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(4 days later)

Eliza: (In the kitchen getting ready to go to school) Mom can I go to the zoo?

Marianne: Eliza you have school. You need to go or you'll miss your bus.

Eliza: I know that but can I please?

Marianne: Maybe after school. Are you sure that you want to animals locked up in cages?

Eliza: I don't mind (she is thinking an idea) really. So can I please, please, please?

Marianne: ok, ok! You can go after school just come home first it's not free.

Eliza: (Shouts on her way out) I know! I'll come home first.
(They all ride the same bus)

Debbie: Eliza are you seriously going to the zoo? I mean come on your not going to like it there.

Eliza: yes I will, Ive been their before.

Debbie: yes, but you hated it their.

Eliza: this is different. I want to see those animals so bad and when was the last time ive seen an animal in the zoo?

Debbie: 2 weeks ago. Those places are not cheap and how do you plan on getting in?

Eliza: mom said she would take care of it.

Debbie: (her stop) Well see you later squirt. (Donnie jumps into eliza's seat jabbering)

Eliza: Hi Donnie how are you this morning? Actually you look great. You want to come with me this afternoon?

Donnie: (Excited Jabbers)

Eliza: Ok Donnie you get to come with me.
(4 hrs later)

Eliza: (During lunchtime) hey Jamie can I sit with you Eliza?

Eliza: Ya sure sit down.

Jamie: So what do you want to do?

Eliza: You mean after school?

Jamie: Yes.

Eliza: Well I was thinking of the zoo actually I'm going to the zoo after school.

Jamie: Really? I would love to go to the zoo with you. I just have to ask my parents first. (Jamie calls on her cell phone) Hi mom can I go to the zoo after school with my new friend? Jamie's mom: (on the other line) well have I met her? Jamie: (On other line) (sadly) No but she really wants me to go. Please?

Jamie's mom: well can I talk to her?

Jamie: Ok. (Jamie hands Eliza the cell phone)

Eliza: Hi. Jamie's mom: Hi who is this? Eliza: This is Eliza Thornberry

Jamie: Hi Eliza. Where are you guys going after school?

Eliza: The zoo. But I have to stop by my house before we go. My mom is going to drive us there.

Jamie's mom: Well, I don't know?

Eliza: Please, she'll love it there. Besides my mom will be there with us.

Jamie's mom: Hmm. Put Jamie back on.

Jamie: Hi mom, so, can I go with her please?

Jamie's mom: OK honey but please call when you get to the zoo. Jamie: (Gasps)Thank you so so so so so so so so so much.

Jamie's mom: Your welcome. Bye honey I love you.

Jamie: Love you two.

Eliza: I can't believe it were going to the zoo. (Yells) yes! (Everyone looks at them) Eliza: Sorry!

(Donnie s class) Mrs. Cloud: come on kid's settle down it's time to take your seats.
(Donnie is the last to sit down but he is still jumping around in his seat.)

Donnie: (Jabbers) Mrs. Cloud: Donnie you need to calm down I know how hard it is for you to calm down but you need to.

Amy: Donnie! Settle down.

Mrs. Kloud: Amy its ok Donnie can't help it.

Amy: Oh, I'm sorry Donnie, really. (Donnie jumps out of his seat and hugs Amy)

Class: Awe.

(2hrs. later) (Eliza and Donnie gets home from the bus. Eliza is with her friend. )

Eliza: Mom! Dad! I'm home

Marianne: Hi Eliza. Who's this?

Eliza: oh this is my friend Jamie she's coming with me to the zoo.

Marianne: ok. Ready to go?

Eliza and Jamie: Yes

Eliza: Donnie's coming!

Marianne: Ok. Eliza. Come on Donnie. Nigel! Are you coming?

Nigel: Sure.

Marianne: Lets go. Debbie's at the mall with her friends and will be back in a few hrs. So let's go.

Jamie: I'm going to pay for myself so you don't have to worry about me.

Marianne: Ok. Jamie.

(30 minutes later they got to the zoo)

Eliza: Jamie, Donnie, and me are going to go exploring around the zoo.

Nigel: Ok. Be back in 3 hrs. ok? Eliza: Ok.

(2hrs later Eliza brings up her idea.) Eliza: Hey Jamie I have an idea but I'm going to need you and Donnie to help.

Jamie: ok. What is it?

Eliza: Well I thought about releasing all the animals in this zoo.

Jamie: (Gasps) what! Why would you want to do that?

Eliza: Well because I hate to see them like this.

Jamie: Eliza your crazy! Were in such a big city and this is around rush hour. How would we release all of the animals without anyone seeing them?

Eliza: That's what we have to figure out.

Jamie: um you would be in so much trouble. Remember your parents are here and a million others someone would see you. Besides most of the animals that are here have been found mainly sick or something like that.

Eliza: I know but I'm releasing these animals or at least what I can.
Jamie finally agrees to help. Eliza thinks its worth the risk. Eliza got the keys and and they went down two different ways to get the animals. Eliza and Jamie got ten different sets of animals free.

Somebody: (Screams) The hogs! Run!

Marianne and Nigel are in that area

Nigel: What is going on? (Gasps)The animals are loose, Who could have done that?

Marianne: (Knows exactly who did it without thought) Nigel! I know who did this.

Nigel: (yells over the noise of the crowd) Who?

Marianne: (Yells) Eliza and her friend!

Nigel: (Gasps again) we have to go get her before they make it worse

Marianne: How can it get any worse?

(They get Eliza,Donnie,Jamie gathered up)

(at home that night)_ Marianne(Madly) What were you thinking Eliza?

Eliza: I don't know but I hate to see them like that.

Marianne: Eliza! They are in their for a reason.

Nigel: Eliza you could have been hurt really bad or got someone else hurt.

Eliza: (Crying) well I'm sorry.

Marianne: Eliza go to bed now we have to think a good punishment for this one.

Eliza: (Sniffs) ok.

(The next morning) Nigel: Eliza we have came up with something. We know how much you like the zoo so for the next 2 months you will be helping clean up those cages and everything.

Eliza: What? No way I'm not cleaning those cages they stink.

Marianne: Well you should have thought of that before you did it.

Eliza: Fine.

Debbie: Ha, ha you have to clean stinky cages. Ha, ha

Nigel: Debbie!

Debbie: sorry. I better go before I miss the bus.

Marianne: you need to go to Eliza and Donnie.

3hrs later Marianne and Nigel has a meeting with Donnie's teacher they just explain why Donnie

is the way he is. The teacher understands. Eliza seems to like her job because she can talk to the animals about their life in a cage and she figures it's not so bad because most of the animals seem to like it their it's just like their home.

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