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Author's Note – Well before I begin, let me try to explain a few things first. This is going to be more of an AU fic than a real crossover. Only some of the elements from the actual movie will be implemented. I got the idea after watching the movie Red Dawn a few days ago. I soon had an urge to write what might happen to the Love Hina cast if something similar happened to Japan. I know that the Soviet-Union is deader than a doornail, and any hostile actions taken against Japan or a complete hostile takeover for that matter is unlikely. But this is more of a 'what if…' scenario, and since Love Hina takes place in 1998, we'll say that the fall of the Soviet-Union never took place, and the Cold War has started to warm up. Anyway I apologize in advance if any characters are a bit OOC or if my story may offend some people.

With that out of the way, on with the story…


– Feb. 16th

            Tensions between the Warsaw Pact and NATO have reached a breaking point. Several democratic countries in Europe and in Asia rally behind the U.S. while other communist countries pledge support to the Soviet-Union. The UN tries desperately to resolve differences between the two world-superpowers.

– March 10th

Diplomatic relations breaks down between the U.S. and the Soviet-Union. In response, the Soviet-Union pulls out of the UN; several countries allied as with the Soviet-Union follow suit. All other countries send in diplomats to help avert possible hostile intentions.

– March 17th

            All American and western countries pull all personnel out of countries that are considered too dangerous to work. Soviet-Union does the same, and pulls out of countries allied with NATO or the U.S.

–March 29th

            Hostile fire exchanged between a US Cruiser, the USS Harrison and an unknown Soviet frigate in the Persian Gulf. The firefight lasts for 17 minutes until both ships withdraw, suffering moderate casualties on both sides.

Special Bulletin – March 30th

            At a press conference today, the President of the United States had this to say: "An unprovoked attack upon one of our Navel Vessels sailing in international waters will not go unanswered. By 10:00 pm Eastern-Standard time, I have asked Congress to vote for a declaration of war between the U.S. and the Soviet-Union…" In response, the USSR as well as the Warsaw Pact and her allies in Asia has declared a state of war against the U.S.

Special Bulletin – Japan, April 2nd

            By order of the Japanese Government, all units of the Japanese Defense Force are hereby ordered to report to their designated areas of operation to protect Japan against acts of aggression against our nations' sovereignty.

The outbreak of World War III has begun….

Chapter 1: Uneasy Beginning      

April 9th

Keitaro turns off the TV with a feeling of uneasiness. Ever since the recent events of the past couple of months, everyone at the Hinata Sou tried to carry on as if all is well in the world. No one wanted to face the cold truth…. another World War was on the horizon, and this time Japan found itself in the middle of it. Ever since the outbreak of war, the Japanese Government has since declared neutrality, but is allowing the Americans the use of some of its bases already established in Okinawa.

'It's not like we have a choice in the matter.' The landlord thought as he began to do the day's chores. He knew for a fact that since the end of World War II, Japan's Constitution had forbid the country to raise or maintain a standing army. Even if they could, they couldn't send troops to fight the Soviets – as far as anyone knew, it wasn't their fight to begin with. As of right now, the only thing that he and other Japanese citizens can do is sit and wait.


All the residents came back at their usual times, doing their usual routine. It seemed as though the war wouldn't touch their lives – that it was in a whole other world. Keitaro sat in his room studying with Naru for the upcoming entrance exam.

"Now remember what I told you about Logarithms Keitaro…it's really not that hard." said a strained Naru.

"I know, I know." replied a flustered Keitaro. " The base b with the exponent Y equal to X is also the same as…uh…the same as…"

"Ugh!  It's the same as Log base b Y equals X!" exclaimed Naru, messaging her temples vigorously.

"Umm…yeah." said Keitaro nervously. "Tell you what, lemme get us some tea to help us study!" He knew that the only way to diffuse a frustrated Naru is to vacate the area immediately.

"Sure, sure just remember to not make it as hot as it was before."

As luck would have it, Su suddenly bursts through the doorway to give the poor guy a boot-to-he-face-greeting.


"Gaaah!" said Keitaro. As he sails across the room, he finally comes to rest in Naru's chest.

"Naru! Wait! I didn't mea-"

"YOU PERVERT!!!!" she screams angrily as he gives Keitaro the orbital-launch treatment.

Su sat there watching Keitaro soar through the air and crash though the same hole he patched up earlier this afternoon.

"Yay! Let's play again!!!"

"Su, let's don't and say we did." A face planted Keitaro said. "Besides, it's almost dinner."

With that said, Su lets out a squeal of joy, and runs out of the room.

"Well, Keitaro, aren't you coming?" said Naru.

"Hold on, let me just peel my body off the floor, ad we'll get going."


Minutes later everyone is at the table, eating Shinobu's latest food creations.

"I have to say Shinobu, you're really improving your skills in the kitchen!" says Kitsune. "It smells terrific!"

"Thank you Kitsune."

Kitsune then turns her gaze toward Keitaro. "Shame that you can't smell through that bandage on your nose." she remarks.

"Well, that is what you get for having unchecked thoughts Urashima." Motoko replies as she eats.

Keitaro sighs through his bandage. "Oh come on, it was an accident! I swear it was."

Naru shoots an annoyed look at the ronin."Sure it was…you just keep telling yourself that."  She then proceeds to eat.

As dinner resumes, the sounds of explosions in the distance can be heard. At first no one seemed to notice. Gradually the unmistaken sound of gunfire can be heard.

"Hey senpai, what going on?" says a worried Shinobu.

Keitaro started to worry. 'There was no way that it could be the war. Not now, not here.' he thought intently

"I don't know, but I'll go have a look."

"You don't think that it's…." started Kitsune. Soon enough, a sense of anxiety filled the air in the dining room. Worried glances are exchanged. Then a strange glow followed by the smell of burnt powder and wood began to taint the air. Keitaro got up and left the table.

As quickly as he could, Keitaro grabbed his coat and started to investigate what exactly was going on. He knew that he was getting close when the trail of destruction began to appear. Several block away from the Hinata Sou he found what he was looking for.

What he saw next hit him like a ton of bricks."No……no it can't be it's…….it's not possible!"

It was an awful sight – airborne troops landing in the distance; the screams of those who were hurt or dying could be heard; some buildings have been set ablaze. Overhead, Keitaro saw several planes circle the city destroying anything at will. His trance was later broken when he saw several men, dressed in military fatigues running toward is direction, their weapons trained at him. A bullet wizzed by his head and struck the wall behind him.  The next thing he knew, he took off running. He knew he had to get the hell out of there fast!

"I gotta get the girls! I gotta get everyone out of here!" Keitaro said as he ran. The fighting all around him intensified as he raced back home. All he could do in the chaos was to hope and pray that these foreign soldiers, whoever they are, hadn't reached the Hinata Sou.

Tragically his luck wasn't that good…

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