NOTE: If these Charmed characters were mine then I would change a lot about this current season but, sadly, I own none of these guys.

A/N: Hello, all. This story takes place at the end of season four of Charmed, only Piper isn't pregnant. Cole had been vanished to the demon wasteland and the angel of destiny had offered the Charmed ones the chance to remove their magic, remember? Well, enjoy the story.


A couple of days later Phoebe sat behind her desk at work, typing up her new column. She sighed deeply, removing her reading glasses. It was just so hard to concentrate on work for some reason. Phoebe just couldn't put her finger on why that was.

"Phoebe?" the witch glanced up and saw Elise. "You have another inbox of "Dear Phoebe" letters."

Phoebe moaned slightly. "Great..." she whispered.

"You OK?" Elise asked with concern.

"Yeah, it's just that..." Phoebe released a breath before going on. "I've just been really tired lately. It's hard to describe. Plus I haven't been feeling that way. Think it's the stomach flu."

"You really should see a doctor, Phoebe. Maybe you should finish the column from home."

Phoebe nodded as she stood. "Right. I'll, uh..." she groggily went pass Elise, going out the door. "I'll do that."

Piper stood behind the bar of P3, scrubbing away at the counter. Her hair had been pulled back into a ponytail and she wore a black skirt and an olive green top. She glanced up in time to see sparkling lights beaming down, making Leo come forth.

"We really have to go over this thing called doors," Piper said.

"Are you all right?" Leo asked her, using his usual worried voice.

"I really have to start charging for anyone who asks me that." Piper gave him a soft smile. "I'm fine. Completely fine. So I'm not pregnant this time. It's not the worse thing that has ever happened."

"You just seem so calm," Leo said.

"Because I am." Piper leaned over the counter and gave him a light kiss on the lips. "Really."

Leo smiled at her then changed his expression to strictly business. "The elders seem a little distressed."

"Drama queens," Piper muttered, going back to scrubbing the counter.

"I'm serious, Piper. Something has gone really wrong. It's something the elders don't even understand." Piper looked up at him seriously. "It's like something's gone... kind of out of balance."

Piper sat her rag down as she asked, "Like what?"

"Hard to say."

"Wait. This isn't one of those the world will end, the apocalypse is coming type things is it? Because I really think we can handle that," Piper said all too calmly.

"I don't know," Leo replied.

"You don't know?" his wife repeated.

"That's why the elders are so distressed," Leo said. "None of us has any idea what's going on."

"Oh..." It was Piper's turn to worry. "Not good."

Phoebe sat in the waiting room of the doctor's office, playing with her hands and listening to the phones ring a couple of hours later. Abruptly, the doctor that had examined her walked out, holding a clipboard.

Phoebe looked up at him, slightly started. "Oh, Dr. Port. Hi. H-how is everything?"

"Well, it's a simple explanation as to why you're suffering this strange stomach flu," he explained.

"Oh." Phoebe chuckled lightly. "So what's wrong, exactly?"

"Nothing." The doctor smiled brightly. "Congratulations, you're pregnant."

Phoebe sat stunned for a moment before abruptly collapsing onto her side onto the floor in a faint.