You know, fathers just have a way of putting everything together.—Erika Cosby

Elrond stared out at the empty courtyard and clasped his hands behind his back with a sigh. It had been several weeks since he last received any message from anyone on the journey. Normally that did not worry him but this journey included all three of his sons, the prince of Mirkwood, a sarcastic dragon, and an elf lord. Elrond wasn't worried about any of the younger elves or the dragon, nay, he was worried about Glorfindel. The elf lord had been stuck with the young ones for far longer than most people will want to be stuck with them. He had an odd feeling that Glorfindel was going to take a small journey to Lorien to take a break from the twins, Legolas, and Aragorn. Elrond wondered if he would be able to join the Gondolin elf. A nice vacation away from healing the young ones and listening to their outrageous stories which normally would seem far from the truth but inevitably somehow happened. The elf lord shook his head in amazement as he remembered some of the stories that he has heard come from his sons and the prince. How is it possible for them to get into so much trouble? They always say that they never go looking for trouble but they have to. There is just no way that they can just stumble across that amount of trouble without actually looking for it.

Rolling his eyes, Elrond glanced towards the large gates and saw the metal gates slowly swing open to allow entrance to some visitors. Elrond's jaw almost hit the floor as Elrohir slowly rode through the gates with his twin before him on the horse. Behind the youngest twin came the others and a limping dragon that looked like they had gone through the army of Sauron. Elrond turned on his heel and sprinted out of the room and down the hallways to the main doors. Throwing them open, he went down the steps as they slowly climbed down from their mounts and a few had to be helped. Legolas held Aragorn to his side and Elrohir supported most of Elladan's weight as the five travelers and dragon stood in front of the elf lord.

"All of you, inside, now," he directed and moved to help Legolas with the unconscious human.

Oh, Elrond just could not wait to hear this story. Especially seeing the deadly glares that Glorfindel was shooting him as they slowly proceeded to the healing rooms. This looks like one to go down in one of his history books, Elrond mused to himself as they pushed open the doors to the healing rooms.


Elrond ran under the rain drops and quickly ducked under the large canopy that he had the elves of Rivendell build while the group was gone. Inside lounged Sauros and Aurora as the two dragons laid over each other in a perfect image of relaxation. Upon Sauros' side was a thick bandage that Elrond himself helped stitched together before wrapping it around the dragon to patch up one of his more major wounds. All of his herbs and utensils had to be quadrupled in size to fit the large animal. He was on strict orders to rest and not strain any of the injured muscles or pull any of the stitches. Aurora had taken it upon herself to ensure that he followed orders which left Sauros grumbling good-naturedly.

"Good evening, Master Dragons. How are you this evening?"

"Oppressed," Sauros muttered and Aurora's tail snaked around to whack Sauros over the back of the head.

Elrond chuckled as Sauros rolled his eyes before lifting his head and rubbing snouts with the silver dragon.

"I am sure Elladan and Estel are feeling the same way. Elrohir and Legolas have not left their sides since they arrived three days ago."

"How are they doing, Lord Elrond? No one has told me any news of their condition and I do worry about them," Sauros commented worriedly as he watched Elrond.

"Aragorn sustained a nasty gash to his side which became infected but his fever broke earlier this afternoon and I expect him to wake sometime this evening. Elladan's calf is slowly healing but it is doing well. Elrohir refused to let him out of bed unless he is there to aid him which is annoying Elladan to no limit. Legolas has remained by Aragorn's side the entire time and refuses to go anywhere which is not surprising in the least. I thought I would get away from Glorfindel's death glares for sending him on this journey and come to check on you."

"I must admit that I soon started to worry about the lord's condition when I found him talking to himself about things that he would do to the twins, Aragorn, and Legolas once they were all well. Also a few things about what he would say to you," Sauros commented and noted the flash of fear that danced across the elf lord's face.

"Oh, Valar; that means that I shall have to stay away from him for a while. Perhaps I should send him to Lorien for a few months to get some rest from this mad house. Lucky skunk," Elrond muttered under his breath as Sauros and Aurora snickered.

"Now really, my lord, do you mean all that?" Aurora asked sweetly as Elrond sighed.
"No, I really do not. I must admit that they keep everyone on their toes, especially the healers. Who knew that my sons would be the reason that the healers research practically unheard of poisons just preparing for the day when they come home with a one in a million affliction that no one else in a trillion years has contracted," Elrond muttered as he rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Do not think of how many times they have come home injured and on the brink of death; think of how many times they have healed and had the courage and strength to go back out there and get injured while trying to save their friends and family. Which would you rather have? Sons that are scared of the outside world and hide in their rooms or sons that faces their fears head on and refuses to be beaten down by any circumstances?" Sauros asked and raised an eyebrow in question.

"You have a talent of putting things into perspective, Master Sauros," Elrond complimented with a small bow.

"Yes, well, I figure I had better get in the talent since we may have a little one of our own running around Rivendell reeking havoc."

It took Elrond a moment for his mind to grasp the meaning behind the dragon's words and he quickly felt the world slam to a halt. A baby dragon running around Rivendell? Getting into trouble with the twins, Aragorn, and Legolas? A mini-Sauros that blows fire and spits sarcastic remarks at the drop of a twig? Oh Valar, Rivendell would never be the same, he mused and felt a headache slowly start behind his eyes.

"You are really with child?" he asked Aurora with a sigh.

"I am, my lord," she replied with a smile as Elrond pressed the heels of his hands to his temples.

"This is not happening, this is not happening to me. I will not go insane before going to Valinor and seeing Celebrían again; this is not happening to me. They are going to be the death of me, I swear. It will be a miracle if they survive to sail," he muttered before taking a deep breath and slowly releasing it.

Raising his head, he looked to the two dragons that watched him worriedly as he smiled.

"That is marvelous news Mistress Aurora. Your child will provide a new source of," he coughed, "entertainment for Rivendell. If you would please excuse me, I need to start packing for my trip to Lothlorien. Just wondering though, how long is a dragon's gestation period?"

"Eleven months."

"Thank you much."

Elrond quickly hurried away as Sauros and Aurora looked at each other.

"I worry about that elf at some," Sauros muttered and rested his head back against Aurora's side.

"I do as well, my beloved. I do as well."


He should have seen him coming. There were plenty of places around Rivendell to hide from someone and he knew all of them seeing as how he was the lord of this realm. But then again Glorfindel probably could have sniffed him out and find his hiding spot. Elrond wondered if this was how the twins, Estel, or Legolas felt like when he gave them a lecture about something that they did. He would have to remember how it felt like to be lectured like a young one which was exactly what Glorfindel was doing to him now.

"And if you ever send me on a journey with any one of those four, the dragon included; then I will personally find a Balrog and let him have you. And you actually thought that they would return from this journey with nothing but a scratch? Please, Lord Elrond, those four are almost as bad as Elros and you were. They would be the only four young ones that would go out into a forest and actually be attacked by the only rabid, poisonous, murderous rabbit in all of Middle-Earth! And the only possible cure for said rabid, poisonous, murderous rabbit would be on the opposite side of the lands and is protected by another rabid, poisonous, murderous animal which would injure one of them that tried to retrieve the antidote. I had a hard enough prior life, I thought this life would be easier than the first one!"

"Well it actually is-"

"Not another word! I am going to pack my traveling pack and leave for Lorien where I can find some peace from this dysfunctional family," Glorfindel raved and Elrond flinched mentally.

'I hope he remembers who all resides Lorien,' he thought with a silent snicker.

Glorfindel spun and left the room as Elrond slumped against the desk. He suddenly pitied that Balrog that Glorfindel slew and knew that he really wouldn't want to be on that bad elf's side. Marvelous, first he had all four of the young ones that soon enough would heal and would want to get out of the house and get themselves injured and he had a baby dragon on the way and now his closest companion was about to have a mental breakdown. He looked up when he sensed a presence standing in the doorway and found his eldest leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed across his chest and a faint smile on his face.

"Glorfindel lectured you already?" Elladan asked and Elrond rolled his eyes.

"The only elf ever allowed to lecture me and he takes that privilege to heart, believe me," Elrond commented dryly and rounded the desk to take his seat.

"He does; I think it is a throwback from killing a Balrog. It is probably best to just allow him leniency in that matter."

"I agree fully. How is your leg?" he asked as he sat and pulled some papers towards him.

"Still a bit sore but it is minor. Elrohir has been over-protective as ever since we got back."

"I do not blame him. That wound on your calf was bad and it will take some time to build back up the muscle mass that was loss. Estel might heal quicker than you for once."

"How is Estel? I saw Legolas sitting with him when I passed his room and glanced in."

"He will be fine once the infection clears up and the fever breaks. The delirium is starting to bother Legolas but it all will pass once Estel wakes up and is coherent," Elrond said as Elladan nodded.

"I thought we had done everything on the way back to keep his wound from becoming infected. Apparently we did not."

"I would have been shocked if he did make it here without the wound becoming infected. It was a long journey you partook; it was inevitable," Elrond supplied as Elladan rubbed his face with both his hands.

"I know, Ada, but I feel somehow responsible."

"Elladan, your wound was infected also, albeit not as bad as Estel's but you could not have helped him any. For the majority of the journey, you were unconscious on behalf of your brother. Which I did talk to him about, by the way."

Elladan sighed and walked into his father's office to sit in one of the plush chairs. Stretching out his long legs, he held a hand over his eyes as he slouched in the chair. Elrond rolled his eyes and wondered when his sons would ever learn to sit properly anywhere. They did great at formal functions but everywhere else was another matter. Probably came from sitting by one of their injured friends or family members for long hours when they were injured and it was questionable if they would survive. Elrond looked over to his eldest son and watched as Elladan sighed deeply.

"Legolas will probably need a replacement soon so he may get some food. Go and take over for him; it will do you good to sit with your brother some," Elrond suggested and turned his attention to the papers on his desk.

He listened as Elladan pushed himself out of the chair and left the room as Elrond smiled faintly. There were some things that he would never change about any of his sons: their compassion for each other being a major one.


Elladan pushed open the door and silently stepped into the healing room to find Estel asleep in bed and Legolas sprawled out on a chair. The eldest twin flinched when he saw how the Mirkwood elf lay and knew that his neck would hurt something horrible when he woke up. Walking to his little brother's bedside, Elladan sat down and pulled the blankets down to Estel's waist. Undoing the bandage, he gently ran his fingers across the stitches and jumped when a hand weakly grabbed his.

"That tickles," Estel murmured tiredly and turned his head towards where Elladan sat.

His eyes slowly flickered open and he tiredly blinked a few times to bring Elladan's face into focus. Elladan's face broke into a grin as he slowly disengaged his brother's grip from his wrist.

"Good to see you awake, little brother. How do you feel?" he asked softly as Estel's eyes slowly shifted around the room.

"Like I had a mountain fall on me," he muttered and then faintly chuckled which turned into a grimace.

Elladan shushed him when Legolas shifted in his chair and mumbled something in his sleep. Elladan pressed the bandage back over the wound and pulled the blanket back up to keep the human warm.

"You actually did have a mountain fall on you. That is a new one even for you and I would greatly love to hear how you were able to get out with only one major injury, well the fractured ribs are not that important but still," Elladan commented as Aragorn weakly grinned.

"I shall tell you how…I can become very small when I want to," he muttered and gently patted Elladan's hand to assure his brother that he was okay.

Elladan laughed out loud and watched as Legolas jerked awake and looked around the room in confusion. He passed a hand over his face as he yawned before realizing that Elladan was there and Aragorn was awake.

"How is your neck?" Elladan asked as the Mirkwood elf rubbed the back of his neck with a grimace.

"Aches. How is your calf?"

"Aches. I will go and get Ada," Elladan said and stood to go and tell his father that Aragorn was awake.

Legolas moved closer to the bed as Aragorn slowly turned and looked at the blond elf with a faint yet tired grin. He could see that Legolas was tired and knew it was probably because the elf hadn't slept in anything better than the chair he currently occupied. Aragorn didn't expect anything else; he knew how Legolas acted when he was injured.

"You have not been taking care of yourself," he muttered as his eyes drifted over his friend.

"You just woke up and your fever has broken and here you are lecturing me on taking care of myself?"

"Have to make sure that you take care of yourself or else you will not," he muttered and rolled his head back to stare at the ceiling.

"Sure, Estel. You just rest and we will finish this conversation later," Legolas said softly as his friend's eyes fluttered shut.

"Later? Like always?" he muttered sleepily.

"Yes, before our next adventure which you will surely take us on."

"You would not have it any other way," Aragorn said softly before slipping into sleep again.

Legolas smiled and brushed away a bit of lint on his friend's blanket and leaned back to prop his legs up on the bed. His hand rested atop of Aragorn's on the blanket as he leaned his head back and turned to stare out the window. He could see Sauros and Aurora under their makeshift hut gently nosing each other. His ears picked up the faint sounds of Elrond, Elrohir, and Elladan come down the hallway talking among themselves. A smile tugged at his lips as everything in Rivendell fell to where they were supposed to be.


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