Volume: 0

Gomou Gomou No Okuchan! Massive Waves!

Chapter One: Old friend?

It was sundown. The sun could be seen setting from everywhere. Arlong Park (what's left.), The Black Cat Pirate's Ship, Buggy's Ship, The Marine Base, Shanks looked out at the oranges and reds of the sun over The Grand Line. Miles away, Luffy, in awe of the majestic view, was prepared to face the next challenge the Grand Line had in store.

"LUFFY!" Sanji kicked Luffy in the head which nearly sent him overboard. "Ow.Sanji." Sanji was furious, he pointed to his kitchen. "Look what you did!!!"

There was a hole that went through two pots and the wall that was shaped like a fist. "I've had it with you playing around with your rubber powers!" Sanji towered over Luffy who was on the ground. "I didn't know that a Gomou Gomou Pistol that could go 4 miles could send me flying that far." "Then why did you try it?!?"

Nami came over and hit them both on the heads. "Will you two just shut up?! Sanji cook dinner, Luffy look out for incoming ships." Sanji ran off, trailing his voice with a, "Yes Nami-san!!!" Luffy slumped over on the edge railing. He fell asleep.

"Luuuuffy. Luuuuufy.wake up." Luffy awoke. He appeared to be on the ship as normal but something wasn't right. Then he looked up and gasped, it was Arlong! He was alive.

"Arlong, What're you doing on my ship!!!?" Luffy pointed a shaky finger at him. The sea creature laughed. "I'm not the imbecile Arlong! My name is Okuchan!" The merman looked almost exactly like Arlong and the creatures behind him were similar.

"Well, I always cook my catch after I reel it in!!!" The mermen all moved at lightning speed toward Luffy. Luffy jumped in the air and yelled, "Gomou Gomou no Whip!" He spun back on board kicking every monster to the ground. The only people standing were Luffy and Okuchan. "So.that was fast. Oops, maybe it wasn't." He snapped his fingers. The creatures arose like zombies almost good as new.

Luffy was stunned. "Oh crap."


Well that's chapter one. It sucked. Chapter 2 will be better though.