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Fred was asleep in his bed. He was fidgeting slightly because he started to have one of his visions. The girl, Lottie, was covered in blood and wearing a black cloak and Top hat, she was laughing at him and strangling him. He woke up suddenly to see Lottie standing in the doorway wearing a long white night dress.

"What do you want?" he asked, slightly worried.
"Where's the Privvy?" she asked.
Fred rolled his eyes and got up wearily.
"Nice night shirt." she commented.
He walked through the door and pointed to a door on the right.
"Thanks!" she ran off, patting his shoulder as she passed.
Fred sighed then went back to bed.

August 6th
Later he was awoken again. Not by Lottie, or not directly atleast, but by smells coming from downstairs.
He got up again, Put on his dressing gown and fluffy slippers then went to inspect.
Lottie had made breakfast and burnt it.
He gave her a questioning look.
"Sor, I didn't know how long you were gonna be so I left it on so it didn't get cold." she explained.
"'salright. I don't usually have breakfast." he assured her.
"But I need to earn my keep!" she cried.
Fred was slightly shocked that she wanted to be usefull.
"Well... I've got to go out later today..." he said slowly.
"Can I come?" she asked.
"NO!" he said automatically. "No, This isn't the sort of place for Young Girls."
"I'm not that young, I'll be seventeen soon!" she complained.
"Well, It ain't a place for girls then!"
"I'll dress up as a boy!" she suggested.
"You ain't coming and that's the end of it!" he said firmly.
"Not fair." she growled.

"I think I'll go now. A'right. You, Don't go anywhere, Don't answer the door for anyone!" he hissed. He made his way to the front door. When he faced away, she poked her tongue out at him angrily.
He came back in and she automatically stopped pulling faces.
"I ain't dressed am I? And the place ain't open yet. Damnit." he drawled. He shuffled along to his room.
"Where ARE you going by the way?" she asked.
"It does not matter. Not at all." he growled.
"Gosh, Mister Abberline! They way you keep sayin' that is as if you're hanging out at an Opium Den after work! Tut!" she sighed.
Fred paused. "How do you...?" he started.
"What? How do I what?" Lottie asked.
"Oh... Phew... don't worry, Lottie." he sighed thankfully. "Is there anything usefull you can do during the day?"
"Well. I used to work at the local school... But, they couldn' afford to keep paying me. And they said me grammar weren't too good. Balderdash!" she explained loudly.
"My word." he said sarcastically. "Well, is there anythin' you can do to keep out the way today?"
"Hm... I could take a walk around the streets for a while. I mean, not like the unfortunates do, but I ain't used to living in the city." she suggested.
"I don't like the idea..." he warned.
"Please! I'll be careful!" she begged.
"Go on. Don't talk to strangers, Don't go in any pubs, Don't accept anything anyone gives you!" he ordered.
"'K, Mister Abberline." she nodded. Her fingers were crossed behind her back of course. "Ta-rah!" And with that she left the building.

Lottie walked around the streets of Whitechapel. Within atleast half an hour she had already broken Fred's first rule.
"Excuse me, Can any of you help me?" she asked a group of six Unfortunates who were gathered around a trough.
"Sure, What's up Love?" a women in a bright red dress, with her brown hair pinned up in a feathery red hat asked.
"Well, I'm new 'round here. I don't know where anything is!" she explained.
"Well, We know these streets better than most." the youngest of the six explained. She was pretty with Bright Red hair and a blue dress. "I'm Mary Kelly. What you lookin' for by the way?"
"Nothing in paticular. Name's Lottie by the way."
"Well, Come with us an' we'll tell you where everything is." Mary smiled as the group led her on.

In Ten minutes, Fred's second rule had been broken, swiftly breaking the third rule as well.
"Here's the drinks, girls!!!" Catherine Eddows bellowed placing seven mugs of drink on the table.
They all drank up.

A few hours later, Fred Abberline came into the bar, completely panicked. He saw Lottie with the group of unfortunates and ran over to them.
"Lottie!!! I told you not to talk to strangers or go in pubs!"
"Or accept anythin' anyone gives meee!" she hiccupped. She was plainly drunk.
"Exactly! Come on!!! Your uncle would have a fit at me if he knew you were here!" he grabbed her arm and started dragging her away.
"But, Mary Kelly were going to henna dye my hair!" she wailed indicating towards Mary. Fred just scowled at the whole group of unfortunates and dragged Lottie back home.

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