Jack, in the REAL World

Chptr 1

I looked out my window and sighed. I was grounded. I mean 'restricted' as my parents call it. I was gro-'restricted' from the internet, the television, the phone, the night club down the street and seeing my friends. You wanna know why? Probably.

Well it all started a few hours ago. I was driving to the night club, Cocktail, and when I got there I acted cool and was there until about an hour and a half ago. I had one or two beers and I was driving home. I didn't crash but once I got home, I was tired so I popped in a DVD and I played it. I had no clue which DVD it was, so when my parents came down from upstairs and saw me staring at the middle scene in The Pillow Book, I was cooked. I tried to explain but I guess my un-soberness made it worse. So here I am, three forths of the way sober, stuck in my room, all weekend.

Life sucks, don't it?

I lifted my head a few inches off the bed and then dropped it. I lifted my head up again and blinked, there was someone in my room. I shook the soberness back into my head and sat up. As I studied the figure more clearly, I recognized him right away.

"Derek! You little brat! Get out of my room and"-I gasped-"put my picture of Jack Sparrow back on my door!" my little brother just shook his head and then started kissing the picture-acting like me. "Derek!" I yelled. When I got up he knew I was serious. He dropped the picture and ran for dear life.

"And stay out!" I called after him. I slammed my door and threw myself on my bed. I groaned and picked up my picture of the infamous Jack Sparrow. I opened my door and re-taped it on to the outside of the door, under the words I had painted there, PIRATES YE' BE WELCOMED. I smiled and closed my door. Or did it close itself? "Let me in!" I called, pounding on the door.

"Pamela! Are you out of your room?" my mom's voice rang through the hall.

"No!" I lied. I started to panic. I banged the door and then hit the palm of my hand to my forehead. Duh! I turned the handle. Yes! I had to push with all my strength to get my door open. Once I got in, I was pressed up against the back of my door. There was a wind and it was really strong. What the hell is a wind doing in my room?, I thought. I closed my eyes. I was so confused.

Then the wind just stopped. I was suprised, so I almost fell when it did. I stumbled over to my bed and fell on to it, hitting something hard and rough. I toppled off the bed and it the floor with a blood churtling crash.

"Oh...ow...ugh." I moaned and flipped on to my back. My whole body ached. I tried to get up but my arms were like spagetti. I fell right back down and the back of my head hit the floor again. "Ow!" I said. I managed to get my hand under my head to massage the aching spot. I groaned and tried to get up again. This time it worked. I got on my knees and propped myself up to lean my chin on the bed. I opened my eyes and almost fainted (wouldn't that have been painful!). I couldn't believe it. No way!, I thought to myself.

Jack Sparrow was laying, sprawled on my bed.