Title: Remember Me by Ringo-Gurl07

Sequel to A Special Birthday (You don't need to read that to understand this, It's pretty self explanatory.)

Setting: During season 2

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Chapter 1: A big Bump in the road


5 months had passed since Max had figured out she was pregnant.

"So, Alec. If it is a boy what do you want to name it?" Max asked Alec as they sat in bed watching T.V.

Surprised by the question, Alec stammered for the answer, "I.um.I would like Ben."

Max's face became a flurry of emotions.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" Alec hurriedly said wrapping his arms around the now sobbing Max.

"It's okay, I think I would like that too." She said smiling gently up at him.

"Okay, so what if it's a girl?" Alec asked her.


"Kylie? Why that?"

"I dunno, it's just a really pretty name."

"I agree, so, boy-Ben. Girl-Kylie. Sounds like we got it figured out."

"I love you." Max said suddenly.

Alec simply smiled and replied, "I love you too."

Ring, Ring, Ring.

Alec jumped up, answering the now ringing phone. "Hello."

"Yeah, she's here, just sec."


Logan had been working hard for months trying to find some "dirt" on Alec. He couldn't find anything that would be biblically bad. So, he went to plan B."


Max walked to the phone and took it from Alec.

"Go for Max."

"I guess some things never change."

She heard Logan's voice on the other end of the phone. "Hey, Logan. Long time no see, or talk."

"Yeah, Max. Do you think you could come over in a couple of hours. I have something I need to show you, alone."

"Okay, I'll clear it by Alec, and I'll be over in a while." She said before hanging up.

"What did he want?" Alec lazily asked sitting on the couch.

"He said he had something he needed to show me. I'm going to go shower and go over there."

Max stepped into the warm watered shower. She couldn't help but think about how things used to be.


"I guess it's a good thing we hooked up."


No, it was better now. Alec treated her so much better. He treated her like a goddess, whereas Logan would use her as a his personal cat burglar. She couldn't wait till she had Alec's baby. She could almost feel it moving.

She stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a blue fuzzy towel. She quickly changed and walked out of the bathroom.

"Have a good shower?" Alec asked from his position at the kitchen table.

"Yeah, actually I did." She said smiling to him.

She walked over to Alec and sat on his lap. Now, any X5 could handle this, but Alec just felt like picking on her. "OW! Maxie, you're to big to sit on my lap."

Max just slapped him on the shoulder and stood up. He followed suit. "Well, I gotta go if I'm going to get over to Logan's before nighttime. She smiled at him.

"Max, I love you so much."

"I know, and the feeling is mutual hon." She threw her arms around his neck and they kissed, soft at first, then each tongue trying to gain access to the other's mouth.

Alec reluctantly pulled away, "You, have to go see Logan."

Max sighed, "I know. I'll see you tonight, Love ya."

She reached for the door know and pulled it open, blowing a kiss at Alec.


Walking down the street, a beautiful brunette walked grimly. She wasn't looking forward to where she was going. She was going to see her ex- boyfriend for the first time in 5 months.


Once Max arrived at Logan's house it was creepily silent. She walked in the door and called out to him. Before she could call him a third time, something came up behind her and knocked her unconscious.


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