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"Blah" Spoken

-Flashback- Flashback (no DUH!)

'Blah' thoughs

Life Goes On

Saluting, the informant bowed and then quickly left the premises of the commander's room. His foot steps echoing as he walked.

"So what shall we do?" Fuyutsuki asked, leaning back into his chair, legs crossed and frowning.

Standing up from his chair, commander Gendo Ikari walked over to the huge mirror in his office that portrayed the immense landscape of the Geofront.

"We need someone to look after the Third Child, but not someone who will get attached to him," continued Fuyutsuki. "For if this doesn't go 'exactly' as planned it could... well..." Fuyutsuki twirled his fingers in the air. "Complicate things."

For a while there was no response to Fuyutsuki's statement. Gendo Ikari merely stared out the window almost as if lost in thought. However Fuyutsuki had grown accustomed to Gendo's behavior and waited patiently for his response.

"You're right, sensei," said Gendo, finally speaking up.

"Yes, well, it is not unexpected," Fuyutsuki said, standing up from his chair and walked over to Gendo's side. "Major Katsuragi has in turn, become almost sister figure to the Third Child, it is highly unlikely she would agree to this."

"So it seems..."

For a long moment both men stood by the window staring aimlessly into the Geofront. Several minutes passed without either of them saying a word. Until, finally Gendo spoke up.

"Have the Third Child move into an apartment in section 40."

"Section 40?"


Raising an eyebrow in surprise at Gendo's decision Fuyutsuki nodded and turned to leave.

Now normally such a move would be quite normal and even beneficial to an organization. The apartments in section 40 were cheap, considering that almost nobody lived there anymore. And strategically, it was in a desirable location, being close to the NERV headquarters.

However, it was also the home of the First Child.

But it didn't matter, Rei would never disobey him. She belonged to him, he owned her. And he was confident that she would never turn her back to him.

Gendo, now alone continued to stand by the window. He stood there, staring into bliss until finally he too, turned and left the room.

After all, a doll could not betray a skilled puppeteer now could it?

The Empty streets of Tokyo-3 were a blur as Shinji looked out the window from his cab. The relocation of his home was brought under effect immediately, thus he was forced to pack his bags, clear his room and move on the same day. All things considering, Misato-san took it quite well. Well, to Misato standards anyway.


"What? What do you mean that Shinji no longer requires my supervision?" a shocked Misato asked the NERV personnel who stood in front of her door.

"Orders from the commander ma'am. Effective immediately you are no longer the Third Childs legal guardian. The Third child will be placed in an accommodation supplied by NERV."

Opening her mouth to respond she found herself unable to form the words. Commander Ikari's decision was final. And she knew that once the commander had made his mind nothing short of Armageddon could change it. Massaging the sides of her temple Misato groaned weakly.

"I will be back in half an hour. I expect to see the Third Child ready and packed by then." Saluting, the messenger and the two soldiers turned and left, walking noisily down the corridor.

Slowly closing the door Misato sulked over to the fridge. She needed a beer...

But not just any beer.

She had a special beer for situations like these.

A beer so special that it was illegal to posses it in 145 countries. Including Japan.

The Asahi 3000 ®.

-End of Flashback-

Sighing, Shinji continued to stare out the window. He had no idea where the taxi driver was taking him, he had tried asking the driver a couple of times but the driver wouldn't answer any of his questions.

What had happened? Why has Misato no longer his legal guardian? Was it something that he did? Perhaps it was all those magazines he had hidden under the eleventh floorboard from the cupboard? Unable to formulate an answer at the moment Shinji dismissed these thoughts and continued to stare at Tokyo-3's empty streets.

Now he truly felt that he was alone.

When the taxi finally came to the stop, the driver practically threw Shinji's luggage, himself included, out of the cab.

Before Shinji could get up, the taxi driver had driven away, leaving Shinji standing alone with his luggage on the sidewalk. In the taxi drivers mad attempt to put as much distance between the Third Child and himself as possible, he had forgotten to collect the fare. Not that it really mattered; Shinji had no money on him. In his packing fury he had forgotten to pick up his wallet.

As the dust settled, Shinji began to see through the dusty haze that confronted him.


The apartments of section 40. Standing nearly 300 stories tall it was an awesome sight to behold. But what was truly amazing about these set of buildings was that it was made entirely of titanium. Due to improved drilling and salvaging technology the process of gathering resources has improved dramatically both in effectiveness and speed.

As the roar of the taxi slowly faded away, the dull thuds of nearby construction site made itself known.

Confused, Shinji was unsure of what to do. The Messenger had simply stated that he was to be moved to his new residence in room number 402.

Gathering the few possessions that he had, Shinji began to walk towards the entrance of the huge complex.

'So I'll be bunking with Ayanami?' he asked himself silently.

The setting sun behind Shinji had caused a huge shadow that entirely covered apartment 402's door, virtually hiding it from his view. Reaching out Shinji pressed the doorbell.

'Still broken.' Figures...

Bang, Bang

The sound of the knocking echoed down the empty hall, sending shivers up Shinji's spine. 'Perhaps this is why no one lives here' he thought to himself as the sound of the echo slowly faded away. But then again, the fact that Tokyo-3 was constantly under attack by Angels would be a more likely explanation.

"Ayanami? Are you home?"

The silence that followed confirmed his thoughts. Shrugging, Shinji reached for what he thought was a locked doorknob. Surprised that the door was unlocked he swung the door open a bit too quickly causing him to be slightly thrown off balance. After he managed to steady himself, he collected his thoughts and went inside. Stepping inside Ayanami's apartment, Shinji was again appalled at the sight that stood before him.

'KAMI-SAMA ALMIGHTY IT'S DIRTY!' Shinji screamed inwardly after seeing Ayanami's room, or what was left of it.

Shinji's "clean" mind was screaming bloody hell at him after seeing Ayanami's room. There was a huge pile of unwashed clothes next to an unmade bed that was so filthy that it would've been considered an environmental hazard to the surrounding community. The floor was covered inch- thick in dust and the open windowsills were covered in what looks like mounds of pigeon feces. Cobwebs hung from every corner of the room and unwashed dishes towered over Shinji. How Rei managed to cause this within the short period of time since Shinji cleaned her room last time, he had no idea. Submitting to his obsessive compulsive brain, Shinji left his bags outside, as not to dirty them, and then proceeded to do the near impossible task of cleaning the First Child's room.

Rei was tired.

The excessive synchronization tests were getting more and more arduous. The last week alone Rei had had over 5 sync tests. Most of which were for Unit 01. The sudden increase in sync training with Unit 01 had initially surprised her, but of course as usual Rei didn't ask any questions. Rei lived in the here and now. What happened in the past was none of her concern and what happened in the future has the concern of the NERV personnel.

However, synchronizing with Unit 01 was one of the few orders that Rei actually looked forward to. Because whenever she synchronized with Unit 01 the essence of its pilot would wash over her.

The essence of Shinji Ikari the Third Child.

Whenever she synchronized with Unit 01 the essence of Shinji would wash over her, fulfilling her and completing her. Why this was Rei did not know, but whenever she synced with Unit 01 it would fill a void that she felt inside and it placed her at ease. Her training as a pilot did not cover this. However, Rei knew that if she was to report this to the commander he would investigate on the situation. And since it wasn't causing her or the NERV personnel harm she did not feel the need to report this particular phenomenon. In fact, because of this phenomenon that she was able to synchronize with Unit 01 so easily. Besides her duty at the moment was to achieve the highest possible sync ratio with Unit 01, the side effect could be a result of changing Evas or a temporary result of synchronizing with Unit 01. But whatever it was, it was beneficial and Rei did not want it to end in a hurry.

Walking to her apartment Rei noticed a black bag lying outside her room.

'Odd,' Rei thought to herself. 'I do not recall being informed that repair crew would be here today.'

Upon closer inspection Rei noticed that the bag did not belong to the repair crew, since it did not bear the NERV sign. Ignoring the bag, Rei entered the room and was instantly taken back with what she saw.

Everything was so... clean! The dishes were washed, the bad was made, all her clothes were washed and left to dry on the balcony, the floor was scrubbed clean, and not a single speck of duck was in sight. However, there was a very dirty, very tired, very worn out, dehydrated teen sleeping spread eagle in the middle of her room.

Rei instantly recognized him from his signature shirt and pants. "Ikari-kun?" placing her school bag on the floor Rei walked forward to get a look at the sleeping teen in the middle of her floor.

"Ikari-kun?" she asked again, getting no response she assumed that he was sleeping. Crouching to get a better look at him, she stared at his sleeping figure.

With Shinji being the room's only occupant before she entered then that meant that it was Shinji who'd cleaned up her room. 'It is a logical conclusion. Since he is the only one present the room.' Rei confirmed to herself.

Seeing how tired the Third Child was Rei thought that is was best to let him sleep. After taking a shower Rei sat down on her bed and continued to watch the sleeping teen. But soon Rei too, fell asleep.

"Baka! Misato! I'm home" Shouted a very riled up Asuka as she kicked the door open. "Hey! Anyone home?" Asuka shouted again this time slamming the door with all her strength in order to make her presence known.

However she was greeted by silence. Walking over to the living room she found Misato, eyes red with a mountain of empty beer cans by her side.
"Misato-san? What happened?" Asuka asked, taken back by her disheveled appearance. Not only was her eyes red but her hair was a messed, her clothes were wrinkled and she was practically oozing with the foul odor of alcohol.

Misato slowly turned her head, as if the mere action of moving her head took a great deal of effort, and it probably did, considering the mountains of beer cans behind her Asuka thought to herself.

"Shinji..." Misato mumbled.

"What? The baka? What did that Hentai do?"

Misato however, found she was unable to continue talking. Her head rolled back she dropped the can she was holding and started to snore loudly.

Walking over to Shinji's room Asuka banged the door. "Shinji no baka, what have you done to Misato-san, PERVERT!"


Slamming the door open Asuka went into the Third Childs room. There will be hell to pay for this she thought to herself, ready to show the Third Child the true meaning of pain.

But…It was empty. And this, Asuka had trouble comprehending. Of course, a time like this calls for some sort of weird still anime scene. So here goes.

"ZZzzzzz" Misato snored from a nearby room.

-KraackaBOOM- came a strike of lightning outside, illuminating the room.

-Fwsshh- Pen-Pen turned on hot water in the bathroom for his evening bath.

Don't forget that during this entire time Asuka is standing, shocked. So actually, this scene is really quite funny. Right?

So anyways, incredibly lame scene aside, Shinji's room was empty and the Third Child was no where to be seen.

Running back Asuka began shaking Misato. Grabbing her shirt, (which was rather small), she shook Misato causing her head to wobble back and forth clumsily.

"Misato-san, WAKE UP! WHERE'S SHINJI?" Asuka shouted in Misatos face. However, Asukas attempt to wake Misato was in vain. Nothing short of Armageddon would wake her and Asuka knew this. Releasing her hold on Misato she turned and went to the living room. Plopping herself on the couch, she turned on the TV, her favorite show was on the air. That baka better be back in time to make my dinner Asuka stared at the TV for the rest of the show, lost in thought.

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