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youkai: demon


by: Lostlily


14 years ago…on three different nights…in three different villages…three children were born. Each of these children was burdened with the spirits of youkai…

-----One was to be praised as a hero…-----

-Hidden Village of the Leaf-

A small blonde infant cries as he lies in blankets, surrounded by candles. Outside, a fierce battle ends as The Fourth Hokage seals the vicious Nine-Tails Demon. The demon finds himself encased with the fragile body of the crying infant. The mark of the seal fades into view on the babe's round tummy as whisker-like marks appears upon his young cheeks. The Fourth's dying wish was that this brave little one was seen as a hero.

-----The other was to be the ultimate shinobi…-----

-Hidden Village of the Sand-

A red-haired infant lies on the ground, sand eerily swirling around him. Nearby lay the lifeless form of the woman who birthed him. Before her death, the woman cursed the child as her life's blood slowly escaped her body. The Kazekage noted with satisfaction that he was successful in attaching the demonic incarnation of sand to his newly born son. His village will be strong now that he's created the ultimate shinobi.

-----The last was to be used as revenge…-----

-Hidden Village of the Cloud-

A tiny, pale infant with soft, dark locks lets out a soft whimper of distress as the enraged shinobi carries her in to the forbidden temple that held the sealed Kuroneko. He laid the child upon the altar and picked up the forbidden scroll, then swiftly proceeded to possess the innocent one with the spirit of the demon. Just as he completed his task, the Raikage enters the temple, taking in the whole scene from his small daughter to the scroll to the treacherous ninja that had kidnapped her. Before he died, the traitor smirked at the great revenge that he ensued upon the Raikage.

-----As each babe grew into childhood, they found themselves jeered at…-----

The small blonde child looks down, fighting tears as the adults and children around him stare with coldness in their eyes.


The fiery haired boy picks up a stray ball and offers it to the children playing with it, only to find them staring at him with horror before they quickly flee away from him.

-----And most of all...Hated…-----

The pretty little black-haired girl runs down an empty alley, sobbing fearfully, as several older boys chase her, throwing rocks and hateful words.

Three different lives cursed with three different purposes…will soon find their destinies entwined.

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