-headed again. ^God, this is not what I need^

/Kitten, why do you run?/

Aya nearly choked as he heard those words. ^Dammit, he followed me^

/You didn't think that you were gonna get away from me that easily did you?/

The redhead quickened his pace a little more.

/If I didn't know any better I'd say that your scared/. Aya tried to focus to get his mental wall up but the more he tried the dizzier he became. He stopped near a tree trying to get his head to stop spinning. However it only got worse, it felt as though he would vomit. He used his katana to give him support to stop him from falling. ^Dammit Aya, what are you going to do now?^

/Here kitty, kitty, kitty/ Schuldich said in mock tone knowing that Aya was getting weaker every time he entered his mind. Schuldich burst into a run when he saw a clearing up ahead. ^Not long now kitten^ He leapt out of the brush to find. . . nothing. The redheaded assassin was gone.

He focused trying to get a hold of Aya's mind. He walked to a big oak tree that in the clearing. ^Fuck^ He cursed as he ran into Aya's mental barrier. ^There's no way in hell he could be able to put up that wall in the shape that's he's in^


The telepath was startled when he felt something land on his shoulder. A crimson colored spot had seeped through his coat. His eyes traveled upwards and smirked when he saw what was up there . "So, my kitten got stuck up a tree."

Glazed amethyst eyes stared into the German's sapphire eyes (1). He could hardly move. Schuldich took a step toward the tree. "Don't come near me you bastard," He said with malice thrown in every word.

"And if I do?" The telepath said as he took another step forward.

The Weiß leader winced, his sight was blurring and he could barely make out Schuldich. "Then. . . I'll. . . kill you." He said trying cover up his nervousness.

Schuldich laughed, "I know that wound has weakened you. I would be surprised if you could stand." Schuldich stood a few feet from the trunk of the tree. "Now then, are you coming down, or I'm I going to have to come up."

"I'd like to see you try!" Aya spat.

/Is that a challenge Ran?/

"I told you to stay out of my head!"

/Why? Does it make you feel vulnerable?/

The redhead didn't respond.

The telepath looked closely at him. He noticed the Weiß assassin's eyes were half closed. "Hmm, guess I'll have to come up to you after all."

Schuldich's comment fell on deaf ears. Aya saw the telepath climbing up the tree. His breathing sped up. ^Fuck^ He thought, his chest tightening. He clumsily reached for his katana.

/Ran, why do you resist me?/ Schuldich said as he reached for the branch that Aya was on. He looked at the redhead, apparently the wound he received was worse than he thought. Patches of blood could be seen on him, as well as the bark of tree in the moonlight. He sighed, wouldn't be much of a fight, he was kind of looking forward to it. He slowly moved closer to Aya, the Weiß assassin was still trying to find his katana. Schuldich smirked, "Now, now, playtime is over." He was mere inches away from Aya now.

Aya finally grabbed the handle of his katana. With all the strength he could muster, he managed to get a single vertical strike at the Schwarz assassin.

Luckily for Schuldich the redhead didn't have his mental barriers up at the time. A second before Aya swung his weapon Schuldich managed to raise up one of the tree's branches and protected his head from the deadly strike. "Tsk, tsk, that's no way to behave to someone that's trying to help you."

"I said. . . leave me. . . alone."

"Hmm. . . sorry kitten, I can't do that. Now be a good kitty and give me your sword."

Aya was about to say something but the telepath dove into his mind again causing a massive headache. He abruptly let go of his katana, paralyzed with pain. His body pitched forward, stomach first, as gasped as the wind was knocked out of him. Angry amethyst eyes stared into sapphire.

"Good boy," Schuldich purred taking Aya's katana away from him. Now the Weiß leader was completely defenseless, and he knew it. "Now then, just relax."

Aya tensed as the Schwarz assassin inched toward him.

He pulled Aya's hair up looking into his face. ^God, you're beautiful^ He reached in his pocket and pulled out the chloroform soaked cloth. "Nightly, night kitten," and held the cloth over Aya's nose and mouth.

The Weiß leader bucked weakly trying to get out of Schuldich's grip, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't escape it. The last thing he saw was Schuldich grinning at him. Then he descended into darkness.

To be continued. . .

(1) Yeah I know, you maybe saying that Schu has green eyes, but in the TV series, he really does have blue eyes