To Make Things Worse: Female From Hell

This is my attempt at a From Hell fanfiction. I'm going to fuse together my knowledge of the film and the real Jack the Ripper knowledge, So Godley will be called George rather than Peter, And Late Mrs Abberline: Emma rather than Victoria. ^_^

From Hell etc do not belong to me. I am merely Fred Abberline's Sideburn licker(Do NOT ask, It's a long story!). I DO however own the character Lottie. Which is unfortunate because she's a pain in the behind.
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August 5th
Frederick Abberline put on his coat and hat, scratched his Bull Dog, Prince, behind the ears, then went to leave his victorian suburban house. He reached out for the door handle when there was a knock on the other side. He opened it. His friend Seargent Godley stood at the doorstep.
"I was just leavin'..." he said with a slight smile.
"Oh, Sorry Frederick. Well, I just came ter ask yeh somethin'." Godley apologised.
"Oh? What?" Fred replied.
"Well, I don' know if this is the right time ter ask, but would you mind bein' guardian ter my neice?" Godley asked nervously.
"What? I can' take care of a girl. I can' 'ardly take care of meself. I am an addict. Why can' you take care of 'er?" Fred protested.
"I can't, Mate. I'm still grievin'." Godley sniffed.
"If you 'adn't noticed, I've been grievin' for two years now." Fred growled.
"I'm sorry, Fred. Please! Remember that time I nursed Prince back ter health when 'e were ill and you were on holiday?" he begged.
"Allrigh'. Bring 'er here when I get back." he gave in.
"Thanks! Just outter curiosity, where yer goin'?" Godley asked.
"It dun' matter, does it?" Fred snapped closing the door and starting to walk off.
"Yer should really cut down on goin' there." Godley sighed. He knew where Fred was going.
"Allright, Fine. I'll go get a bottle o' somethin' ter drink then I'll be back. Allrigh'?" he growled.
"Sure. I'll go get Lottie." Godley smiled walking away. "Bye!"
"Bye!" Fred replied wearily.

After a short while Fred returned the house, drinking out of a bottle of gin. Godley and a teenage girl with blonde hair stood on his doorstep. She was wearing a blue and red silk dress, Red gloves and a Dark blue hat with feathers in.
"Allrigh'. I'm assumin' this is yer Niece." he asked Godley wearily.
"Yeah. 'Er Names Lottie. I'm sure you two'll ge' on just fine." Godley replied.
"She dun' need any trainin' or nothin' does she?" Fred asked quietly.
"No, You'll 'ardly notice she's there. She's a quiet lass." Godley smiled.
"Good." Fred smiled with relief.
"Allright, Bye Lottie, You be good fer Fred. Bye Fred, thanks!" Godley smiled patting Lottie and Fred on the shoulders as he left.
Fred put his door-key in the door and started opening it. Lottie was staring at him.
"Lottie, isn't it?" he asked.
"Yep. Tha's me name. What do you want ter ask?" she smiled squeakily.
"Quit starin'." he growled. She turned her head sulkily.

The door opened and they both walked in. Lottie looked around with some amazement. "Allrigh'.... You just stay in here for the minute. I'll go get the guest room ready...." Fred announced quietly.
"Allrigh'..... Hiya little Doggy!" Lottie said noticing Prince on the floor. She knelt down and started playing with him.
"Don't, He's not used to strangers." he warned.
"Such a cute little doggy!" she hugged Prince more.
"Leave Prince alone!" he begged.
"Prince? What a cute name for a cute doggy!!!" she tugged and hugged even more.
"Stop i...." he said as there was near silence. Prince had bitten Lottie's finger.
"Dumb Dog!!!" Lottie shouted. She stood up and folded her arms. Fred picked Prince off the floor and stroked the poor dogs head.
"I told you to leave him alone." he scolded quietly.
"I didn't know it would bite me." she mumbled.
"Dogs do. Now, Sit down in that chair and be quiet." he snapped pointing to an arm chair. Lottie scowled at him and threw herself into the chair.
"Good." he smiled, walking away to prepare the guest bedroom. Lottie remained in the chair blushing at his smile.

Lottie looked around curiously. She picked up a photo frame that was on the side table next to her. There was a picture of a woman in it.
Fred came back in and saw her looking at the photo. He sighed.
"Di'n' know you 'ave a wife." Lottie groaned holding up the photo.
"Hm... Yeah, That's pro'lly coz she died... Abou' Two years ago." he sighed carefully taking the photo frame from her hands and gazing at the photo.
"Oh..... I'm so sorry... What happened?" she asked.
"She died durin' Childbirth. Wish I could've been there for her." he sniffed.
"Oh... What abou' the kid? Did they.... Are they....?" she asked sympathetically.
"I were told it were a son. He or possibley she died too. I lost everythin' 'cept my job in one day." he said nearly tearfully.
"Oh... I'm so sorry." Lottie replied equally as tearfully. She opened her arms out to hug him.
Fred backed away and shook his head. "I'll show you to your room." he said to break the metaphorical ice.

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