The Unruly Gryffindor

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A girl wearing a Hogwarts uniform with the Gryffindor patch on her

robes nervously twisted a strand of her light brown hair around her

finger. Her gray eyes, flecked with gold, studied the floor of

Professor Snape's office. Professor Snape sat behind his desk, his

arms folded over his chest, watching the nervous girl standing in

front of him with a look of disgust and disdain. "You Gryffindors are

all alike. No regard whatsoever for rules; thinking you are better

than anyone else, making you exempt from regulations." The girl

continued to look at the floor; how she hated Professor Snape! He was

so... mean. Almost cruel; and worse yet, he seemed to enjoy making


RAMSEY!" Snape shouted. She quickly looked up, not wanting to incur

more of his wrath than necessary. "Four times in the past week I have

found you in violation of the rules. I have taken points, reported

you to Professor McGonagall and given you various detentions. You are

been nothing but a disturbance and a nuisance since the school year

has started." Her temper flared; he was a teacher, he shouldn't be

able to call her names. "Maybe you're just prejudiced," she said

bravely. Snape quickly stood, his 6'2 frame towering over her 5 foot

frame, rage visible on his face. "ARE YOU TALKING BACK TO ME?" She

knew she had gone too far; as much as she tried not to, she felt

scared. "No sir," she whispered. "You are a sixth year student; you

should be beyond the point of breaking rules that you have known

since your arrival here. Entering the restricted section of the

library, being out of the school after dark without permission or

supervision, breaking into the kitchens at night, wandering the

corridors, breaking into the teachers lounge to name a few of your

many infractions. Frankly Miss Ramsey, you are not a good student and

certainly not an asset to this school; even that blasted Potter has

not broken as many rules as you have. Your involvement with the

Weasley twins and their endless pranks is disgraceful; another thing

that is disgraceful is your work in my class. You've melted almost as

many cauldrons as Longbottom and I have not received any of the

homework assignments I have given you since this year started three

months ago."

Professor Snape continued to rant and rave, but even when he made

false accusations, she didn't dare to say anything. He had never

lectured her this long before and was rather afraid he was going to

expel her. "I have decided that you are beyond the restrictions and

detentions that have previously been given, as they seem to have no

effect on you. I believe it is time to resort to something more

serious." She couldn't help but shudder at his dark statement,

accompanied by the look on his face. "Are you going to expel me

sir?" She asked softly, almost afraid of the answer. Snape stared at

her for a moment, enjoying watching her squirm under his harsh

gaze. "Unfortunately the headmaster does not think your antics are

harmful enough to warrant expulsion; if I had my way however, you'd

be on train this very moment." Her eyes grew wide; if she wasn't

expelled, what was he going to do? "The headmaster has given me

permission to use a somewhat outdated method to correct your childish

actions, and am sure that this will be much more unpleasant for you."

She started to shake; was he going to send her to Filch to be hung up

by her thumbs?

"Have you ever been spanked Miss Ramsey?" Her heart stopped; had

Snape seriously just asked her that question. "AN ANSWER MISS

RAMSEY!" he thundered. "No, sir," she whispered. Snape shook his

head. "I have a feeling I wouldn't see you in my office so often if

they had. Now I want you to turn around Miss Ramsey, and lean over

the desk." She started to panic. "You can't spank me sir!" A

malicious smirk appeared on Snape's face. "I can and I will Miss

Ramsey. Do not make this harder on yourself than it need be. Now do

as I asked." She stood there petrified, wanting to believe that this

was all some sort of horrible nightmare. "NOW!" Snape shouted. She

wanted to run, but she was stuck to the floor. "Fine, if you insist

upon acting like a child, than you shall be punished like a child,"

he growled. He grabbed her arm, pulling her over to him. Before she

could find her voice to protest, Snape sat in his straight backed,

armless desk chair and effortlessly pulled the petite girl over his


"Wait! Please don't! I swear I'll never do anything again, just let

me go!" "That time has passed Miss Ramsey; your pathetic cries for

mercy shall not save you," Snape told her as he wrapped his left arm

around her waist, securing her position over his lap. Her feet could

not touch the floor and her face was very close to the floor. She

felt Snape lift her robe out of the way and she began to struggle.

Snape's hold was too strong for her to get away; he raised his right

hand high and brought it down hard on her bottom, still covered by

her skirt. She gasped at the pain and tried harder to get away. Snape

swatted her again. "Ow!" she shouted. She tried to keep quiet as a

dozen hard, stinging swats landed on her bottom, but was not able to

keep from yelling. Snape stopped after the first dozen swats and

lifted her skirt. Her face blushed dark red as she felt him lift her

skirt; he could see her panties. Snape almost chuckled at her

panties, which were covered with little teddy bears. "Please

Professor, don't do that! Don't spank me anymore!" Snape landed a

hard swat right on her sit spot and she howled. "Who is the teacher

here?" When he received no answer, he landed a flurry of five extra

hard spanks on her sit spot. "Answer me!" he demanded. "You are," she

said, sniffling. "That is correct; I will decide when the punishment

is over young lady!" He started spanking her again in earnest. "Owy!

Please stop! It hurts!" "It is supposed to hurt young lady," Snape

told her as he continued. She couldn't believe how much her bottom

hurt! It felt like he had been spanking her forever, branding her

with a hot iron. She wriggled, desperately trying to get away from

his large, punishing hand. She never knew that Snape was so strong!

She wondered if she'd ever be able to sit again!

Snape continued to spank her tiny bottom, which was almost completely

covered by his hand, as she started to cry. He held her tighter as

she wiggled and struggled; obviously, despite the tears, she had not

yet learned her lesson. "You jerk! I'm going to sue!" she yelled.

She gasped as she suddenly felt his finger inside the waist band of

her panties. "You can't do that!" she begged. "Don't!" Her most hated

Professor was going to spank her bare bottom! "I gave you the

opportunity to be paddled over your uniform like the almost adult

that you are; you refused and I told you that you would be punished

like a child and that is exactly what I intend to do. You have been a

naughty little girl and I am going to teach you exactly what happens

to naughty girls!" He again started to spank her now pink bottom,

making these spanks much harder than those before. She screamed and

howled in pain, kicking her legs. When her bottom was a bright cherry

red all over, he began to concentrate on her sit spot. "Will you be

breaking into the kitchens Tatyana Rose?" "No," she replied through

her tears. "Will you be involved in anymore pranks, Tatyana Rose?"

Again, she answered him through her wails. "Will you hand in your

homework Tatyana Rose?" "Yes," she answered pitifully. "Will you obey

all rules, Tatyana Rose?" This time Tatyana didn't answer; she had

stopped kicking and wriggling and was lying across his lap, crying

her heart out. With a finally volley of hard spanks to her sore

bottom, Snape ended the spanking. Tatyana lay across his lap,

sobbing, hardly even aware that the spanking had stopped. After a few

minutes, her sobs began to subside. Snape gently turned her over and

kissed her. He wrapped his arms around her, kissing her passionately.

Tatyana kissed him back as he stood up and carried her towards his


The next morning, Tatyana rolled over onto her bottom and winced,

waking from the still lingering sting. Severus Snape chuckled and

kissed her. "Good morning love," he said. She smiled contentedly and

rubbed her hand on his muscular chest. "Severus, you are amazing,"

she told him. "You just love me because I spank your cute arse," he

replied, pretending to be hurt. She wrapped her arms around him and

kissed him. "That's one of the reasons I love, but certainly not the

only one. And don't you dare tell me you don't enjoy wailing on my

ass." He smiled at her. "I do and you know it Ana. But I can also

think of something else I enjoy." Tatyana smiled and kissed him. "I

know darling and I enjoy that too, but I have to get dressed and go."

Severus frowned. "Why?" Tatyana giggled at the look on his face. "The

first year Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws are expecting me to teach them

their Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson in ten minutes." "Those

insufferable brats are always ruining things," he complained. She

kissed him as she crawled out of his bed. "I know darling, but

Dumbledore hired me to teach so I must if I want to keep my

job." "Alright, if you have to go, than go. But expect a spanking

when you get home tonight!" Her eyes sparkled with

excitement. "Promise?" she asked. "Not even Voldemort could talk me

out of it," he assured her. "Shall I be the naughty Gryffindor

again?" He shook his head. "I was hoping for the naughty patient."

She raised an eyebrow. "But you're a Professor, not a doctor," she

pointed out. "Are you questioning my abilities? That'll be extra with

the hairbrush for you tonight!" Snape retorted, a fake stern look on

his face. Tatyana giggled. "Alright, you talked me into it! Naughty

little patient it is, Professor Doctor Sir." She finished dressing

and headed for the door. "Did you want me to heal your arse before

you go?" Severus asked. Tatyana shook her head. "This way, I'll think

of you all day-every time I sit down." She blew him a kiss and left

the room, heading for her classroom. She arrived barely two minutes

before her students and fought the urge to wince as she sat at her

desk. She smiled to herself in spite of the stinging; she couldn't

wait until tonight!