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The long awaited chapter 12: JOL, Japan On-Line


Inuyasha, bedecked with bandages, emerged from the bathroom at long last after an hour of patching himself up after his encounter with Buyo. He trudged through the house with a kind of slow, resigned plod. This 'staying and Kagome's house' thing was getting really old, really fast. He let his feet take him where they would. He didn't really care. That is, he didn't care until he tripped.

Inuyasha shot his hand out and caught himself on the nearest object before he actually fell. He glared at the culprit. It was a strange gray rope, much like the one attached to the monster that had tried to eat his hair earlier. He glared at it and cursed it, but didn't want to take the chance of attacking it, lest it strike back. He then noticed a persistent beeping noise coming from his left. He turned his glare upon the source of the sound. It seemed to be coming from yet another one of Kagome's box contraptions. He removed his hand from the desk he had caught himself on in order to investigate, but as soon as he did, the beeping stopped. Utterly confused, Inuyasha looked down at where his hand had been. There was a long rectangular object sitting on the desk, covered in protruding objects with letters on them. He poked one of them and a strange, unearthly music filled the air, before dying away. Inuyasha, who had ducked behind a wall in preparation for the worst, poked his head around the corner. The front of the box was glowing, much like the moving picture box downstairs which he liked so much. Inuyasha approached this new magic box and sat down in the chair in front of it. Suddenly, the box spoke in a loud, low voice.

"Welcome! Please log in!"

Inuyasha jumped at the sudden voice. "Demon!" he shouted, but then reminded himself that this was just another one of Kagome's many strange things. Her 'tame' demons.

He calmed down and stared at the front of the box. It did nothing.

'Wait,' Inuyasha thought. 'A log? What the heck am I supposed to do with a log!'

He decided to ask the talking box. "What the #$ do you mean, 'log in'!"

The box did nothing. Inuyasha glared at it, and then discovered that the box had words on the front. (None too bright, is he?). They read:

Please log in



Inuyasha still had no idea what 'log in' meant, but he knew what his name was, so he pushed the little letters on the rectangle thing below, and his name appeared on the box.

Please log in

Name: inuyasha


He didn't know what a 'password' was either, so he just typed in his name again. The box said loudly, "Incorrect password!" and left the "password" box blank. Inuyasha glared at it, and tried Kagome's name instead. The box delivered the same message. Inuyasha tried the names of the rest of Kagome's family, then moved on to Sango, Shippo, Miroku, Kirara, Kikyo (yeah, right), Naraku (again yeah right), and as many other names as he could think of before finally he tried 'Shikon no Tama.' The box made some weird clicking noises and then the strange music blared again, followed by the voice.

"Welcome, Kagome!"

Inuyasha twitched. "Hey, I'm not Kagome! My name's Inuyasha, I already told you that!"

The box ignored him and said, "You've got mail!"

"Mail?" Inuyasha questioned. He glanced around. "I don't see any mail!"

Suddenly, the box made a weird noise and words appeared on the screen inside a little box. Inuyasha read them. It said:


"I'm not Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled.

The box made the weird noise again and more words appeared below the first.

long time no chat!

More weird noises and two more little boxes appeared, both with words in them. One said:


The other said:

hey, kagome!

Inuyasha grasped the box and shook it. "I! AM! NOT! KAGOME!"

kagome you'll never believe what happened! that cute guy i liked asked me out! isn't that awesome? omg, he's so hot! (heart)

Are you feeling better yet, Kagome?

kagome you've gotta hear this joke that I heard a few days ago. it's so funny! lol lol lol! (smiley face)(smiley face)

Inuyasha continued to be bombarded by the noises and the messages that followed.

kag r u there? y aren't u writing back? (frowny pouty face) lol, jk

Our math teacher gave us this killer project for the weekend. Hopefully this blizzard will delay school so I can get it done!

so this guy walks into a bar

Yet another box appeared, this one labeled "Hojo."

kagome! my mom bought you some medical tea. do you want me to bring it over once the snow stops?

and he says to the bartender 'i don't know, i'll never understand women' lol isn't that funny? lmao (laughing/constipated smiley face)

kagome? really where r u?

"Stop!" Inuyasha yelled at the box, covering his ears against the bombardment of noises.

The box ignored him and continued to send out messages. Finally, enraged, Inuyasha decided that the only way to communicate with the stubborn demon-box was through the strange lettered contraption attached to it. He punched in the letters:


The box ceased to make noises and the messages stopped appearing. Satisfied with himself, Inuyasha sat back in the chair with a smug look on his face. And then…

you're not kagome?

who r u then?

Oh, sorry, whoever you are.

um… ok, bye

Inuyasha twitched at the arrival of the new messages. He punched more of the letters.



what are you talking about?

Is this Sota?


if youre not sota, who are you?

tell kagome i said hi

I don't get it, who am I talking to?

It was about this point that Inuyasha gave up and left the room, leaving the box happily chatting away.


The moral of the story is, never get into an IM conversation like this one (points).

Ha ha! I know so many people who hate the, and I quote, "Abomination known as instant messaging." I'm not one of them, but it's still fun to make fun of things like this. Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Review! And thanks for waiting so long!


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