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A/N: Hello, all. This story takes place at the end of season four of Charmed, only Piper isn't pregnant. Cole had been vanished to the demon wasteland and the angel of destiny had offered the Charmed ones the chance to remove their magic, remember? Well, enjoy the story.


Phoebe lay in bed on a late Friday night, surrounded by the pillows that were also on her bed. The young witch had not been sleeping well, her mind too busy reflecting on everything that had happened lately.

Paige, the new member of the Charmed sisters, had not only joined them but had also moved in. That was not a problem for Phoebe, though. Although she missed Prue greatly, Phoebe cared for Paige and was more than delighted when they had found her.

Then there was the newest thing that had happened. The angel of destiny, the actual angel of destiny, had offered them the chance to change their lives; to end the rain of magic. However tempting the offer had been, the Charmed ones had respectfully declined.

A part of Phoebe had wanted to remain a witch yet another part wanted it all to end. It was not because she was tired or frustrated with being a witch, but because of him; Cole.

Cole had been Phoebe's husband; her true love. He was always there for her and the Charmed ones. Cole had been a real ally and a great friend. Then he turned evil. He turned truly evil and then the love between him and Phoebe no longer mattered, even though it was still there. Phoebe knew that her love for Cole would never fade, no matter how much she knew it should. Cole would always be a part of her, like it or not. Now his thoughts invaded her dreams, causing her to stay awake at night.

When Phoebe had finally drifted off about an hour later she immediately found herself in dream land. She knew where she was; she knew exactly. It was the demon waste land where Cole had been banished to. Phoebe would never forget such a place.

"Cole?" Phoebe called, her voice soft. "Cole? Where are you? I know you're here."

"You've always known me too well." Phoebe immediately sped around to see Cole standing behind her. "Hello, Phoebe."

"Cole," Phoebe breath.

"Phoebe..." Cole seemed to pant, reaching out to caress her cheek.

Phoebe accepted the display of emotion without hesitation. "I miss you," she whispered.

"I love you," Cole returned the whisper.

"No." Phoebe shook her head. "If you loved me you wouldn't have tried to hurt me. You wouldn't have married me, knowing what you could do to me and my sisters."

"It wasn't me," Cole said. "But it was at the same time. I loved you. At that time, though, I think I loved myself more." Phoebe flashed her eyes up at him. "All I could think about was the two of us becoming man and wife. Then it finally happened... and we were going to have a child." Phoebe looked away from him, having painful memories of that. "Phoebe, let's let it all go. Let's get out of here."

"No," Phoebe murmured. She looked up at him again. "We can't. I love you and that'll never change but I will never be able to trust you. I will never be able to be with you... the way that... we want to be together."

Cole leaned in to her ear and whispered, "But I can't let you go."

"You won't." Phoebe found herself wounding her arms around his neck. "Because I will always be with you, Cole. Now and for-" She gasped light as Cole ran his hand down her thigh. "No, no. Stop that."

"I want you," Cole said with passion.

"No... we can't," Phoebe felt obligated to say. "We just can't. Cole, please just..."

Cole interrupted her by pressing his lips against her neck and slowly kissing upward until he reached her cheek. Phoebe wanted, or, at least, needed to resist but she just couldn't. She worked her arms down his back, pulling her hand up the back of his shirt. She slowly pulled off his shirt and the two of them began to undress each other.

In the end Phoebe found Cole on top of her, him clutching her tightly as they exchanged their love for what might be the last time.

"Cole," Phoebe panted as Cole kissed all over her face. "Stop. We have to stop. W-we... I... I love you."

"Oh, God, Phoebe," Cole breathed on her.

Phoebe didn't resist any longer. She just couldn't. She knew that she loved Cole and no part of her wanted to let the moment they were sharing go.

Abruptly, Phoebe awoke with a startled gasp, her face and body covered in sweat. She glanced at the electronic clock, reading four a.m. Phoebe rested her head against one of her pillows and panted softly, unable to believe what she had just dreamed. However... was it really just a dream?

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