KillianDisclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter either. It belongs to its creator J.K. Rowling and probably Warner Bros. too. I'm not too sure about that. This piece of literature is simply the work of a humble fan. I also credit Laurell K. Hamilton and Jim Butcher for various themes, subjects, or references that I may use. It won't be a crossover but certain elements from the series will be used.

:Author Notes:

This will be leaning more toward alternate reality. It will have the same characters just a different spin on things. If you're not a fan or strong cursing or maybe even violence and bloodshed then there is a good chance that this story isn't for you.



By: Water Mage

The passing week had been a strange one. Owls had been seen flying out in broad daylight and fireworks had been shooting into the sky from various locations all unknown. No one knew that this was because the magical community was celebrating the defeat of one of the darkest wizard's in history, Lord Voldemort. On number four, Privet Drive something unusual too had happened.

It was only at the beginning of the last week that the occupants of the home had awoken to a strange sight. There on their front porch wrapped in a baby blue blanket was their baby nephew, fast asleep. In his chubby little hand was a letter, explaining what had happened to his parents and how he was to be in their care from now on. Vernon Dursley had flown off into a rage, but the couple resigned themselves to their fate and took in little baby Harry. Their own son Dudley was about the same age as Harry. As the week passed, one could see that the couple favored Dudley and didn't give a damn about Harry. To them he was a freak. An abnormality like all of his kind was.

The sun had set hours ago and the stars were out. The moon shined its light down onto the sleeping neighborhood of Privet Drive, giving light to the things in the dark. Illuminated by the light were two men. They were dressed in all black. They wore black boots, leather dusters, pants, and shirts. They stood in front of number four, Privet Drive with stoic looks. Without words they stealthily moved toward the house and within moments the lock on the front door was picked and they were inside. The house was dark as they walked in. Quietly the two men made their way upstairs.

They looked in through the door nearest them to see a nursery. Inside were two cribs. One looked new and very expensive, while the other was old and very in need of repair. The men didn't ponder this. Silently they continued on their to the largest bedroom of the house. On a large king size bed slept Vernon Dursley and his wife Petunia.

Vernon Dursley snapped his eyes open as he felt a hand cover his mouth. His frightened eyes looked into a pair of cold, calculating blue eyes. The man slowly raised a finger to his lips, signaling him to be quiet. With that same finger he pointed to Vernon's right. Vernon Dursley whimpered at the sight of another men, holding a 9mm handgun to a sleeping Petunia's temple.

"Mr. McKnight wants his money, Dursley," said the man coldly.

Vernon knew now who these guys were. Unknown to anyone, Vernon had borrowed money from a widely known crime lord to pay back the debts he owed to numerous people. The crime lord's name was Killian McKnight. Even the police feared to cross the man whose power rivaled that of the royal family's. Killian had a hand in all major businesses in England. Money was power and Killian had an underground empire made from the millions of dollars he had. Borrowed money from Killian was always paid back. Sometimes even with one's life or blood.

Vernon gulped and started speaking quickly, as the hand was lifted from his mouth. "I don't have it yet—"

The man reared back and punched Vernon. A sickening crunch was heard, as the nasal bone in Vernon's nose was broken. Blood gushed out spilling onto the pristine white sheets. Petunia stirred, but remained in deep, oblivious sleep that could only come from a good dose of Valium and brandy. The man smiled at Vernon. "That's not a good enough answer, fat boy."

"I swear I'll have him the money!" said Vernon panicking, his voice becoming higher in pitch due to fright.

There was a soft click, as the safety of the gun that was held to Pentunia's head was pulled back. The other man glared at Vernon from across the bed. "How do we know that? How about we just take your wife here for collateral…"

"NO!" said Vernon in alarm. His brain started to run in overdrive. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. Before he knew what he was saying he started speaking. "I can prove I'll have your money. I'll give Killian my nephew as a sign of good faith."

The black garbed men looked at each other from across the bed that separated them. The one holding the gun shrugged nonchalantly. The man standing above Vernon made a motion with his hand. "Go and get him then." Faster than Vernon could see the man had a gun out and aimed at his head. "I swear on my mother's grave if you try something we will kill your wife. They'll find her body in Wales, in a ditch, mutilated and unrecognizable except for her dental records. Is that clear, fat boy?"

Vernon nodded hastily, and ran from the room. He returned quickly with Harry sleeping peacefully in his thick arms. Vernon dutifully handed the baby off. "His name is Harry Potter and his parents died a week back. We were to look after him."

"When you pay what you owe plus interest, then you will get your nephew back."

Vernon shook his head. His eyes looked frightened and panicked. He tried to smile but failed miserably. "No. Killian can keep him. A gift… yeah a gift."

"Are you fucking serious?" questioned the man, holding the gun to Petunia's head. Seeing Vernon nod his head in agreement. His lips curled into a sneer of disgust at the pale Dursley. He shook his head and walked from the room. His partner holding Harry carefully followed him out quickly, not before giving Vernon an equal look of disgust. They walked outside not saying a word to each till they got into their black BMW that was parked a little away from the house.

"I can't believe him, Dylan," said the man, driving the car. He looked to the passenger seat where his partner was slowly rocking baby Harry.

Dylan shook his head, gazing down at Harry with tenderness. "I know, Todd. How could he just give up his nephew like that? My parents may had beaten me till I was unconscious, but they never would have gave me up to a stranger."

Todd nodded. "I know what you mean. God, what a fucked up man! The kid doesn't even look a year old. He must have some real ice running through his veins. And I thought we were cold blooded."

"Obviously we still have some kind of morals," smirked Dylan.

They drove through the city of London till they pulled into a parking garage of a tall glass skyscraper. They talked quietly as they made their way up the elevator to the top floor of the building. The top floor was decorated tastefully with all new modern furniture. It was aesthetically pleasing to the eye and lacked warmth, looking too pristine, too coldly functional. They showed their clearance badges to security and they entered Killian's office. Killian sat behind a metallic steel desk. Behind him was a long window that overlooked the entire city of London. Killian stood up, smoothing out the wrinkles in his gray Armani suit. Killian was a tall man with long black hair that was tied back. He looked young only about twenty-four. His eyes were dark green and slightly exotic looking, telling all of his Asian descent.

Dylan and Todd bowed before their boss. Killian walked toward them with a small smile. "What does Dursley have to say? Let me guess he didn't have my money."

"Yes, sir. He didn't have it, but he wanted us to give you this," said Dylan, handing a surprised Killian a sleeping baby. "This is his nephew Harry Potter. He said his parents died last week and he was told to care for him. And the fat bastard offered him off the first chance he got."

Killian gazed down at Harry, softly brushing away the bangs that fell across his brow. "He's so small," he whispered softly, not taking his eyes off Harry. "What's this? Its some kind of scar or something." He voiced, touching his finger to the lightning shape mark on Harry's forehead.

"Get this boss," said Todd, shaking his head at the absurdity of it. "He's giving you the baby. He doesn't even want the little one back."

Killian snapped his head up. "Are you sure?" At their nods he continued. "Why on Earth would he willingly give up his nephew? If he paid me my damn money I would have given him back. So why then?"

"I don't know, sir," shrugged Dylan in puzzlement. "He was really eager to have him gone come to think of it."

Killian sighed, shaking his head. "No matter." He smiled widely, as he looked down again at Harry. "I will adopt Harry and make him my son. My heir. It just seems right to do so."

Little Harry awoke at the sound of voices. He yawned tiredly, opening his emerald green eyes. Killian smiled even wider and laughed as Harry caught his finger in his grip and started to shake it. Harry's innocent laughter filled the office and their hearts.

Killian ran his hand through Harry's black hair. "How would you like to be my son?"

Harry gurgled in response, making the three men smile. Killian laughed heartily. "I guess that's a yes then. I'm going to be your daddy."