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Life Goes On: I Hear Violins

"So dude, did you try out that new game, Bioshock3?"

"Not now Kensuke!" Touji hissed under gritted teeth, "Not while we are at Victoria's Secret." Touji quickly looked away from Kensuke, and surveyed the area around him to make sure that none of the beautiful women shopping had heard Kensuke's comment.

"I do think that this would suit Hikari rather well, don't you Kensuke?"

Rolling his eyes, Kensuke turned away from Touji who was holding up a huge lacy bra while shouting loud enough for most of the people within the store to hear.

"Look, I know you want to buy a wonderful, thoughtful gift for Hikari," Kensuke said, rolling his eyes, knowing full well that Touji was saying these things to impress people, "but it's been three days since we've last seen Shinji, aren't you a little worried?"

"Yea, Kensuke, I agree, I also think that Hikari would fill this bra out really well, I just hope that it's not too small for her." Touji stated loudly, lifting the huge bra up high enough for every male in the store to see.

Kensuke sighed and looked out the window again, it was not like Shinji to disappear suddenly without telling anyone. "Especially Rei." Kensuke thought to himself. Ever since Shinji's disappearance Rei had barricaded herself in her room; believing that it was her fault for driving Shinji away. She refused to leave, even refusing to open the door for food or water.

Initially, Touji and Kensuke were supposed to go out to search for Shinji, however once they walked past the lingerie store, Touji made a quick detour to buy the present for Hikari that he had long promised her. Kensuke sighed again. If Touji doesn't hurry and make up his mind, it'll be too late to continue searching for…for…

"Wait a minute." Kensuke lost his trail of thought as he looked out the window. There was an alley on the opposite side of the street from the lingerie shop and inside the alley he saw the outline of what appeared to be the body of someone lying inconspicuously in the garbage. It was highly improbably, but then again, Shinji was missing...

"It couldn't be..." Kensuke snapped to his feet and turned to face Touji. But to his surprise, Touji had already heard Kensuke's remark and was next to him staring intently out the mirror.

"Come on." Touji quickly rushed out of the store, followed hastily by Kensuke. Upon crossing the traffic, in which they had to run past speeding cars resulting in several of the drivers giving the pair the 'finger', to which Touji promptly returned, they saw, to their horror, a dirty, bruised Shinji lying in the garbage.

"Oh my god." Kensuke gasped upon seeing Shinji. Both of his eyes were bruised, swollen and purple, his skin was covered in scratches and his face and hair was matted with dried blood. "Oh my god... oh my god…oh my god…" Grabbing Shinji's shoulder, Kensuke gently shook Shinji. "He's not moving." Kensuke shouted to Touji.

"That's enough, both of you."

Turning around quickly to face the voice that had just spoken to them, Kensuke and Touji were greeted by a small army of tall men with sunglasses and suits.

One of the men reached into his coat and pulled out a mobile phone. "The Third Children has been found at our location, prepare the medical chopper." As he snapped the phone shut, one of the other men turned and faced Touji and Kensuke. He was a very bulky man, with very hard facial features and a nasty scar that appeared to have come from a burn across his face.

"We'll be taking care of this, get lost." He growled.

"Over our dead bodies we'll leave him." Touji spat, raising his fists to the group of men.

A familiar voice rang out from behind the group of men. "That's enough, Touji." The group of men parted in the middle, allowing Touji to see who the familiar voice belonged to.

"Misato-sensei?" Touji asked incredibly. He had last seen Misato at the hotel which was several hours walk away.

"That's right, and Shinji has to come with us."

"No." Touji spat venomously, glaring at Misato, "I am not going to leave Shinji alone to these pieces of shits."

Sighing, Misato looked sadly at Touji and Kensuke who were standing protectively in front of Shinji.

"Major." Misato turned to face the operative that had spoken to her. "The helicopter has arrived."

And not a moment sooner the repetitive thwock and harsh winds of the chopper descended upon the group.

"Alright. You two," Misato held onto her hat as she shouted over the noise and pointed at two of the operatives, "Place the Third Children into the helicopter we have to get him to a hospital ASAP."

Nodding, the two men walked forward towards Shinji, only to have one of them shoved roughly back by Touji.

Almost instantaneously the man with the burned face grabbed Touji by the neck and threw him violently upon the alley wall. "You little shit." He muttered as he reached into his coat.

"That's enough."

The operative relaxed instantly at Misato's command, releasing Touji and causing him to fall unto the ground.

"He's coming with us."

Rei watched the blinds sway gently from the wind from the open window, hugging her knees on the bed. The past three days had been like eternity for her, full of self accusations and remorse.

Her abdomen growled gently, which she ignored. For the past three days Rei had not left her room, nor had she allowed anyone in. When Kensuke and Touji tried to force their way in, they found that the door had been blocked and was unable to open because Rei had barricaded herself inside.

And so Rei remained in her room, which was now filthy enough to compete with her apartment back in Tokyo-3. Rei herself was disheveled and dirty; she had stopped taking baths after the last one on the day that Shinji disappeared. The humid temperatures of the beach in addition to the heat had further accelerated her decent into filth.

Getting up from the bed, Rei made her way to the window, pulled apart the blinds and peeked outside again, hoping against hope that she could somehow spot Shinji as he walked to the hotel. There was no one outside but tourists again. She sat back down on her bed, her heart heavy and her lungs constricted with stress and sadness.

There was a saying she once heard in class, that people don't realize what they have until it's gone. This was not the case. Rei knew what she had; she knew how special he was to her. Every time she saw him, every time he smiled at her, every time she touched him, she knew. And now that he was gone, it just reaffirmed what she already knew.

It was her fault, she accused again as she sat curled on her bed. She never should've insisted that they go to the fancy restaurant. Rei thought sadly, biting her lip so hard that she drew blood. She never should've gone to the fair with him. She never should've agreed to come to the beach with him.

This could've been prevented.

Rei half sobbed half sighed and curled into a fetal position on her bed. She felt that she was empty.

Then she heard a knock on her door. Instantly she sprang from her bed, and ran to the entrance. She knew that Kensuke and Touji had long given up on trying to get her out, and that Misato wouldn't try to take her out unless ordered to by the Commander. And there was no way that Asuka or Hikari would show up here. Then that left only one possible person that was knocking behind the door.


He was finally back, she realized. Grabbing a piece of furniture she ignored her already immensely tired body and pulled it violently away from the door. Throwing the chair as far as she could in her weak state, she stood on her toes and grabbed the top of the dresser and pulled it down so it fell down onto the floor. Her breathing haggard, she pulled a few more pieces of furniture away from the door and hastily crawled over the now broken and messed up pile of furniture. Hyperventilating, Rei struggled to control her breathing as she unlocked her door, a task which was made difficult by her shaking hands.

Once she managed to unlock the door she swung it open with all her might.

NERV personnel.

Her knees buckled as she felt disappointment wash over her body again. The earlier sense of hope and excitement had been snuffed away in a moment. Instantly her sanity and awareness returned to her. Shinji was gone.

She coughed and sobbed, and as she collapsed she realized how much she hated being aware.

"Wow..." was all that Kensuke could say as he looked around the interior of the NERV helicopter. Full of technological gadgets, electronic zink-zonks, and button-tastical bleep bloops, even the tech-savy Kensuke was having trouble merely comprehending how the chopper operated as a whole. He was as happy as a fish in, well, water. Touji, on the other hand, was nursing the bruises on his neck. Rubbing it sorely, he grimaced at the thought of what would've happened it Misato hadn't stopped the man from having his way with him. Considering how easily he was tossed around, those NERV operatives could do some major damage if they actually wanted to.

He glanced at the still body of Shinji which was being aided in breathing by an electronic lung. "Where are we going?" Touji asked Misato suddenly, who had been sitting silently on the side of the chopper, looking at Shinji.

Lifting her hand, Misato looked at Touji and Kensuke and was quiet for a minute. She placed her hand on Shinji's head and stroked his hair. "Home. We're going home."

"Wait, but what about the class rep, Asuka and Rei?" Touji demanded, outraged. "We can't just leave them here!"

"They will be picked up and taken back to Tokyo-3."

Touji could tell by the look in Misato's eyes that she didn't want to talk anymore and Touji sat down.

"Some vacation this turned out to be, huh?" Kensuke said, bewildered at how effortlessly Misato tamed Touji.


"Dude, this is so amazingly awesome." Touji exclaimed as he played the newest game from Ubisoft, Crysis 4. "I've never seen such amazing graphics in my entire life."

Shinji looked at Touji's struggling computer wearingly. Although it had the newest Intel processor, the Core 86 quadruple and 3 Nvidia Geforce 12900 GTX's, it was struggling to run the game smoothly.

"That's what you get for buying a low end computer." Remarked Kensuke, looking at Shinji. "The required spec's demanded you buy something along the lines of a Double Main board Alienware Duo."

"Like I have the money." Touji shouted as he severed the testicles of a French soldier. "God I love this game."

Frowning at Touji who had taken the testicles of the soldier and had loaded it into his gun and shot it back at a group of enemies, he walked to the kitchen to get some juice. Although he enjoyed having Touji and Kensuke living in his and Rei's apartment, it did get a teeny bit annoying sometimes. Especially when it interrupted his time between him and Ayanami.

"PERVERT!" A high pitched shriek came from the bedroom, followed by a loud slap.

'That's Asuka.' Shinji sighed to himself as he poured himself a cup of juice.

Taking off her shoes Asuka, as usual didn't bother to knock as she entered Shinji and Rei's apartment. Considering how noisy it was from inside from all the whoops and cheers, they probably couldn't hear her anyways if she did decide to knock. So she decided to sneak up on them to see what all the fuss was about.

The fuss, she found out, was Touji genetically altering the severed testicles of the French soldier, giving it the necessary intelligence and physical capabilities to become Touji's personal attack dog. What Touji and Kensuke considered the crowning moment in videogame history was not shared by Asuka. Needless to say Touji and Kensuke both suffered dire consequences similar, although less glamorous to that of the poor French soldier.

"Oh my God, everything is so different, man." Kensuke exclaimed in frustration as he gripped his controller tightly. "It's so float, and all the teching is gone." Kensuke, Touji, and Asuka were playing Super Smash Brothers: Apocalypse, the latest game in the Smash Series. Kensuke winced as his character, Cloud Strife, got knocked out of the screen by Touji's character, Mufasa.

"I wish I was ripping testicles off instead of this dumbed down excuse for a fighting game." Touji remarked under his breath glaring at Asuka who was currently playing as Meta Knight. And she wasn't doing so bad, but then again, Kensuke and Touji did die not by Asuka's superior skills but by the fact that now more than ever, button mashing was a viable tactic. Also the implementation of tripping and stumbling didn't help things.

"Better this game that that perverted piece of shit." Asuka remarked as she tore Touji's head off."

"Man, Nintendo's really gotten violent ever since they were purchased by Rockstar games." Kensuke observed as Asuka used her Final Smash, which was an Apache Helicopter that tore up every other character. Touji thought the same thing as he watched Mufasa's torso fly across the screen as Asuka laughed maniacally.

"Are you guys quite done?" Shinji came into the room with an apron wrapped around his waist. "We agreed that you guys would leave before Ayanami came here for our date."

"Yeah, yeah, we'll leave before your precious wonder girl gets here." remarked Asuka, giving Shinji a lopsided grin.

"Yeah, you better do something this time man. I'm making the sacrifice of hanging out with the devil to give you and Ayanami some privacy ti-"

Touji was quickly silenced by an angry looking Asuka.

"Ack, fine, whatever. Let's go." Touji rubbed his head and put down the controller. "But seriously though" Touji whispered to Shinji, "maybe it's time you and Ayanami got a little pilot lovin' going on eh?"

"W-what are you talking about? I-it's not like that going to happen!" Shinji exclaimed blushing red.

"Especially with your plug suits on..." Touji leaned in closer to Shinji, "then maybe you could insert your dummy plug into—"


Touji had forgotten to whisper and thus, suffered the divine fury of an angry Asuka.

"Alright, alright, I get it, I'll stop." Touji rubbed the other bruise on his head. "But seriously though, have fun, man." Touji smiled as he gave Shinji the thumbs up.

"Come on guys, The Forbidden Kingdom 3 is playing an hour." Kensuke shouted at Asuka and Touji from outside the apartment.

"Later, dude." Touji said as he left.

"Good luck." Asuka whispered, giving Shinji a wink, which made Shinji blush even redder.

Once they finally left, Shinji was free to continue cooking in preparation for what Touji dubbed Rei and his "Sickeningly Romantic evening".

Grabbing a salt shaker, Shinji continued to cook his meals.

"I'm home." Rei stated as she entered her apartment. She placed her bag on the ground and took off her shoes. "Shinji-kun?" Rei asked softly as she walked into the bedroom.

There was a large curtain hanging from the ceiling effectively cutting the room in half. Rei frowned; she was not informed of such a thing.

However, before she could walk past the curtain, there came a yelp and to her surprise, the curtain suddenly came loose from its hooks in the ceiling and came floating down. What she saw was a flustered and embarrassed Shinji hanging upside down from a rope that was attached to the curtain via a hook in the ceiling.

"It w-wasn't supposed to be like this." Shinji stuttered as he swayed left and right from the rope. "I kind of got tangled up in the rope as I pulled the curtain down."

Looking around some more Rei noticed a small round table covered in a white tablecloth with plates and candles already lit.

Shinji sighed. "The food is already done. I was trying to surprise you." Shinji laughed softly and looked away from Rei. "But I guess I ruined the surprise."

Walking up to the still swaying Shinji, she kneeled so she was eye level with him and placed her hands on his face to stop the swinging.

Brushing his hair away from his head, she smiled. "Thank you."

And she kissed him.

Once they were done kissing Shinji very reluctantly asked "Umm, Ayanami, can you untie me?"

Giggling, Rei hugged Shinji into her chest. "Maybe."