Fist of the Pikachu

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Chapter 17

Goodbye and Hello

"Ranma, are you coming?" Sam called as she and the other girls were preparing to leave Golden Rod City. After Ia and Jeanette had each challenged and won the Plain Badge, the group was all set to head off toward the next Gym.

"Just a minute." Ranma replied as he turned back to the vid-phone. On the other end, Professor Oak was more than excited after being informed that Ranma had another new species of Pokémon. He had been expecting Ranma to send over his Pidgeton, but was quite surprised to be told that another of the martial artist's Pokémon had evolved.


"Amazing!" The Pokémon researcher exclaimed as Ranma put away his updated Pokédex. Razor was currently standing beside his trainer while Raiden was perched on his shoulder.

On the other end of the line, Tracey was busy sketching away as Ranma and Oak continued to talk.

"Well Ranma, I must say that I'm more than impressed!" Oak remarked. "Now I'm hoping that you'll send me both Wind Rider and Razor. Just think of what kind of research I could do!"

"Yeah, well you might be seeing Wind Rider soon." Ranma admitted. "He's... just too big to keep in a city and he likes wide-open spaces. I kind of like traveling along the ground with Wildfire anyway. By the way, Prof. Oak, I was wondering..."


"Well, I was wondering if you still had that Water Stone. You know, the one that you used to cure my little... problem?" Ranma held up the broken remnants of his Water Stone Pendant. "I... got into a little accident."

"Oh." The Pokémon researcher nodded in understanding. "I see. I would be more than happy to send you another fragment... if I had one left."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm sorry to say that I used that Water Stone in my research. It was used to evolve a Staryu into a Starmie, so it doesn't work any more. It would take me several days for a new Water Stone to be delivered, and they're quite expensive."

"That's okay, Prof." Ranma let off a sigh. "I guess I'll just have to get one on my own. In any case, I'm heading off to Ecrutek City, so I'll call you later."

"Take care Ranma."



Ranma and his friends were racing along as they made their way toward the next gym. Ranma and Jeanette were on their Rapidashes, while Sam and Ia were soaring high on Sam's Fearow.

As he raced along on his flame horse's back, Ranma began considering what strategies he could use against the next gym leader. According to what Sam had told him, Morty was an expert with Ghost-Type Pokémon. The only Pokémon that Ranma knew of that had an advantage against such Pokémon were Psychic-types.

Well, I suppose Sea Storm would be a logical choice. Hmmm, this might be tricky since ghost Pokémon are mostly immune to physical attacks. All of my Pokémon are specifically trained in the martial arts. Maybe ki attacks might work.

As the group continued on their way through a narrow gorge, they were unaware of the danger that lay just up ahead...


"Prepare for trouble!"

"Because we're going to burst your bubble!"

"And reduce you to rubble!"

(guess who?)