Hey . . . Can you hear me? Wake up! Kari stirred but couldn't open her eyes no matter how much she struggled. Save your strength, even if you could see, you'd wish you couldn't. After much effort Kari peaked open her eyes to find she was surrounded by mostly darkness except for many glowing chambers that burned a dull blue. There were things inside the chambers, but her eyes couldn't adjust and her vision was blurred. And somewhere nearby, she could hear some kind of beeps like some one was playing a game of some sort.

I hate that all these machines still work, but I still have hope inhope. 'I know that voice' Kari thought to herself while turning her head as quickly as she could to see if she could locate the speaker. Of course you know me! But you're not going to find me; I'm only in your head.

Kari moaned, her body ached all over and it hurt to breathe too deeply, the last thing she needed was to be going crazy. You should get some sleep; you'll probably be here a long time anyway. Before Kari could even think in response she drifted off into sleep while the body in the tube next to hers was kept alive by a machine that kept in tempo of the heartbeat.


"We're almost out of the forest" Gatomon stated walking beside Tk. "Oh thank God, if there's one thing that this world has too much of, it's trees" Tk said grateful for the change of scenery.

Emerging from the woods the pair entered a large marsh area with a single path running threw it with fog thick enough you could see all but ten feet in front of you. "I guess we take the path," Tk said smirking slightly. "Bad things slumber in these swamps, we should be careful to stay on the path," Gatomon said leading the way.


After long hours of walking in silence Davis and Veemon found themselves on the edge of cliff that ran as far as the eye could see in either direction. "Well, shit . . . Now what?" Davis asked sitting in front of the cliff's edge.

"We should keep heading north, that's where that ship went that took everyone" Veemon said trying not to sound too tired. "We don't even know that it kept going that way, this is getting hopeless" Davis said exasperated. "Hey Davis, what's that in the forest all the way over there?" Veemon asked point far off into the forest.

"It's a . . . um" Davis squinted his eyes and cocked his head slightly "A pyramid?" Davis said wondering what it could be doing out there. "Well, why don't we check it out on our way north?" Veemon suggested. Davis Shrugged and started his track down the cliff with Veemon close behind him.

It had been a long span of time when the two finally reached the bottom looking toward the forest several yards ahead of them.


Kari awoke once more to find herself being placed on large brushed metal table with a figure strapping her down with leather harnesses. Above her was large plate with five bright circles of light shining directly into her face. "What… what's going on?" Kari attempted squinting at the figure and doing her best to simple wake up.

"My my, I didn't expect you to wake up for some time" a dark voice came from the shadow that finished strapping her down. "There will be no need for introductions. But your friends are dead, your loved ones are dead, and soon everything you know and hold dear will be as ghosts in the wind."

The lights dimmed and Kari did her best to focus on the figure in the room. She could just barely make out the body of the large man that stared at her with a devious smile. The man walked around to her head and grabbed her face forcing her to meet his face. Kari was horrified; the face was human like but larger and pale white. Where its eyes should be were gapping holes filled with darkness, flat space where a nose once was, and great maw of a mouth much like a shark.

Kari's eyes widened, she wanted to scream but could not find her voice. The creature smiled a terrible smile and forced her to look over at a large monitor against the wall. She saw her friends divided up into their own small screens. The ones who were living were being tortured by machines strapped to tables much the one Kari was on at that moment. The ones who were… not, they had tubes inserted in several different wounds that sucked out blood. Without warning the monitors burst with the sound of horrible screams.

"Do you hear?" the creature spoke the darkness as if it were kin. "The symphony, the beauty?" it howled in Kari's face with unnaturally sharp fangs biting close to her cheek. Kari finally found her voice and cried out in horror. The creature cackled madly and in a rasping voice yelled "through the switch." In the corner next to the monitors, Pal sat at a control panel and pulled a lever.

From above Kari, a large drill was buzzing with life as it lowered toward her torso. Kari looked away writhing to get away yelping slightly as the drill became closer and closer. The creature was not happy with this.

"No child, do not look away! Gaze in wonderment at the glorious blood machine, the Fatama Jasper." Kari looked out of the corner of her eye to see the drill close enough to her stomach she could feel a light breeze from the engine. Kari started screaming again.


"This place is kinda nasty" Tk commented as they made their way through the swamp. "The Octavious Marshes aren't really known for their beauty" Gatoman retorted continuing the path. Silence fell between them once more as they continued on in what seemed like a never ending journey.

Up ahead in the distance Tk noticed something, a dim light hovering above the path. "What is that?" Tk asked slowing his pace trying to make out the light. "It's the ghost of these marshes" Gatomon answered "legend tells of a spirit that haunts these grounds."

As they gained distance Tk found the light to be in the shape of a man. The man was wearing a long dark cloak with the hood drawn. His face was covered in shadow with a large nose and bushy black beared covering most of his features.

"Stop" he whispered loud enough to just be heard. "Who dares enter my marsh?" Tk gulped and stuttered. "Tk, the digidestined of hope." "Hope?" the ghost questioned incredulously "get out of my marsh."

"We have no intention of staying, we're just passing through" Gatomon said firmly. "Don't you speak to me you retched filth" the ghost spat. "Hold on, we don't want any trouble" Tk said trying to make sure that he didn't get into fights that he didn't know if he could fight. Had any one ever fought a ghost?

"It's because of the scum like that that I'm in such a position as I am now," the ghost said moving forward slightly. Tk didn't know what to do so he kept quiet hoping the ghost would elaborate.

"They were the ones that killed us, that ruined this paradise!" the ghost yelled moving even closer. "I don't understand" Tk said trying to buy time "what happened?"

"Oh you don't know? I love it, brought to save a world that you don't even know what it is!" the ghost cackled. "This is the digital world, a world opposite my own that formed from networks and the internet" Tk said, his curiosity peaked. "Not quite. This place was created by a select few hackers and programmers. Oh you were never told by Gennia?" The ghost smiled at the look on Tk's face.

"Yes, a few of us started work on this place hacking networks and connecting servers from all over the world. It was a paradise! So very grand, glorious really. But then the three founders created a program that created a monster. The birth of the first creature was fine enough, harmless really. Yet they didn't stop, they modified the machine to make different creatures to populate this digital terra. They made too many, made too fast, then the machine broke and created horrible monsters who killed us all. I had a back up of saved on a hidden server that short circuited and forced me into this form.

Now it's been ages and these monsters have procreated new beasts and all of the eld has past away into history. The only ones left are either corrupt or in hiding, I know Hannibal is now bent on destroying earth leaving nothing but this ex-paradise. And the Gennia or Roger, I don't even know what became of those fools."

Tk stared at the ghost for a moment speechless; this was not something he expected it to say. After a moments thought Tk found himself "assuming this is true, how do we stop Hannibal?"

The ghost smiled again "there is a machine that I helped create when I was alive called Pandora's Box. It is a self destruction mechanism for the digital world. Only now, Hannibal created a brother machine called the Fatama Jasper that is powered by the blood of the digidestined. Usurping the powers from you all, the villainous machine directs signals to the real world detonating any and all weapons connected to a computer and renders any electronic device useless. You must get to the top of Chaos Mountain and stop him." Taking this all in Tk sighed wondering if he should believe this odd being that he met only ten minutes ago.

"Why should I believe you?" Tk asked trying not to sound condescending. "Because my dear boy" the ghost continued "I am Octavious of the eld. I helped to create this wretched place."

"Well then thank you Octavious" Tk said nodding at him before continuing on. "Not so fast" Octavious called. "Have you not wondered why you have not encountered any of those creatures yet?" Octavious yelled pointing at Gatomon. Tk was taken aback and let his hand rest on the blades handle. "Even if my program was damaged in creating this ghost, I still destroy any of those monsters that I can" he yelled grabbing Gatomon with one hand and placing his other on her head. "Stop" Tk screamed unsheathing the blade and charging Octavious.

Octavious laughed as Gatomon cried out before bursting into a thousand bytes of information. Tk slashed widely upward ripping Octavious' ghost in two. Before the ghost could make a sound it burned into information leaving nothing behind.

Tk sat down cross legged cursing himself for letting Gatoman get killed. His eyes welled up but he refused to let himself cry. Tk sat for a moment longer before sheathing his blade, getting up, and walking toward the mountain.


"What is it?" Davis asked when they reached the foot of the pyramid. "I have no idea" Veemon said staring up at it in disbelief. The structure looked much like that of an Egyptian pyramid but had a large gold ornate entrance with several strange symbols etched into each and every stone that it was made of.

"I gotta check this out" Davis said running toward the entrance. "Davis, wait for me" Veemon yelled running after him.