Tk looked back at what he was leaving, promising himself that he wouldn't feel guilty later. That he would never look back in regret at what he was doing. So he continued on limping toward his newly discovered destination.
"One foot in front of the other" he told himself as he looked back down at his feet. ". . . And one foot back to count it" he finished stopping where he was. He stopped because if he took another step he know that he would lose himself and never be able to recover. He was experiencing too much for some one of his age.
"If every one's a casualty" he said dropping to his knees, "then there's always drinks and dancing in the rubble". He fell over unto his side and curled into a fetal position and let himself cry. He let himself cry for every one who had died just now, for his friends that he would have to find, he cried because he broke his own promise a third time: he had let Patamon get killed.
He wasn't sobbing, he hadn't let himself do anything like that since he was tired of being made fun of. Since he was tired of the name calling. He just let himself drain his emotions as he did as a God given right as a person of his age.
"I didn't want any of this to happen, I tried my best" he said starting to cut himself off from his cry session. If he was going to get any where in this crazy world of digitized information in the forms of free thought-to-free form intelligence, than he needed to harden his heart.
"What's done is done and I am left to suffer the consequences" he said laying flat on his back. He took in a deep breathe and let it out. It would be a long time till he cried again.
For a second he stopped thinking about the bodies in the burning city behind him and thought about how much his body hurt. He had hurt his left leg, may have broken a his wrist, and had a deep cut on his chest spanning from his belly button to his rib cage that still bled lightly though was clotting. He hadn't eaten anything in about a week or so, he had lost a considerable amount of weight from his already thin frame.
Tk thought of a song he had heard on the radio once. The end of the song had a line that he considered most appropriate right now for the situation he was in.
"I'm just a boat on the Ocean, I'm just a ship lost at sea" he sung lightly trying to take his mind off of the battle that just occurred. He had a good singing voice, yet only one person had ever heard him sing: Kari.

"Tk was that you?" Kari had asked when she opened the door to his room. He had never heard her knock, nor had she heard her let herself in.
"Uh, yeah" he said embarrassed of being caught. "It was really good" she said. He loved her more and more each day. "Thanks" he replied smiling but still blushing slightly.

"Oh God, Kari" he said sitting up. "Oh God what have I done?" he asked to the sky sitting on his knees. He found that the sudden flood of recent memories and sudden movement made him sick. He tried to get up but fell to his hands and knees and threw up bile, for there was no food in his stomach.
"I know we didn't do how we all expected, but there's no use in getting sick over it" a voice said. After Tk calmed himself, he wiped his mouth and looked up.
"I thought you left, Davis?" he asked at the boy standing in front of him.
Davis was in better condition than Tk was because Tk tried to fight himself instead of leaving it up to their respective partners. Davis wasn't as sickly thin as Tk was because he hadn't given up any of his meals for the better of the group. Davis did however have a large gash above his right eye that had bled down to his chin, his clothes were in tatters and had cuts and scrapes all over.
"Looks like skipping all those meals to feed the rest of the team better finally got to you" Davis said bending down and gripping Tk's midsection with only his hands while his fingers just barley met in front. "So what?" Tk asked trying to throw Davis off of him but failing as his energy escaped him.
"Nice try skinny, but better luck next . . ." Tk never heard what he said next because he passed out. "Time" Davis finished after he realized that Tk had passed out.
"Gees, he really did give everything he had for the team" Davis said feeling Tk's pals to make sure that he was ok.
"You found Tk?" said Veemon emerging from the tall grass to the right of the mountainous slope that Davis and the unconscious Tk were. "Yeah, but he's given everything that he has to give" Davis said picking up Tk's frail body with ease placing him gently over his shoulder.
"Do you want me to carry him?" Veemon asked Davis as they continued on. "No, first of all your too short, and second of all he isn't heavy" Davis pointed out.
"Can you believe that any of this happened?" Veemon asked quietly almost as if afraid of being heard. Davis stopped and turned around to stare at the burning city as the sun started its decent below the earth. So the sky was lit up with colors and flames making it destructively beautiful.
"No, I can't" Davis said turning back around toward the opposite direction: the east.

"Davis can we rest yet?" Veemon tried as he continued walking away from the city that too eerily resembled Tokyo. "No" Davis said determined but soft, "we've only walked about three miles. I can still see the smoke from the city."
"I'm so tired though, don't think I can walk much further" Veemon said seriously. "Fine" Davis muttered stopping in his tracks. He set Tk down and took off his jacket and placed it under Tk's head.
He thought back to a time when he wouldn't have thought twice about leaving Tk where he was or even a time when he would have taken him with him but wouldn't have been so much of a leader. He had matured since then. Then again with what had happened in the past few days, who wouldn't?
Davis looked down at Tk wondering if he'd make it, he certainly didn't look healthy. 'Then again I can't just sit here and do nothing about the situation' he thought. Davis then went and found some twigs, branches, and dead leafs and made a fire pit which Veemon then lit.
"Stay here Veemon, I'm going to go look for some water" Davis said walking toward the tall grass which led to a forest. It took him about fifteen minutes until he found a tree which had what looked like apples on its branches. He picked a few and carried them back the way he had come.
By now the sun had set and it was full on night now. No more light to make sure that nothing would sneak up on them. Davis didn't bother to worry about that now. If death came in the night, then let it come, he thought. For he felt that they should have properly died in the city back there.
"Looks like I found dinner" he said when he came back to the camp. "Yum, Duardinums, my favorite!" Veemon exclaimed grabbing the one that Davis offered him. Davis took a bit out of one and found that it was rather good tasting. "It tastes like a peach" he commented.
Just then he looked over at Tk with his blood stained and completely ripped apart shirt. Davis walked over to him and kneeled down.
"Hey Tk man, wake up" he said shaking him lightly. A few moments later Tk awoke looking very tired and weak. "I found us some dinner" he said showing him the Duardinums. Davis handed him one and Tk did his best to sit up. He grabbed the fruit like object and took small bites out of it doing his best to chew and swallow.
Davis walked away and ate his dinner on the other side of the fire with Veemon. A few minutes after about a fifth of the fruit had been eaten Tk laid back down and fell back into unconsciousness. Davis sighed and walked back over and placed the fruit close to the fire and began the delicate task of taking off Tk's shirt.
After it was off all the way, Davis tore it into one long strip which he used to wrap around the wound on Tk's Stomach. The whole time Davis handled him carefully noticing the ribs that had become visible on his sides and chest because of weight loss.
After he was finished he put his jacket on Tk so he could be warm and motioned for Veemon to come sit on the other side.
When Veemon had come to the other side, Davis found he was no longer hunger. A few moments ago he had been deathly hungry, but now he seemed fine.
It was becoming late so Davis told Veemon "Right now we need to rest and save our strength for tomorrow" he said laying down about two feet away from his unconscious friend. "You better make it through the night Tk, you bastard, you better make it".