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Inner Thoughts

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"Let those who can love...
...not die too easy a death."

Weiß Kreuz: An Assassin and White Shaman Book 1

Chapter 13 (Part 2): Fallen Angels

The first thing Schuldich noticed when he came to his senses again, was that his was laying down on his back on something soft- a sofa perhaps. A groan escaped his dry lips he tried to get his mind situated. Fuck, what happened? He remembered the fire, the explosion, the fight with Aya then. . . Wait, where was he? Elbows sunk into the mattress under him attempting to ease himself up. The moment was short lived as a streak of white, hot pain hit him strait in his stomach. He heavily fell back on his torso onto the sofa as he groaned again. "What the hell..." He looked down and realized that his chest was bare; outlines of dark colored string were carefully made along the open gashes made from Aya. He growled in frustration, god he hated stitches. . .

"Up already?"

Schuldich couldn't help but crack a smirk. Though he couldn't really tell where he was he recognized that voice anywhere. "Why hello Bradley, I didn't realize I had company."

"I'm hardly here for that."

"Oh really?" He heard footsteps coming from behind him. Sapphire eyes looked up and saw Crawford leaning against the sofa. "Then what are you here for then?" He said in an almost impartial tone.

"Making sure you're still alive."

"Well I feel pain, so I guess that means I'm not dead yet."

"I suppose." Crawford looked at the wounds he treated on the telepath a little earlier. It was beyond him how the Schuldich managed to keeping moving with all the wounds that were on him and the blood loss to match. Perhaps his obsession was what kept him going after all. He shook his head at Schuldich, "You call that nothing more that a scratch?"

"Well, it isn't."

"My ass." The precog snorted. "There's enough thread in you to make an extra-large sweater."

Interesting... Crawford was actually trying to be cynical. And here Schuldich always thought he had something permanently stuck up his ass. He would have pinched himself to make sure it wasn't a dream, but he didn't really feel like moving at the moment. "How long have I been out?"

"Almost a day now, I thought I was going to have to take you to Rosenkreuz the way you were losing blood."

The telepath grunted under his breath. "Don't even joke like that. . ."

"I wasn't trying to."

"Ch', I've spent more than enough time in there."

"You certainly don't act like it."

"That's the point." Schuldich replied dryly. He tried again to stand up, although this time a little bit more careful, aware of his stitches.

"Would you stop moving, you're going to open your wounds."

"No skin of my back." Schuldich said sardonically. "By the way, where is he?"

The precog sighed in annoyance at him. Schuldich had just woken up and the only thing he could think of was his newly acquired pet. "In your room."

The telepath laughed, "How appropriate." He mused finally managing to get himself into a sitting position.

"Don't even think about waking him up, you're still in no condition to fight, and I'll be damned if I help you out when your pet attacks you."

Schuldich rolled his eyes at Crawford's words, "Yes mother." He replied sarcastically getting up, "Is there anything else you wish to tell me."

The precog narrowed his eyes at him. It was good to have Schuldich back, but maybe a couple of more hours of the telepath asleep might have done him some good. "Why, no Schuldich," He retorted, "Just a little disappointed that I raised a sorry son."

The telepath smirked a bit standing up to leave. "Oh well, you love me anyway." He started to walk to his room forcing himself to take slow steps. As he was leaving he could see Crawford going to a bookshelf randomly grabbing a thick paged one. Schuldich shook his head, he always saw the precog reading... the man seriously needed another hobby. Schuldich didn't even bother with a rebuttal to it. Crawford had saved his life for what seemed like the thousandth time. Might as well let him have his hour's peace, besides he was eager to see how Aya was doing. It seemed like ever nerve ending on his body was reminding him of the state that he was in. Even the stairs proved to be a challenge, but the telepath still managed to make it to his room. The door to his room opened and sure enough, Aya was still in his "comatose" state, gently expelling deep breaths of air between intervals. The telepath enjoyed that part of his gift was being able to do this for a fixed period of time. Schuldich walked closer to him his eyes still transfixed on the Weiß assassin's face. His creamy skin contrasted nicely with the blackened sheets. Aya truly looked like a beautiful angel, if not an exotic statue of perfection. Pure and innocent, he smirked lightly reaching over to feel his silk red locks within his left hand.

As he bent down, his right hand hit the mattress and he hissed in pain. He quickly pulled it back as if it was being set on fire. His head traveled back to the unconscious man under him. "I must admit that was one hell of a fight Ran. It was a little too close ... even for me. But I suppose my luck managed to hold out for me. Too bad yours did not."A lazy smile spread across his lips. "One thing's for sure, you're going to pay for my wounds." He bent down slowly kissing the redhead's neck delicately. Aya's scent was still just as intoxicating as before. "There are only two choices for you, either you become a devil. . .or you die." Schuldich calmly ran his left hand along his cheek smiling at the "sleeping" man. "Either way, I'll make sure you suffer."


It was on almost all the news channels. It was dubbed the "Grand Bonfire of Japan." Over 40 killed, 75 more wounded, 23 unaccounted for. It was being surmised that it was due to a fire started by one of the trucks' engines. It was never revealed whether the police would link Weiß to the Grand Bonfire or not, however there were many speculations and rumors going around. One claimed that rebels of the opposition party brought the building down for the purpose of creating a new order to Japan. Another went so far as to claim that Weiß was directly related to a political party in order to make sure that they gained control. No matter how many rumors that were flying around it smeared all of the good work that they had done through the years.

Not only that, but the coincidence that the Bonfire was the same day that the bounty was put on them stirred greater suspicion. The posters of the three assassins were still there, no doubt the reward would grow. Ken sighed looking at the newspaper. Schwarz had done a damn good job of screwing them over this time. As grim as things looked now, they might have to disappear for a while until things cooled off a bit. How long it would take, he didn't even know. Ken frowned at the idea. Aya was still being held somewhere by Schwarz, and he had no idea where they could be or what they would do to him. Since the real threat of Reiji was gone, the two of them had headed back to the flower shop. Before they had left they removed the soldiers that Schuldich had massacred and threw them into the fire. That was the good thing about fire, it destroyed most evidence, not all... but enough. Ken looked back at Omi still fast asleep. The brunette had treated the majority of the wounds on him, though Ken knew that he would heal only in the coming months. Then there was Youji to think about along with Aya. It was like Weiß was being picked apart piece by piece. Ken prayed that there was a way to fix everything that had happened, and of course get Schwarz back for what they had done. He was knocked out of his thoughts by the telephone in the other room. Truthfully the brunette wasn't expecting anyone to call, but maybe it was someone with good news. He sure as hell needed it right now. "Hello?" He said softly into the receiver.

A distraught voice panted on the other end of the line. (Siberian, thank god you're okay)

"Manx? What's going on?"

She hastily cut him off (Is Bombay and Abyssinian with you?)

Their moment of silence still remembering how he had let Schuldich get away with Aya "Bombay is with me but... Aya... Schuldich took him, I couldn't stop them from escaping. The fire would have killed me if I got any closer."

She sighed through the phone the faint sound of sirens being heard from there (... This is too much of a coincidence)

"Coincidence? What do you mean? What is going on were you are?"

(It's Beleben. . . the hospital was hit. Nearly all the Kritiker agents and doctors stationed there were killed)

". . .What did you say?" The brunette said. "But no one hardly knows about it how could they-"

(-I don't know, but they did) Manx said as she cut him off.

"They? Do you know who did it?"

([Yes. . . it was Schwarz)

The brunette's eyes narrowed. But why? It had made no sense. "Are you sure it was them?"

(I'm positive, there is a tape that shows three of them walking through the halls.)

Ken clenched his teeth together staring out the window in front of him. Damn, it just had to be them, what in the hell could they be doing there anyway? Beleben didn't contain any major top-secret documents like the other Kritiker bases around the city, so why there? "Do you know what they where doing there? Was anything valuable taken?"

(Yes.) Manx sighed through the phone, (I think they knew what they wanted when they arrived. Schwarz did take something of great value, but not to Kritiker itself. . .)

"What are you talking about?"

(It's. . . Aya's sister) She replied softly into the phone.

Ken's eyes widened. This couldn't be happening? Out of all the stunts those bastards could pull, they had gone to far. ". . . what?" He choked out, thinking he might have heard her say something wrong, or maybe he was hearing things inside his mind.

(Aya's sister) She said again, though this time she was much louder. (We looked everywhere in the wreckage. . .She's missing)

Ken's grip around the phone tightened, to the point where he was white knuckling the plastic receiver. This couldn't be happening! How the hell did they know?! What could they possible need her for again? He threw the phone hard against the wall watching as the hard plastic put a dint in the wall. "Goddamnit!" He cursed. Why the hell was this happening to them?!


The brunette turned hearing Omi get up from the bed. Damn, he hadn't meant to wake him up. "Sorry Omi, just got some new that I didn't want to hear is all."

"Do I want to know now? Or can I rest a little while longer?"

Ken looked out of the window trying to keep himself together. "Go back to bed Omi, you need it. But when you wake up we need to get going."

"... But where? Why?"

Ken walked towards the door. "Schwarz is forcing our hand now. We have to leave the country for a while until the political campaigns are set and done." His fists curled again. "For once, I think Schwarz got us."

Omi frowned. "We can't leave without Aya."

"Don't worry. I know that he is alive." Judging by what they had done, they planned on controlling Aya as much as they could. It was the perfect way after all; Aya had little to nothing left for him except for his sister. "Just don't worry about that right now. We have to take a trip, how does America sound?"

Omi wanted to ask why Ken would say both of those things but knew that something was brewing that was bothering the brunette a lot. "Sounds fine. When are we leaving?"

"As soon as you wake up. Goodnight Omi." With that said Ken only left seeing the confusion in his eyes. The urge to scream and curse was overwhelming but he had to keep it together. That is what Aya would want. Besides, Weiß couldn't end like this.


Schuldich calmly sat on the edge of his bed quietly listening to the hum on the air conditioner. Four days, and his wounds had finally healed. His head lifted up a little to look at his pet. He had taken the liberty to bind him up using ropes. The redhead hung lifelessly tied to a chain in the ceiling, feet barely touching the ground- a real puppet on strings. Aya really did look sweet and innocent just hanging there, but Schuldich had other plans... and it was time to wake his sleeping beauty up... The telepath's eyes shut, focusing on Aya's subconscious. Little by little he freed the physical and mental awareness that he closed off from him. /Wake up/ He commanded.

The voice echoed through the redhead's sub-consciousness. Its presence was unsetting not able to distinguish whose voice it was. He tried moving, only to find that his muscles felt unusually weak for some reason, almost overstretched. He groaned a little feeling his jaws where sore; it felt like something was in his mouth and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't pry it out. His eyes crept open trying to see what was going on. Different shades of black and dark blue warped his vision. He slowly became aware that this was definitely a room... but much to his shock, he hadn't recognized the place at all. Where. . . am I? He thought as his glazed eyes looked down at the wooden floor beneath him. He could tell he was standing up, but his feet were not touching the ground. He tiredly shut his eyes, perhaps this was just a dream. . .

"A dream you say? No, my pet I assure you. . . this is indeed reality."

The redhead couldn't tell where the voice was coming from or who it was, but he had, without a doubt, heard it somewhere before. He tried responding to the voice, but it only came out as a muffled gaggle of noise.

Schuldich still didn't move, beginning to wonder if he had done to much mental tampering. He calmly stared at him watching his reactions. Perhaps he would need to probe his mind a little bit more. "You shouldn't bother trying to talk, there is something in your mouth after all."

He pulled forward noticing that his body felt stiff for some reason. His mind fuddled with some way to explain what was happening. He could tell his body was standing strait up, yet he couldn't feel anything holding him up- not even his legs.

Schuldich sighed getting off the bed. "Are you still that much confused?" Even from the distance, he could still see that Aya was still out of it. He said calmly walking towards the redhead. "All you have to do is open your eyes to the truth my pet." A hand was brought up lightly stroking Aya's cheek. Carefully he slid into the redhead's semi-conscious mind again. /Ran... wake up/ He commanded although, this time, a bit more commanding.

Schuldich definitely brought Aya out of his trance this time. The redhead's eyes shut tightly as an imaginary nail was shoved into his head. He groaned in pain becoming aware of something lodged within his mouth. He blinked again, his vision becoming more focus now seeing a shadow in front of him. His eyes immediately went to it making out a human figure.

Schuldich smirked watching his pet, the color in his irises came back to familiar amethyst hue that he loved to see. "Ran. . ." He said again as his fingers danced along his abs. "Have you finally woken up now?" He asked carefully studying him.

Head shifted against his bounds again. The once distorted voice that was ringing in his head was disappearing, being replaced by a voice that he had heard many times before. He groaned again staring strait at the talking shadow. The darkness surrounding his vision disappeared then. The flame hair lit up from its grayish hues, the sapphire eyes dazzled in front of his eyes. . . and a face became increasingly familiar. Aya eyes widened seeing the Schwarz member in front of him. His body recoiled unconsciously as a sound of rage and fear was muffled in the back of his throat. He truly had wished he stayed asleep now... this was far worse than any nightmare could produce.

Schuldich's lips widened more, already sensing the emotions going on within his pet. "What's wrong Ran? You don't look happy to see me. I would think that you got such a good wake up call."

The redhead's mind flashed trying to figure out what had happened to him. He was at the capital building… the fire... then Schuldich had shown up... they fought and... he lost. He tried pulling against the bounds. /LET ME GO!!!/ He shouted, not even realizing he was projecting.

"Hmm, Now why would I want to do that?" Schuldich purred closing the distance from his bound pet. A hand reached up to touch Aya's face, but just as it was about to make contact, the redhead thrashed frantically against the rope. The telepath chuckled, "My, my aren't we a little violent today?" He mused, " Poor thing, I didn't mean to upset you." He mocked.

Hands twisted in all directions trying to work the bindings on him lose, but the only thing Aya managed to do was hurt his wrists. Why was this happening to him?! Why was he back with Schwarz- with Schuldich?! He didn't want this- he didn't deserve it!!!

The telepath tsked at the Weiß leader's futile attempt to get away. "Struggle all you want, you're not getting out of those until I want you too."

Aya stilled at the comment, but it was mostly because he was getting exhausted. He glared at the telepath, heavily breathing. /You. Fucking. Bastard/ He growled.

Schuldich stepped forward to Aya again, sapphire staring into amethyst. "I maybe a bastard Ran," He said with a mocking tone, "But a least I have you." He pulled out the pocketknife lazily watching as the metal glared in the room. "And speaking of you- " He grabbed Aya by his chin, his face becoming expressionless as the knife was lowered to the redhead's cheek. "You showed your fangs at me again and then tried to kill me. That makes me very unhappy and-" He pushed on the weapon a little, the tip of the blade sinking in onto the soft flesh. "-I believe that little stunt subjects you to some discipline, don't you agree?"

Aya tensed, but made no move to try to pull away.

"That is-" His eyes roamed over the redhead's muscular chest, letting his eyes drown in the curves of his body. "-Unless you could convince me otherwise."

Aya knew exactly what Schuldich was trying to imply. Use his body as payment for the telepath's injures... he would never sink that low for someone like him. His eyes narrowed at Schuldich/I'm NOT some damn whore you sick son-of-a-bitch/

"Oh I know you're not, besides, I don't fuck whores. They're far to boring for me, but you on the other hand... you're much more fun."

/I feel so fucking flattered/ Aya said sarcastically.

"I'm sure you do. So what do you say, are you going to cooperate?"

Aya glared at him not staying a word.

"I see, in that case... you're leaving me no other choice. The thing is, what should I do with you? Kill you, torture you, fuck up your mind or maybe-" He ground his hips suggestively onto the redhead's body, "-Just fuck you? There really are just so many possibilities."

A thread of fear rushed through Aya's mind. He hadn't forgotten a single thing that Schuldich did to him before. He started thrashing against the bounds again forgetting that the knife was mere centimeters from his face. /NO!/ He shouted in protest.

The telepath chuckled quickly pulled the knife away so it wouldn't fatally cut him, "Ooh, so feisty." He grabbed the redhead by his waist, pressing his body against him. "Kinda makes me want to take you right now..." He purred seductively flashing a memory of an erotic picture of them in the redhead's mind.

/Leave me the fuck alone!!/ Aya growled, squirming trying to get Schuldich to let go of him.

"Still fighting me eh Ran?" He leaned forward lightly blowing air on his face. He could feel Aya beginning to tense, probably nervous as to what he was planning to do with him. The telepath smirked, he should be afraid. "Looks like I'll have to fix that."

Much to Aya's relief he saw Schuldich put the pocketknife in his coat and begin to walk away from him. The telepath was walking towards a drawer on the opposite side of where he was. Schuldich opened it reaching in to take something out. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't see what it was because his back was facing him. When the telepath turned around he had that ever-annoying smirk on his lips, his hand remained behind his back concealing Aya's little "surprise". The redhead's stomach twisted as he saw Schuldich coming towards him.

When Schuldich was within arms distance from Aya, he used a free hand to cup the redhead's face. "This is last chance I'll give you Ran. Will you summit to me?"

/I'd sooner live in hell!/ The redhead hissed.

Schuldich leaned over placing a gentle kiss on his cheek, impassive sapphire eyes meeting amethyst. "You 'are' in hell. . ."

Aya jerked away from him, eyes turning to the side avoiding his tormenter's gaze. As much as he didn't want to admit it. . . but he was scared. He hated this vulnerability, and he hated the fact that there was nothing he could do to stop whatever that bastard was planning. Much to his surprise, Schuldich stepped away from him. His eyes never lost track of the telepath's movements. The telepath circled around him disappearing from his view. Aya's body tensed up once again not knowing what to expect from his tormentor. There was an indefinite time of stillness causing a bit of paranoia within the redhead. He didn't like it one bit... he knew that the silence was only the precursor of what Schuldich was planning.

"-I hope you're ready Ran." The telepath finally said cryptically breaking the silence in the room. There was a small thud heard, echoing on the wooden floorboard. It was still again for some time, and then a faint whistle was heard in the air. Aya gave a muffled scream from behind the gag, as something hard tore into his back.

The leather whip limply fell to the ground beside the redhead as Schuldich gripped the handle in his hands. He really wasn't trying to hit him hard that time. However if Aya wouldn't obey him, things were definitely going to get a lot worse. "If it hurts so bad, why are you still fighting?" Another lash, another muffled scream. "Is it because of your pride, or perhaps... you think that Weiß will come for you?"


"Is that it Ran?! I got news for you, they won't come. . ."


"No one will come for you..."

Aya fought to hold back the tears of pain clinging on his eyelids. No matter how hard he tried, something bad was always happening to him. He dimly wondered if God Himself cursed him to live a life of misery.

The telepath chuckled listening to the redhead's chaotic thoughts. "You can't put all the blame on God Ran. You're in this predicament because of something you've always done. . . and you haven't even figured out what it is. How sad, maybe if you'd known it earlier you could've avoided it."


"The reason that you're here. . ."


"The reason that that you're in so much pain. . ."


"Is because-"


"You're unwilling to let things go, and on top of that. . ."


"You let yourself fall in love."

The skin on Aya's back marred with angry welts. no... He denied, he was here because of Schuldich.

"You're wrong Ran. Your problem started long before I ever met you. It happened when Takatori Reiji put your sister in a coma. That's the main reason you joined Weiß right? To pay her hospital bills. And then you met Kudou and fell in love with him. You made yourself such easy prey... All I had to do was get my hands on one of them and I could get you to do anything I wanted. It would've been so easy to let them die... but no, you had to be the knight in shinning armor."

No! Aya protested he would never let that happen to either of them. He had sworn he would protect them at any cost.

"You may have protected them Ran, but I wonder... who will protect you now? ... Actually now that I think about it, I don't really think you protected them as you claimed," Schuldich said amused. "You couldn't even save your sister from the accident and as for Balinese... well you know what happened yet you say you wanted to protect them, ch', that's hypocritical of you. The feelings that you have for them have done nothing but cause you greater suffering ... and what's even more pathetic, you haven't figured that out yet."

The whip lashed out at him again even harder this time the loud cracking sound echoing through the otherwise silent room. The redhead's body jerked forward and he felt tiny drops of warm liquid beginning to travel down his back- blood. A tear finally slipped through the small barrier falling off his face landing on the wooden floor followed by another, then another. He couldn't hold himself up anymore and his body hung limply by the ropes. He stayed conscious throughout the entire beating, and Schuldich knew he would. He had purposely bought a whip for that very reason. The telepath struck Aya one more time before he looked up noticing that Aya's head was lying lifelessly on his chest. He casually walked to him again hear the redhead's breathing coming at irregular intervals. His left hand was used to force Aya's head up. As he stared into the tear-stained amethyst eyes he had to admit the redhead was simply beautiful when he was in pain. "Ran," He said wiping away some of the tears on his face, "I have to know, who owns you?"

Amethyst never wavered from sapphire though Aya knew his body was shaking /weiß/ he said barely above a whisper. In an instant he was released and his head jerked to the side when Schuldich slapped him harder across his face.

"So, so stubborn," The telepath said calmly, "But I will get what I want from you."

/... never/

Schuldich smirked, "If I recall that's the same thing you said last time." His hand went to Aya's hair caressing the silk strands. "But like I said before, never is a very long time." He walked away from the redhead picking up the whip, lightly humming under his breath. "Fine, suit yourself my pet. Perhaps you need it need to be beaten out of you to get my point across."

Aya lost count of how many times his body was struck repeatedly. The telepath had made it a point to lash out even harder than the previous time, each strike drawing a thin line of blood along his back. Through it all, he kept having flashbacks of things that happened to him in his life, he had so many regrets over the things he had done. An image of his lover flickered in his mind and more tears slid down his face as he remembered how their relationship started off. Little by little, Yohji had slowly began to heal the scars left by his past, and he could remember how incredibly cold he was to him, even that night when everything changed between them...

#Begin Flashback#

"-Hey wait a minute."

"... Leave me alone."

"But I just-"

"I said go away!" A hand reached out grabbing Aya's wrist. The redhead turned around glaring at Yohji. "Let go of me."

"You know, for the newest person here, you sure are cold to everybody. How do you expect to make any friends around here with that type of attitude pal?"

"I don't need them." The redhead said stolidly.

"You say you don't need a lot of things."

"Maybe because I don't."

The blonde gave him a half-smile. "Why do I get the feeling that you're lying?"

Aya jerked his hand out of Yohji's grasp. "Go play with someone else, I don't have time for your dumb games."

"What makes you think that this is a game? I just want to talk."

"I don't." Aya growled giving him his back to go retrieve some flowers from the greenhouse.

Yohji quietly followed the redhead stopping to lean against side of a table. It was used to create the flower arrangements so he knew Aya would be back. Just as he predicted, the redhead returned to small room with an armful of flowers in hand.

Aya carefully carried the flowers to the table making sure not to crush the delicate blooms. Just as he sat them down he realized that Yohji was on the opposite end of it. The redhead narrowed his eyes at him, "Why the hell are you still here?"

"I told you, because I wanted to help you."

"I already told you I don't want your help. Now go away Yohji."

Yohji smiled at him, "Ah, so you do know my name after all. And here I thought you only knew me by Balinese, Kudou, and asshole."

"I really couldn't help but hear it, all of the female customers are always screaming it into my ear."

"You act like they don't do that to you."

"Unlike you, they don't interest me."

The blonde arched an eyebrow, "Is that so... why not?"

"That is not your concern!" Aya snapped.

Yohji acted like hadn't heard the comment, his calm jade eyes locking onto amethyst. "Would it kill you to loosen up once in a while?"

The anger that Aya had been showing dissipated from his face replaced by hurt when he remembered his family. I wouldn't be surprised if it did...

The blonde saw the change of Aya's expression and regretted saying that. He cursed inwardly, smooth move Kudou His eyes fell from the redhead. "I'm sorry, it's none of my business."

"I don't need your sympathy." The redhead said callously.

"So you say, but do you mean it?"

"I mean everything I say."

Yohji sighed pushing himself off the table What will it take for me to break that ice on you? "Do you?" He said coming towards the redhead.

Aya firmly held his ground as the blonde came towards him. He had no intention of backing down to the blonde anytime soon and it certainly wouldn't be now. Yohji stood inches apart from him now. As he stared into the jade eyes, he realized that something was different about them, a hidden emotion flickered in the back of them, and it nearly stole the redhead's breath away, paralyzing his very body.

"You don't want friends and you refuse to ask for help, that's quite the miserable life to live pal."

"What does it matter to you?"

Yohji's hand extended to touch the redhead's face. "What does it matter to 'you'?" The blonde murmured. Carefully, he cupped it forcing him to look at him. "You know, there's nothing wrong with wanting friends... or asking for help." He said softy.

Aya watched as Yohji crept slowly towards his face, he couldn't move, he couldn't speak, he couldn't breathe- What the hell is happening to me?!

The blonde's lips finally meant Aya's and he lightly rubbed them on the redhead's. His tongue slowly crept out of his mouth pushing past the two slits of skin invading the stiff mouth beneath him, kissing him passionately. There was no way that someone with lips as soft as these could be this cold, this had to be just a façade, or so he could only hope. Gradually, he felt the redhead begin to relax under him.

Aya moaned starting to respond to the blonde's caresses, forgetting that he was mad at him, forgetting why he was here, forgetting who even "he" was. God... He said unconsciously his eyes closing as he felt himself being pushed to give in to his body's demands. But just as soon as it began, it was quickly over. A disappointed moan escaped his mouth as Yohji pulled away from him. His eyes opened and a tint of red flushed over Aya's face as he looked at the blonde. His eyes widened when he remembered what just happened, Yohji... Yohji just kissed him.

The blonde smiled at the redhead's expression. Out of all the faces he had seen of Aya, he had to say this one was the best he had ever witnessed. He turned around reaching for one of the white roses on the table. He chuckled sniffing the sweet aroma, "I just realized... this colored rose suits you perfectly (1)." He looked at Aya again and could've sworn he'd seen him turn five different shades of red. He grinned, "I didn't embarrass you did I?" He wasn't too surprised when he got no response from the other man. "Oh well, I've wasted enough of your time. It seems like you really don't want any company right now."

Aya looked at him questioningly but still had no intention of speaking to the blonde. His mind still was trying to figure out why Yohji had just… did that.

Yohji calmly headed to the door leading to the flower shop twirling the precious flower in hand. Just as the door was about to shut, he took one more look at the redhead. "If you ever want to talk, you know where to find me... See ya later 'Ayan.'"

A hand went up to Aya's lips. He was shocked to find that they still felt warm. He looked at back at the now empty door. What the hell just happened?

#End Flashback#

"Ch'," Schuldich snorted, "So, you're still thinking of Balinese are you?" He gripped the whip tighter in his hand this time aiming at Aya's head. "You really never learn."

The whip shattered through the air landing on the redhead's ear. The impact knocked his head to the side as a trail of blood came out of the wound. Pain seared through his entire body and for a moment, he thought he was dieing. The fires of hell consuming his very body. yoh. . .ji How could this be happening to him?! What had he done in his life to subject him to this punishment?! ... please The sobs that he desperately tried to hold in were escaping his sore throat. It hurt, both physically and mentally. There was only so much he could take, so long he could fight- help... me -And Schuldich knew it.

Schuldich's eyes lit up when he heard those words, a single silent prayer that in all the times he had come across Aya, had never once uttered, even under the extremes of circumstances. Ah, you're finally breaking aren't you? After one final painfully hard swing, he sauntered over to the redhead, letting the whip fall to the floor. Grabbing Aya by his hair he bent over to his pet's ear. "I already told you. 'No' one is coming for you. The sooner you accept that, the sooner we can get along." Schuldich slowly pulled away while his free hand went to unhook the gag behind Aya's head.

The device noisily fell to the floor and a small amount of saliva fell along with it. His mouth finally freed of the gag he inhaled sharply taking in a full breath of air.

"Now then, let's try this again." The telepath's hand tightened on Aya's hair. The redhead gasped spasmodically, still in apparent shock from the beating he had received. Liquid amethyst eyes met Schuldich's though the telepath could still see a light of defiance still in them. He didn't know whether to be annoyed or impressed by his resistance. "Ran, I want to know," He said leaning closer to him, "Who owns you?" This time there was no response. His eyes narrowed, viciously punching the redhead in his stomach with his free hand.

Aya was barely able to breathe, as his body was jerked around in the bindings. The blow took him by complete surprise, his sore muscles being continually hit like a punching bag. He coughed hard, thought there was nothing blocking his lungs, the shear force was all it took to cause the pain coursing through his body.

"I won't ask you again." Schuldich said in a stone voice. A hand wrapped around Aya's throat lightly putting pressure on it. He knew Aya couldn't keep this up for long, anybody could see that just by looking at him. He wanted to see Aya break apart piece-by-piece, shred everything that he believed in right in front of his very eyes. And if that took to days or two years he could wait, after all... he had all the time in the world.

A voice in the back of Aya's mind desperately cried out for him to end the savage beating. God, it hurt so much but .. could he let himself be degraded like this? He gasped as the telepath's hand closed around his throat slowly beginning to constrict his breathing. If he didn't do something soon, broken bones would be the least of his worries. /S-stop. . ./ He gasped frantically trying to pull away from him.

"Not the answer I want from you." Schuldich replied impassively. He used his free hand to punch the redhead in his stomach to stop him from squirming. "If you want me to let go Ran I suggest you answer my question answered right." He added squeezing his neck even more now. Their eyes met briefly, Schuldich's impassionate and Aya's glazed over with apprehension. The telepath smirked That's right... give into me.

Aya's mouth opened trying to get as much air as possible but even that was turning out to be a futile effort. It was too much; he was starting to crumble under the telepath's cruelty. /… you do/ He tiredly choked out knowing that was what Schuldich was looking for.

Schuldich nodded finally hearing him answer. "Good," He replied still making no attempt to let him go. He wasn't trying to kill Aya by any means, but he knew it would take more than those words to get though to him. It would be just long enough where Aya would be on the very brink of death, and then slowly bring him back.

The redhead's mind was becoming increasingly hazy, his body starting to convulse from the air he so desperately needed. He was trying hard not to panic, but giving the circumstances, he truly believed that he was going to die- and he had no intention of doing that. /sch- schu- stop... please.../

"Humph," Schuldich snorted under his breath. It was a start he supposed, but it could be better. Without a second thought, the telepath let the redhead's neck go. He grinned, watching him slump against his bounds taking in repeated breaths. "And who am I?" He added just wanting to humiliate him even more now.

Aya squeezed his eyes shut refusing to look at him.

"Come-on you were doing so good," He purred, "Don't make me have to hurt you again." When the redhead didn't respond, Schuldich's hand traveled to Aya's back. "Tell me," His fingernails dug into the abused flesh enjoying the half-choked cries from the redhead. "Who am I?" He said commandingly his lips gently sweeping across Aya's, "I want to hear it out of that pretty mouth of yours."

Tears fell down Aya's face, despite his best efforts to keep it in. He was hurting, Schuldich had made sure of it, and he was using his pain against him. How he wouldn't give to be Farfarello right now. He eyes still were shut not daring to look at the telepath. Aya knew he was stand right in front of him, so close that they were breathing each others air. His teeth clenched together as he tried to gather the words he needed to say. "... my master." He finally whispered weakly. They were just words, they meant nothing. That's what he told himself... He wasn't sure if he would believe them or not.

Schuldich grinned leaning forward to claim the redhead's mouth, "Good boy." He murmured. His mouth quickly engulfed Aya's, their tongues sweeping across each other's. Gods... He moaned, he had waited far too long for this. Aya was just as good as he remembered/You taste so damn good.../ He projected mindlessly. His hands snaked over to Aya's stomach, fingers dancing lightly over warm skin.

Aya gasped into his mouth at the contact. A string of fear was pricking his insides, and he had good reason to be. He didn't have to read the telepath's mind to know what he was thinking- of what he wanted to do to him.

Schuldich slowly pulled back away licking his lips. He had been fully aware of the sudden reaction the redhead had made and only looked at him with a grin on his face. "What's wrong my pet?" He said as his lust-filled eyes stared at him.

"... don't."

Schuldich smirked, "Ah but I think you 'do' want this." Hands left the pale skin reaching in his pocket to retrieve the pocketknife. "I can see it in you eyes. Besides... you didn't think that I was done with you now did you?" Carefully, he slashed the ropes around Aya's wrist making sure not to cut him in the process. Just as the redhead was about to collapse on the wooden floor the telepath caught him in his arms. His eyes gazed at his scarred back. "Tsk, tsk, look what you could've avoided if you'd only obeyed me earlier." He carried the redhead to the bed haphazardly depositing him on the black silken sheets. The pocketknife was placed on a drawer right next to the bed just in his reach. Hopefully he wouldn't have to use that, but just in case... "Now then," He said starting to remove the buttons on his shirt, "Let's take care of some unfinished business shall we?"

Gravity, apparently, didn't give a damn what happened to Aya anymore. By luck the force of Schuldich's throw landed him on his back. He gasped as the open wounds from the whip were smothered into the sheets. He hadn't realized how deep the cuts had been, but he definitely felt them now. His eyes fluttered open to see what the telepath was doing and a sense of dread and revulsion quickly enveloped him as he found himself staring back at Schuldich's now naked body.

The telepath smirked sitting on the edge of the bed. "Boo." He said darkly, crawling over to Aya. Each step was made slowly, deliberately, just to instill the fear already threatening to burst out of Aya. Schuldich knew that he was not going to fight him as much as before now, not with those wounds. He easily straddled his hips, leaning over to meet his face. He grabbed both of Aya's wrists holding the backs of his hand above his head. He could feel the fear whirling inside the redhead's mind and found it to be simply riveting. He had done more than enough to have Aya and was determined to not let it go to waste. His lips hovered over Aya's ear. "This will happen whether you want it or not, just sit back and enjoy."

"n-no..." Aya stammered squirming under him trying to free his wrists.

Schuldich's grip tightened, his fingernails cruelly digging into the abused flesh. "When will you learn? Fighting only makes things worse for you." The beaten redhead made a barely auditable cry. It was apparent to Aya that there was no way he could defend himself in the shape he was in now. Reluctantly, he forced his body to relax.

The telepath smirked, "You are a quick learner kitten." He slowly rose away from the redhead going to the pants that Aya still had on. Expert fingers quickly undid the zipper and button on them and they, along with his underwear were quickly removed off of him carelessly tossing them to the side. He gazed at the body beneath him taking in every curve and muscle on his frame. All mine. Unconsciously, he licked his lips, "Beautiful. . ."

Aya could feel his face beginning to flush with shame. He didn't want to be seen like this again. . . not with Schuldich.

"Why so shy? I've seen you before." Schuldich said amused looking up at his face. He lowered his head to the redhead's stomach. "Or have you already forgotten what happened between us? Do you remember how you couldn't stop yourself from moaning everywhere I touched you? How good it felt?" Sucking in a breath of air, he lightly blew along the sweat-slick skin feeling a shiver run down Aya's body. "Perhaps I should remind you." Small kisses rained down on the body beneath him in mock tenderness. He would make Aya 'feel' what was happening to him, but this time, using no telepathy.

Aya shuddered as ripples of pleasure built inside him going straight to his crotch. He stiffened at the sensations, but forced himself not to cry out. The redhead grasped the black silk sheets under him. He wanted something- anything to stop what Schuldich was doing to him.

"You can't hide from a telepath Ran." Schuldich said smoothly watching his reactions. "You want it don't you?"

... no Aya said as another tear slide down his face.

The telepath's tongue latched onto Aya's left nipple. The pink muscle swirled around the nub occasionally nipping at it just for sport. He chuckled inwardly as he felt the redhead's breathing becoming more and more labored as the nub was perked into stiffness. /You forget I can see your thoughts-/ Schuldich chimed as his right hand slid over his abdomen going even lower until it reached the coarse, curly hair on his crotch. He traced circles lazily around the area cruelly teasing him. /I know your deepest desires/ Aya's body jerked spasmodically, as his hands touched him so intimately. /Is it that hard for you to admit you like this?/ Schuldich asked as his head traveled to the redhead's face, he was awed by what he saw. A bright tint of pink was plastered on his face as drying tears still dotted his eyes. He was breathing heavy, amethyst eyes dilated to the point that that was no color in them at all. The telepath's member twitched excitedly, gazing at him. Gods, he couldn't wait any longer, he had to have him.

Aya's body stiffened as Schuldich's hands fondled his inner thighs. He could hear Schuldich laughing quietly as the fingers made their way to Aya's buttocks. The two fingers pressed along the cleft of his entrance slowly forcing them through the tight ring of muscle. Aya's teeth clenched together as the digits pushed inside into him.

Schuldich really didn't care if he hurt the redhead or not, but he just didn't want to clean up the bloody mess like last time which was the only reason that it was being done. He scissored inside the redhead repeatedly until he was satisfied that Aya was stretched enough. then removed the digits.

Aya scarcely realized when the telepath removed the digits. Before he knew what was happening to him, he felt himself being lifted off the mattress.

"I'd thought we'd try something a little different. I think you'll like it." His legs folded under him balancing himself on knees. With his hands gripping Aya's waist, he placed him on the headboard of the bed. Aya hissed in pain when his back met the hard, wooden surface. The telepath looked at him, "Hmm, I almost forgot about your wounds." He brought himself closer to his pet, "Oh well... maybe if you don't struggle it won't hurt that much eh?" A knee was shoved between Aya's legs prying them apart. "But then again," He shoved his hips upwards knocking their members against each other watching as the redhead's eyes widened in panic as he pressed his back further on the headboard, "You do look so damn beautiful when you do try to fight me," He drawled, his tongue lightly tracing along the redhead's cheek.

Aya's head jerked to the side as he felt the soft organ on him.

The telepath chuckled, gripping Aya's waist firmer giving him better leverage. "You don't look like you're enjoying yourself Ran." His knees stretched farther apart arranging Aya in a manor that both his legs where draped on either side of his hips. "Well, I can fix that." He purred.

"... no." Aya said hoarsely as Schuldich moved in a better position to enter him.

"Yes." The telepath countered smoothly. When he was sure that he had Aya in the perfect position, he took his length within his hands lightly rubbing it along the redhead's opening. His eyes closed lightly groaning in anticipation.

The redhead's eyes lit with horror as he felt it on him. "no!" He rasped. "let go of me!" His body tensed up, the blood rushing to his head as he pushed against Schuldich with all his might trying to push him away, knock him off the bed- anything to stop what he was about to do. He was not this bastard's lover dammit! He loved Yohji!

The telepath grinned watching him, obviously not affected by the redhead's struggling, Aya had no idea how weak he was... His hips drew back slightly before ramming into the redhead, becoming encased within the heated passage. He sighed contently throwing his head back. He had almost forgotten how it had felt, so warm... so tight. "Gods." He whispered as pushed himself further inside. This definitely was worth his the wounds he had gotten, and then some more. The muscles around him clenched tighter together and he let out a groan.

Aya's face was contorted into a mixture pain and heartache as Schuldich brutally entered him in a single, rough stroke. Eyes involuntary shut as his back shifted against the headboard, but that only felt like a paper-cut to what Schuldich was doing. The mild stretching Schuldich had done had hardly had an effect on his straining muscles. His mouth opened slightly as if to scream, but not a sound was uttered from him. It was as if his vocal cords had simply jammed.

Schuldich's hips drew back almost to the point that he was out before shoving back deeper again. He heard a whimper and looked up to see Aya's expression. "You really are a sight to see. . ." He whispered. He leaned over to the redhead's face, tongue sliding between his parted lips.

Aya nearly gagged as he was kissed again. The vile tongue brushed again his own, making a repulsive, nauseating feeling gut his insides. It was obvious to Schuldich that Aya wouldn't try to respond to the caress. Though it annoyed him, he knew that the redhead would act like this. His hands snaked upwards, pinching one of the nipples. Aya panted into the telepath's mouth as his oversensitive nubs were teased. He couldn't dismiss the ache slowly growing inside of him, the desire eating away at his will. His tongue began to respond returning the telepath's caress. "Ooh, so sensitive." Schuldich said as he broke the kiss enjoying the taste of Aya still heavily on his lips. "What else do you like I wonder?" He purred lustfully. His hips drew back again to ram inside the redhead. As he entered, his hips changed positions in a sharp motion along with the angle of his thrusts.

Aya jerked, eyes widening as Schuldich hit the familiar bundle of nerves within him. He stifled a moan as sensations of pleasure invaded him.

The telepath smirked judging the redhead's reaction. "Did that feel good?" He asked somewhat quietly as he steadily began to build a rhythm between them. The telepath made it a point to keep aiming at the same spot as his hips rocked back and forth against the others' body.

Aya trembled as waves of ecstasy cascaded into his body. It felt good, he knew he couldn't deny that, but he would be damned if he gave into Schuldich like a puppet on strings again.

"Come-on, tell me how much you enjoy this Ran. I want to hear you scream."

Aya could feel blood inside his mouth from biting so hard into his lips to stop himself from making any audible noise. He wouldn't just let Schuldich have the satisfaction giving into him again. don't let him use you, don't let him win. He chanted over and over again in his mind in an attempt to block out the pain.

"I've already won," Schuldich whispered, catching that faint thought. "You just want to keep refusing that you lost against me." He leaned forward mere centimeters from the redhead's ear. "Denial is really such a sad thing to have," The telepath said lightly nipping his earlobe. "However you can't deny this-" The telepath said, each word now dripping with malice. "-and you can't deny me. I'll say it once . . . and I'll say it again-"

"-You. . ."

"-Are. . ."

"-Mine. . ."

The telepath's words echoed painfully in Aya's ears. His body was mercilessly being taken, his sweet spot being continually hit over and over again and much to his horror, his body was responding to it. He feebly tried to move away from Schuldich again but there was nowhere for him to go. The familiar push of pleasure invaded him and he could do nothing to counter the effects of the hollowed lust that his body was showing towards the telepath. Mouth open, his orgasm ripped through him, the come shooting between his and the telepath's body, not even aware of the moan that escaped his mouth as it happened. All of the energy seemed to drain out of the redhead and his body slumped against the wooden frame. why... He sobbed, Schuldich didn't mean anything to him so why had his body betrayed him again?

"What did I tell you?" Schuldich said gruffly, smirking at his dazed pet, "You 'like' every minute that I fuck you don't you?" He rocked harder into Aya emitting a cry from him, completely entranced by the tears running down his face. To only imagine the Weiß leader a few weeks ago to now, he truly amazed himself.

Hitched sobs escaped Aya's bleeding lips as his back kept shifting on the headboard. It burned like it was on fire, being peeled off his very body. "s-stop..." He gasped between thrusts.

Schuldich ignored the redhead's comment as he felt his body beginning to lose all control. His sensitive flesh was being pushed over the edge of completion. His lips crashed into Aya's in a mad frenzy taking his breath away, wanting to do anything to prolong the moment as his body began to spasm uncontrollably. "FUCK!!" He shouted into the redhead's mouth as the pressure inside him finally snapped. Teeth sunk into the redhead's lower lip and the metallic taste of blood leaked into his mouth. Pure, exquisite, ecstasy ran rampant inside his mind as he came hard into the receptive body beneath him. He sighed rather contently licking his lips to clean off the crimson liquid. It had been far too long since he had had such a good fuck like that. His body heavily fell backwards on the mattress, unable to hold his body up from the orgasm and the added weight of the redhead.

Aya winced at the sudden movement. To weak do much less do anything at the moment, he fell along with Schuldich, his body crashed on top of the telepath's chest. His head swam in all directions as he gasped for much needed air. After his breathing began to return to normal, his head shifted up to look at Schuldich. He didn't know to be surprised or disgusted to see that a smirk played on his lips, while his eyes were shut. Bile formed in his throat as he stared at him, he couldn't stand that look, that mocking expression. How had he allowed himself to be taken by him?! Was he that weak, that pathetic?! He swallowed hard forcing the bile to settle down to his stomach again looking away. Please forgive me. . . Yohji.

After what seemed like hours, Schuldich felt the redhead begin to shift above him. His eyes slowly opened to see his pet trying to push himself off him. Just as he was about to, the telepath twisted his body to the left taking Aya with him. The movement was so quick that the redhead didn't have any time to respond to it. Before he knew what was going on, he found himself trapped under Schuldich again his back rubbing into the black silken cloth.

Schuldich brushed some of the red locks out of Aya's face. "Going somewhere my pet?" He said finally pulling his softened member out of him.

The redhead didn't even bother to try to struggle against him this time; it was like all the fight in him had suddenly vanished.

"You weren't trying to run away were you Ran?" He tsked mockingly as a finger into the come on Aya's abdomen. "I thought you liked what just happened between us?"

/you. . . raped me. . ./

The telepath grinned, holding up a soiled finger so that Aya could see it. "Can you really say that? I noticed you kept trying to stop yourself from crying out in pleasure." He held the finger over the redhead's lips smearing the white residue on them. "I know you liked it, and if you say you truly didn't like what was happening to you. . . why did you come?" The telepath was well aware that Aya had no control over his body, but he figured that the redhead was too confused to think rationally at the moment. Being Schuldich, he knew no better way to exploit that small handicap. Schuldich chuckled when the redhead made no attempt to respond. "It's a very simple question Ran, why don't you answer?"

Aya turned his head to the side trying to spit out the white substance on his mouth, but it seemed no matter how much he did, the bitter taste still lingered in his mouth. His insides churned with disgust. He found himself not able to look Schuldich in the eyes.

"Ah I see. You 'can't' answer that can you?" With the redhead neck now exposed to him, Schuldich wasted no time bringing his mouth to it. His teeth sunk hard into the tender flesh drawing blood. He felt Aya stiffen but the redhead didn't utter a word of protest. Schuldich wanted to make sure that everyone knew that Aya was his and his alone. "You try so hard," He whispered inches from Aya's face, "But there is nowhere for you to run anymore. Your fate lies with me from now on." When there was no response from the redhead, he got off him heading towards the bathroom.

Aya watched him enter the door and from the distance he faintly heard water drizzling from behind the door. He guessed that Schuldich had gone to take a shower. This would've been the perfect opportunity for him to try to escape, but his body was too exhausted to try to move, more-or-less try to get up. Blank amethyst eyes stared at the wall in front of him waiting... hoping...

The door to the bathroom finally opened and Schuldich stepped out clothed in nothing but a towel around his waist. His arms outstretched as he gave a loud yawn. There was nothing like a nice hot shower after a good fuck. Sapphire eyes traveled to his bed and he found the redhead just as he had left him. He chuckled Perhaps you don't need that much 'training' after all He walked over to a wooden drawer retrieving a pair of white pajama pants and T-shirt. After they were quickly put on, he returned to the bathroom again.

Aya warily watched as Schuldich came back out with a plastic bottle and a white cloth in his hands coming towards him. he's going to kill me, He said grimly. To imagine him, son of a promising bank employee, end up dying as a dead-beat assassin. His eye's closed when the telepath was standing right next the edge of the bed.

Schuldich smirked, "Do you honestly think I would kill you Ran?"

Aya felt himself being turned over on his stomach. He was a little relieved now that he had no pressure on his back anymore but he still was concerned about the contents of the bottle Schuldich was carrying. His eyes partially opened seeing the telepath opening the container.

Schuldich poured some of the clear liquid onto the white cloth. He bent down placing the soaked rag on Aya's back.

Aya's teeth clenched together as the liquid seeped into his wounds. Every nerve ending on him screamed as the cloth was rubbed over his skin. His mind quickly registered what the substance was... rubbing alcohol.

After Schuldich was satisfied that he cleaned all of the redhead's wounds, he pulled back the blooded cloth and set it and the bottle on the drawer next to the bed. "That wasn't so bad now was it?" He said ruffling Aya's hair.

The redhead feebly jerked his head away from the telepath's mock caress. Anger, shame, and hurt seared his insides. He hated himself for being so weak, he hated Schuldich for what he had done to him, and he even hated God for letting him live through this.

Schuldich arched an eyebrow, "Why the long face Ran? You look disappointed." He sat on the edge of the bed, still watching the redhead's expression.

/i hate you. . ./ Aya said bitterly. He didn't even think about what he had just said, it just came out of him like his mind was on set on autopilot. A strong pair of hands gripped his hips and he was rolled over on his back again.

Schuldich chuckled crawling towards his face. "My god Ran, such fighting spirit you have." He raised his hand and cracked Aya on his cheek. The redhead remained perfectly still under him making the telepath wonder if he had even felt it at all. He gripped Aya's chin within the palms of his hands forcing the redhead to look at him. "I'm looking forward to crushing it."

The redhead's dazed mind scarcely registered what was happing to him let alone what the telepath said to him. Blankly, he looked into Schuldich's eyes with a detached expression.

"Poor Ran," Schuldich said cynically as his thumb brushed over a bruise on the redhead's cheek. "Your life has been filled with nothing but pain and suffering hasn't it? I'm sure you're willing to do anything to escape it aren't you?" He reached up to where the pocketknife was at, gripping it in his hand. "I could end all the tears you cry with one easy cut." The knife was lowered to the redhead's neck pressing against it "Would you want that? ... Or would you rather live in hell itself?"

Once again Aya turned his head away from him. How he wanted to scream that he didn't give a damn at the bastard. That Schuldich could go ahead and plunge the sharp cold metal into his tainted heart, it wasn't like he was anybody special. Hell, "he" would personally end his own life in the blink of an eye given the chance. The people that he protected under Weiß never knew who he was. He was just... another face in the crowd. And Weiß... goddammit!! He cursed. His body was trembling again. He wasn't scared to die so why did it hurt his so much to even think about a decision like that? He didn't understand it, what the hell was going on? Did he truly want to live like this? Even if that meant he would be part of Schwarz. . . with Schuldich?!

Schuldich silently listened to the redhead's chaotic thoughts, no expression seen on his face. Aya may not have realized how come he couldn't do it, but he sure as hell knew why. "If you want me to kill you... just say it." He said pressing the knife a little deeper into the redhead's precious airway.

Aya felt the skin pierce under the pressure. A thin line of blood was already beginning to run down his neck. He knew if he didn't say something he would die, and as much as he told himself he no longer cared, he knew he was only lying to himself. "leave... me alone schuldich."

The telepath smirked, "I see..." He said as the object was removed from his throat. The redhead's reaction wasn't surprising to him at all. By all accounts, he was kind of expecting it. "Well, if you change your mind-" He placed the knife in the palm of Aya's hand. "I'm sure you know what to do with this." Schuldich chuckled leaning away from him, "By the way Ran, I almost forgot to give you something." He sped into the bathroom again then came beside the redhead again. "You might say I found this lying around somewhere." He said in a sarcastic manor. "Though I do think that is means more to you than death itself. . ." He looked at Aya again noticing that he was staring at the wall in front of him avoiding his gaze. Schuldich chuckled, "What? You don't want my little present?" There was no response from the redhead though he had turned his body away from him. The telepath shrugged, "Hmm, I guess it is probably garbage anyway."

Aya closed his eyes trying to dispel what Schuldich was saying to him. He didn't want anything from that son-of-a-bitch and wouldn't start now. He could hear the telepath playing with the object. A small clinking sound echoed against the wall as Schuldich played with it.

Schuldich tossed the object up in the air catching it with his other hand. "Well, I have some things to take care of right now, so be a good boy while I'm gone and try to get some rest. We still have things to do tomorrow and I need you ready for anything- whether it has something to do with our mission... or just me."

There was no doubt that the statement meant. Schuldich had much more planned for Aya than he had first thought, and the redhead was far from happy of what that might mean. He looked back down at the knife still in his hands with a vacant stare.

"Here, catch." Schuldich said as he threw the object at the back of Aya's head. He saw him make a sight flinch but other than that, he didn't move. The telepath stretched again starting to walk towards the door of his room. "You really should take a look at that little gift I got for you Ran." He added grabbing the doorknob, "It might make you remember something you are looking forward to seeing. . ." He took one more look at his body then walked out the door. "Goodnight... 'Ayan'." He mocked closing the door behind him. Even as the door shut, he could sense the sudden despair that filled his mind when he called the redhead the nickname Kudou had given him. He liked that reaction very much and decided that he would call him that just to humiliate him from now on. He leaned against the door, from what he had just seen, he knew exactly what Aya would do with the knife. He could offer it to the redhead a thousand times and still get the same outcome. A heavy smirk began to form on his face, "Today has been very entertaining," He added pushing himself off the door to go down the hall. That round of sex was simply intoxicating, but a drink was at the top of his priority list right now. He descended the stairs casually making his way to the kitchen when he noticed the lights were on. It was peculiar to him because he was normally the only upon this time of night.


Crawford sighed typing more on his laptop. "Dammit." He muttered to himself. He really was expecting to have this finish a long time ago. Even he didn't predict that it would take all night to finish this damned report for Estet. He took his glasses off rubbing his eyes. Covering up this from their bosses was much harder than he had given credit to. His half-blinded eyes shifted to the doorway then. He knew someone was coming, and even had a pretty good idea who it was. He slipped back on his glasses in the nick of time to see the telepath walk in with a huge smile across his face. He wasn't surprised at all when Schuldich crept in, but then, when was he every surprised by what the telepath did.

Schuldich hummed smiling as he looked at the Schwarz leader. "Funny, I thought you would've gone to bed by now. Do you have any idea what time it is?"

"I'm busy Schu-" Crawford said callously as he continued his typing, "So leave me alone."

"As always..." The telepath drawled. For some reason, he felt like being careless tonight. In mere seconds he used his speed to get behind the precog close enough to make out the characters on the laptop screen. "Hmm, typing a report to Estet?"

Crawford stopped what he was doing. "Didn't I just tell you to leave me alone?" He said in an angry tone.

The telepath smirked, "But I'm not bothering you... if you want to, I can though."

Crawford turned his head around slightly. "Humph, funny, I thought you would find it more fun to pester your pet. Or are you already bored with him?"

"Not in a million years." Schuldich replied nonchalantly. "Besides..." He started, "I'm sure he needs to recover from the 'fun' we had earlier."

The precog knew exactly what that meant, the way he had said dripped with sexual implication. He really know longer cared what happened to Aya anymore. The Weiß leader had already fulfilled his usefulness to him, so Schuldich was all his. Amber eyes lit with mild amusement, "I hope you don't think he's completely given in to you."

"I would be disappointed if he had... besides it makes it all the more interesting. I get to see how many buttons I can push before he realizes he can't win."

"And when that happens?"

The telepath shrugged "I don't know, but I'll worry about that when the time comes. But right now, I'm thinking of something else-" In a split second he made his way in front of the refrigerator. He looked back at the precog not too surprised to see that Crawford was looking at him. "Care to join me for a drink?"

"I'll pass," The precog said, amber eyes falling back to the laptop in front of him continuing to type again.

"You may have just hurt my feelings Bradley." Schuldich mocked rummaging inside the cold appliance.

"Humph, spare me your cheap theatrics Schu. I don't have time to deal with you right now."

Schuldich's eyes fell on a clear glass bottle lying on the back of the top shelf; it was his favorite vodka, Absolut. It was unopened and just begging to be drunk. "But it's a special occasion oh great oracle." He said grabbing the bottle.

"Of what?"

"The destruction of Weiß."

"They are the last thing on my mind at the moment." The precog said somewhat annoyed.

"Really?" The telepath smiled grabbing an orange juice carton. A little bit of it mixed with Absolut made the perfect combination for one hell of a Screw Driver. "So what is on your mind Bradley?" He carried the two containers to where the precog was sitting at. "Maybe I could help you," He purred, "But only if you ask nicely."

"You're the last person I would ask..."

Schuldich chuckled, "So you say." He said as the items were placed on the table. "Are you sure you don't to join me?"

"Didn't I just say no?"

"I really wasn't listening."

"You had better start to." The precog retorted angrily.

The telepath shrugged, "Oh well, your loss." He reached up in the cabinet above him pulling out a highball glass, a metal stirring straw already sitting inside of it.

Crawford looked closely at the glassware, Schuldich wasn't kidding when he said it was a special occasion. It was the same glass he had seen the telepath with on his visit to Rosenkreuz when they had first been acquainted.

Schuldich turned around placing the glass on the counter top. He looked at the precog and realized he was staring at the glass. "Brings back so many memories doesn't it?" He drawled.

The precog didn't have time to respond. The unceremonious stab of pain cut into his head once again as another vision unfolded within his mind. Amber eyes closed as a hand went up to massage his aching temples trying to relieve the effects of his gift... and curse.

Schuldich sighed watching him. He wondered how it would actually fell to be able to see what Crawford could, to know what will happen and to whom. What surprised him the most is that when it was happening, the precog never once had let his mental defenses down leaving him in the dark... he had grown to hate that. The precog's hands suddenly dropped to the countertop his amber eyes still as impassive as they had been. Whatever pain Crawford was feeling before was definitely gone now, hidden behind that cool façade of his. Schuldich had recognized it; Crawford and Aya were alike in that aspect when it came to personality traits. "What was all that about?" He asked curiously.

Amber eyes slowly opened, not a single emotion shown on his stone features. "Our leaders of Estet will die very soon." He said, clearing his throat. He wasn't to fond when visions happened right in front of Schuldich like that, to he himself in such a moment of weakness like that was unacceptable by his standards.

The telepath's eyes lit with amusement. "Oh really? Care to tell?"

"Not in particular."

Schuldich snorted, "Keeping secrets from your teammates? That's awfully cruel of you."

"You don't need to know it right now," The precog said in a neutral tone, "So drop it."

"Whatever you say..." Schuldich said as he grabbed the Absolut bottle tearing at the paper seal on the bottle. The cork was quickly removed and the clear liquid was poured. It made a gentle noise, sounding almost like the ocean as the highball glass was filled about halfway. "Though I still think you're being mean," He said reaching for the orange juice.

"And that bothers you?" The precog chuckled somewhat, "Schuldich, you're acting like a spoiled child who can't have his way."

"Think what you want. I just don't want to be in the position where I'm being thrown to the lions again." Schuldich grabbed the metal rod lazily stirring circles to make his concoction. "You really do have a habit of doing that."

"You're still alive, quit complaining. Besides, I'm sure you've seen worse before."

"True." The telepath replied lifting the screwdriver up to his mouth. "But you do deserve to be called a bastard yourself, treating me like that."

A huff of air was the precog's only response managing to type barely in the process. "I should hurt you for saying that."

"But you can't can you? Because you know it is the truth." The last sentence was drowned out, finally tasting his drink. The liquid was sweet ambrosia to him, luscious and had a buzz to go along with it. After a few more sips, the glass crashed onto the table, though not hard enough to shatter it. "Gods, that was fucking good." He slurred, a noticeable change in his tone.

"I'm sure..." The precog said a bit annoyed by him. He removed his glasses massaging his temples again. For once, it wasn't because of the visions, his head was just hurting period.

Schuldich arched an eyebrow. "Why are you so bent out of shape?"

"Because I have things on my mind." Crawford snapped.

The telepath smirked, "Oh? I could've sworn that was my specialty. I don't see what the big deal is anyway. Takatori was killed just like you wanted, Weiß is not a threat to us anymore, and like you said Estet will fall. That's sounds like all good news to me- learn to live once in a while Bradley."

"There will be a time for that later, but for right now, there is still work to be done."

Schuldich snorted, "It's always work, work, work, with you."

"What the hell is your point?"

"All I'm saying is that you should really learn to have some fun once in a while."

"You have your own versions of fun, and I have mine."

"So I've noticed," The telepath replied dryly.

Crawford had to stop himself from grinning, "Does that bother you?"

"I haven't really decided..." Schuldich replied coolly.

The telepath's comment really had surprised the precog, or maybe it was how he had said it. It was interesting how alcohol affected Schuldich. It didn't slow any of his motor functions down at all, if anything if gave him a calm demeanor and let him think a bit more rational than normal.

"Either way," Schuldich began sipping at his drink again, "I always manage to have my sought out amusement."

There was a loud thud heard on the floor above them then the sound of something rattling. They both looked up at the ceiling as if expecting to hear something else, but the only thing they received was the silence again.

"What was that?" Crawford asked the telepath knowing that he knew exactly what it was. He wasn't too surprised to hear Schuldich chuckling, as it was the funniest question in the world.

"It was just Ran."

"What did you do to him?" The precog asked inquisitively. Normally he wouldn't have bothered in the telepath's affairs, but the way he said that made him curious nevertheless.

Schuldich smirked as his eyes met the precog, "That's the best part- I did absolutely nothing. I left his mind alone; he's still the same as you remember him. Though he might be in a bit of pain on my part."

Crawford snorted under his breath. "Why do you make things harder than they should be? It would be so simple for you to just erase his memories."

"What, and have him forget all the 'wonderful' times we've shared up until now? Come-on, Crawford, where's the challenge in that? Besides, I like how he is now. Sane and filled with a false notion that the other kittens will save him." He casually swirled the Screw Driver in his hands, "Do you know he reminds me of?"


Schuldich chuckled at the precog's remark. "He is honey, but he reminds me of an orange. "

"Oh really?" The precog said incredulously, "How so?"

"It's very simple," He said taking another taste of the Screwdriver. "Like an orange, he has a hard, bitter covering, but once you break it... you're left with the soft and sweet fruit of it... And the harder the covering you have, the sweeter the fruit."

"And I am supposed to care?"

"Do you?"

"Not on your life."

Schuldich smirked, "Promise?"

The precog's eyes narrowed, "You're beginning to irritate me Schu."

The telepath chuckled lightly, "I always irritate you."

"If you know that it bothers me then why the hell do you keep on doing it?"

Schuldich didn't answer the question right away. He brought his near-empty highball glass to his mouth once again, choosing to finish the rest of his drink. His eyes closed momentarily savoring the taste in his mouth. As he opened the glazing orbs his gaze remand fixed on the ceiling above him. "As you said, you have your own version of fun and I have mine."

Crawford logged off the laptop making sure the screen was black before getting up. Clearly he would be getting no work done today. "Has anyone ever told you that you're a bastard Schu?"

A smile formed on the telepath's face. "I don't recall anybody. Maybe you would like to jog my memory. . ."

"Don't flatter yourself."

"Why not? I deserve it."

"Humph, you certainly take all your games seriously."

"Don't I always?" Schuldich said somewhat cheerfully, pouring some Absolut in the now empty highball glass. "Are you jealous?"

"Of what?"

"Of my pet."

The precog snorted, "Please," He sneered. "Don't make me laugh."

"Is that even possible?"

"You'll never know." Crawford said beginning to walk towards his room. "By the way, don't drink so much tonight, I need you sober, or somewhere near it in the morning."

"Oh really? What do you have in mind for me to do Bradley?" He said, his last words biting in sarcasm.

Crawford lightly smirked at him, "You are just going to have to wait to find out."

Schuldich watched as he disappeared into a nearby room. "Humph, games indeed," He muttered, mixing some orange juice into the highball glass again. No matter how hard he tried, Crawford always was one step ahead of him when it came to their little mind games. It was both amusing and frustrating... hell, if he didn't know any better, he would have thought that Crawford might be a telepath as well. One of these days Crawford would slip up and let his mental defenses down, and when that happened... Schuldich would be the one in control.

... help... me...

Schuldich smirked as the voice was whispered inside his mind. It was rather satisfying hearing Aya pled even if he didn't realize he had said it. "So, you're finally beginning to see the truth aren't you?" The highball glass was raised in his hand. "I knew you would." This definitely was worth drinking to. "Cheers, Ran..." He said maliciously, and then sipped down his luscious drink. Despite what Crawford had said, he no longer cared how much he drunk tonight. If he was hung-over in the morning so be it. Once again the glass was emptied the effect of the screwdriver still buzzed within his system. A heavy hand brought down the empty glass to the countertop; he could still 'feel' Aya's emotions within his mind. He sighed contently as some of his fiery locks fell on his face. Just knowing that the redhead was like this because of him nearly brought a tear to his eye. To break someone like him- the infamous cool, calm, and collected leader of Weiß... it was truly an achievement. He chuckled harshly licking his lips, emotions were truly for the weak-minded, and Aya was more than enough proof of that logic. Glazed sapphire eyes stared at the wall in front of him as he laughed heartlessly The sound of his voice seem to bounce off the sides of the room echoing through the darkened corridors. "Little Weiß angel no more..." He whispered callously.


After Aya heard the telepath's footsteps travel down the hallway he allowed his body to relax. He still was sore, but was thankful that he had gotten back enough strength to move. He didn't even think about looking back at the present the telepath had left him only turning his gaze traveled back to the pocketknife that still was snug inside his palm. One cut, one stab, one slash... he could end it all the pain and suffering he carried within him. So many times guns, whips, or swords had injured him, but he lived through it every single time. What did he care if he added another to his collection? For that matter... what would anybody care? He brought the knife up to his chest, the cold metal pressing against his skin. He had really never thought of dying, it would come for him eventually but he never dreamed it would end like this… then again maybe he did deserve it; to die as nothing more than a worthless, dead-beat assassin. He gripped the knife firmly taking it to his left wrist. The tip of the blade was positioned upon the vain located on his wrist then, he pressed down. Whatever feeling he had that made him stop Schuldich from killing him before was now gone, maybe this really was what fate had in mind for him... His eyes seemed to loose their color as the minutes passed by, completely forgetting what he was doing. There was a deathly coldness in the room that he both hated and at the same time wanted all the same at that moment. There was nothing worth living for, everything he had was shattered, and he didn't care what happened to him any longer.

((... Ran?)) A soft voice whispered.

Aya's eyes widened when he heard that familiar tone. ... Aya-chan? He answered back, looking in the room. He didn't know if it was in his mind, or just the wind. He stared at the door Schuldich had previously went out a few minutes ago. He watched as the shadow that suspended over the door moved slowly, beginning to spin in circles. Aya didn't move from where he was only wondering in wild confusion what the hell was happening. The shadow broke free from it's grip on the floor, beginning to stand tall as if it were a fully bloomed flower. Aya stopped breathing thinking that this was some kind of sick joke that Schuldich was playing on him. He closed his eyes feeling his stomach lurch back and forth repeatedly.

((Ran?)) The voice said again sounding more stronger than last time. ((Big brother?)) It echoed having a trace of sadness within it.

Aya swallowed hard trying to calm himself down. There was no way even Schuldich could ever mimic Aya-chan's voice like that. Even in two years Aya could still pick her out of thousands of imitators. He was hesitant before opening his eyes again to look back at the shadow. His breath hitched when he realized that the shadow he had seen was replaced by her image.

Aya-chan smiled at Aya walking a few steps towards him. She was dressed in the same hospital gown at Aya had seem the night before. Each step that she took was fluent, making her look almost angelic. ((What are you doing?)) She said looking at the pocketknife in his hand.

Aya just continued to lay where he was, afraid to even move. His eyes shifted back to the knife his hand "... Nothing." He whispered.

Her hand went to the blade, running a finger across it. ((It doesn't look like anything big brother)) She sighed softly but managed to crack a smile on her lips. ((I have missed you so much big brother))

His gaze dropped from her face finding that he could not smile back at her. "... I'm sorry."

Aya-chan look at him a little confused, ((For what?))

"You're in a coma because of me. . ."

((No. . . that was not your fault)) She said in a quiet tone.

". . . I should have seen in sooner."

((Please don't blame yourself for the accident. You did protect me then. . . and you still are now)) She paused bending down towards his face. ((Big brother, you'll always be there for me won't you?))

"Of course I will. I'll never leave you Aya-chan."

((Never? Do you promise?))

"... I promise."

She smiled at him, ((I love you so much Ran))

"I love you too."

((Please don't leave me big brother...))

"No..." Aya said reaching up to hold her hand, "I... I would never do that to you." Tears freely fell down his face not even caring how weak and pathetic he looked. It hurt, not matter hard he could deny it Schuldich should have just put a bullet in him.

((Why are you crying?)) Aya-chan asked looking at him worried. ((I've never seen you cry before))

"I'm scared. . ."

((... but why?))

"I don't want to lose you. I've lost so many things that were precious to me in the past. I just want you to wake up. . . I want to see you smile again."

A hand went to Aya's cheek. ((If you want to see me smile, then stop it))She implored. Her hand slipped free from her brother's grasp. ((Don't do this))

Aya looked at her in confusion, "I don't understand. . . what are you talking about?" He watched as Aya-chan stepped away from him. "Wait!" His hand extended to reach hers. Where are you going?!

((Ran, snap out of it!!)) She said frantically. ((You've got to wake up!!))

Aya inhaled sharply the sound of his sister's voice ringing inside his ear. The darkness surrounding him dissipated. His eyes shifted around only to find himself still naked and the smell of sweat and sex on Schuldich's bed. He immediately became aware of a warm liquid running down his wrist dripping on the hard wooden floor under him. Surprisingly, he didn't feel any pain at all. His vision blurred for a second before amethyst eyes wondered down. His right hand was white-knuckling the pocketknife as the tip of the blade pierced deeper into his vain. His grip on the sharp object loosened and he heard it clank loudly on the wooden floor under him. No... he couldn't allow himself to die- for her sake. . . He didn't want to see her alone like he had been. He griped his bloodied wrist with his right hand trying to slow down some of the blood seeping out of it. "A..ya..." He whispered.

Abruptly he began to feel sick to his stomach again. The smell of sex still lingered within his nostrils; the guilt from what he had done with Schuldich ate at him like a relentless plague. He couldn't hold it any longer. A choking sound was heard as the bitter contents pushed through his stomach traveling up his throat. He apparently had no intention to stop it this time, pushing himself on his knees and hands feebly crawling to the edge of the bed. Giving in to what his body demanded, he leaned over the side of the bed retching violently. A sloshing sound was heard as the liquid-like mixture spilled on the floor. Even as it was happening, he could see Schuldich's grinning face within his mind. He had Aya by the leash and that bastard was laughing- mocking him.

The Weiß leader's body turned around towards the bedside, his head falling forward to lean over the edge. The smell in the room still was irritating his stomach still. He needed to get out of there before there was nothing left in him. He used his elbows forcing himself to roll off the bed. There was a loud thud, as he landed hard on his right shoulder inches away from his vomit. There was a loud popping noise followed by continuous sharp stabs of pain emanating from his left shoulder. He had probably broken the bone, if not dislocated it out of the socket. Despite this, Aya hadn't made any audible noise at all from the fall.

The familiar clinking sound from the object Schuldich had thrown at him brought him out of his trance. He looked forwards finally seeing his gift and it made his heart sink. A pair of golden earrings, but they weren't just any earrings. . . they were Aya-chan's. A hand reached to where his earring was supposed to be, but it was gone. He had always kept one himself and the other one he had left with Aya-chan. He reached over with his right hand and grabbed the earrings carefully studying them. He could tell it was hers because of the Japanese characters written on it, she had gotten it custom made that night. The only way Schuldich could've gotten it is if he had... His heart sank finally understanding what Schuldich had meant. Schwarz was using her- they were using both of them like puppets. The bitter breeze of the air conditioner ran over his naked body. He was cold, physically and mentally cold. Things had just gone from bad to worse and there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop it or even try to escape it. Again, he could practically hear Schuldich's laugher in his head. No, don't let him win. Get up Aya, GET UP!! However no matter how hard he tried, his body was incredibly weak from what had happened to him and it was much harder to balance with only one good arm. It was a futile effort on his part, no matter how badly he wanted to, his body couldn't rise from the floor. ...Yohji. He choked out finally giving up laying where he had fallen. As much as he wanted to, he was starting to face the truth of the situation he was in. His body curled into a fetal position trying to stop the shaking that his body was doing. ...help .. me. He cried brokenly. However there was only one person that would hear his silent plea... and it would be from the person that he hated most in the world.


(1) White Roses symbolize "You're heavenly and I am worthy of you."


Why did I let Schuldich win? (12/13/2006)

Because I got tired of seeing the same thing happen whenever Schwarz captured a Weiß member. I have see very few stories ever have ended with Schwarz winning. I could always expect the Weiß to do a rescue and got their man back, they fell in love with the Weiß assassin, or the Schwarz member died, so I thought I'd do something about it. From the first chapter I always intended for Schuldich to win.

Are you doing a sequel? (7/1/07)

After suddenly coming back to see Arlaikeeno's "Review", I have decided to start making blueprints for not only a sequel, but a prequel as well. Suddenly I want to see how far I can push each character... more.

In response to Arlaikeeno's "Review" (7/1/07)

I'll say this yet again, because obliviously you missed it. When I started writing this fanfiction I had every intention of letting Schuldich win. While I kept some attributes from the each character in the series, they are –not- fully canon. Why? This fanfic was submitted way BEFORE I had even watched or read any manga. Eventually I got around to it, but that hardly matters. My interpretation of these characters were based off of the other Weiss Kreuz fan fictions I had been reading for the past month or so thus, it is a mixture of what I thought each character was like. Sorry if you felt that this fanfiction had to be PURELY accurate. I am not a psychologist, nor do I have accurate knowledge of what heavy emotional stress might do to a person, but I'm sure that it varies from person to person. "What is Mine" was written because I wanted to. The emotionally distress/broken Aya that you saw at the end of the story showed only THAT night with Schuldich and not any other days spend with Schwarz. It is a -gasps- cliffhanger! There has been a prequel and sequel floating around in my mind, and believe me, I have many ideas what to put Aya, Schuldich, Yohji, and others through. I guess the sudden, comical response that you have posted got me thinking back to this again and I'll thank you for that. However, I feel your "review" could have been sent via email or PM in reference to a QUESTION about how I created the characters in my story. I will not delete what you have said in the review section for my own purposes. I need good and bad reviews to learn about how to improve myself. This response will also be posted in the FAQ's at the end of the fanfic. Since you seemed to want to make a point, I'll make mine as well.

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