Author's Note: This Twinsfic was originally written as a Christmas gift to all of my awesome readers, friends and reviewers in 2003. Each Monday of December, on up until Christmas Eve, I added several chapters to it (either two or three), and on Christmas Eve I published the remaining chapters.

And in case you wonder, the Twins are adults in this story like they are in Reloaded. Just thought I'd put that here in case some of you get confused as to what age they are.

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December, the time of year when people gather together to spend time with family and friends, shop for gifts, decorate trees with lights, tinsel and other lovely decorations. A time to watch traditional movies and sing favorite songs such as Silent Night and Deck the Halls. A beautiful holiday filled with warmth, caring, love, family, and all of those good things as well as the celebration of the birth of Christ. The time when snow usually falls and children participate in such outdoor activities like building snowmen, snowball fights, and snow forts. All over the world people know of Christmas whether if they celebrate it or not. Every year thousands all over celebrate it in their own special ways, depending on the culture and country. But wonder if there is someone out there who has never even heard of Christmas? Doesn't know that Christmas exists? Scary thought, isn't it? There is such a story that is true. Sit back, relax, and I'll tell it to you.

From what I remember it goes something like this:

"One." Two shouted coming into the room where his twin brother was busy leaning over a table putting together a model of a fancy looking old Cadillac.

"What is it?" One answered, not bothering to look up from what he was doing.

"What is Christmas?"

One looked up.


"Yeah, Christmas."

"I haven't the faintest idea. Why do you ask?" One turned his attention back to his model. The room went silent for awhile. All that could be heard was the crackle of the fire in the nearby fireplace.

"I was looking through some of the books in the Merovingian's library and came across this one stuffed in the very back on one of the bottom shelves." Two handed the small book to One. One looked up from his car then took the book in his hands and began flipping through it, stopping occasionally to read a piece of it.

"The Night before Christmas?" One muttered aloud.

He continued to flip more pages.

"It's just a child's nursery rhyme book, Two. That's all it is." One quickly let the remaining pages flip then handed it back to Two. "Something you read a child before going to bed. Wonder what the Mero is doing with something like that anyway." One picked up a fender and placed it up to his car to see how it looked and fit before gluing it in place. Two wasn't convinced, however.

"But look at all the neat pictures in it, One. Why is this tree decorated like it is? And why is it in someone's living room?"

"How should I know? Besides it's just fantasy. It's what they call make-believe. Something that has to do with, um, you know the imagination." One gestured with his hand while trying to concentrate on his work at the same time.

Two looked over the book he held, flipping several of the pages and looking over the black and white photos in it.

"I'll go ask the Merovingian. Maybe he'll know." Two got up from the chair he had been sitting in and started toward the door.

"I dunno if I'd do that or not." One struggled with a piece of his model.


"The Mero hasn't been in too good a mood this week, in case you haven't noticed."

"Oh, that's right." Two again looked at the book he held as he thought for awhile. The Merovingian was usually the calm and reasonable type, but he had been in a terribly grouchy mood all that week for some unknown reason and had tried finding every excuse he could to yell at the Twins and everyone else around him, including his wife. More than once, he had called the Twins into his study and yelled at them for a good hour or so until they had about forgotten what it was he was yelling at them about. Two hated being called to the Mero's study. When he called them, it usually meant that they were in trouble and were about to get punished. Living with the Mero one never knew if that punishment was going to be getting yelled at in French for two hours or something else worse.

"I'll take my chances." Two finally said.

"I pity you then." One said over his shoulder.

"You can stand by with the phone ready to call 911 if it'll make you feel any better." Two snickered.

"Ha! With the mood the Mero's been in this week, it'd be more like the morgue I'd be calling." One grinned.

"We'll see." Two walked out of the room and down the hall.

Two stopped outside the study room door, trying to gather enough courage to knock. His hands felt sweaty and so did his pale face. He swallowed and looked around. Maybe one of the other henchmen would walk up and go in with him. He raised his fist and quickly knocked on the oak door. Maybe the Mero wouldn't be in; maybe he'd be in another part of the chateau or better, at his restaurant.

"Yes!" The angry voice of the Merovingian roared from inside. Two quickly grabbed hold of the doorknob and turned it.

"Yes? What is it?" the Mero asked as Two stepped in.

"I wish to ask you something." Two's voice was about to go dry.

"Well come in and shut the door."

Two closed the door behind him and walked over to a chair beside the lit fireplace. The Mero's study would have been a nice place to be if it weren't for the thought of punishment being given every time you entered it.

"Sit down and ask what you wanted to ask." The Mero growled. Two seated himself in the plump chair, careful to watch that his long coat didn't drag on the hearth. Two stared into the fire for a few minutes.

"Well!" the agitated voice of the Mero snapped Two back. "What did you want?"

"Sir," Two began, swallowing nervously. "I wanted to ask you," Two's voice was lost. His eyes went down to the Mero's fingers tapping impatiently on the desk.

"Ask me what? Speak up!"

"Ask you what Christmas is." Two quickly got out. The Mero's eyes widened and Two cowered in his chair. He knew he was dead. If the Mero hadn't killed him before now, he was certain that he'd do it in the next few seconds. The Mero, dressed in his rich house robe, got up from his fancy chair and walked toward Two. Two knew a slap across the face was coming. He braced every muscle in his face for the painful blow he knew too well. First the Mero always took off the shades then he'd raise his hand up and slap as hard as he could and warned them against phasing out until the pain went away. He wanted them to feel and remember it.

"What did you just say?" the tall dark figure of the Merovingian towered over Two.

"I-I want to know what Christmas is." Two held up the book. The Mero snatched it from Two's hand and started flipping through it. Two did all he could to keep from whimpering and crying like a scared child as the Mero thumbed through the book in silence.

"I see that you've been in my library again." The Mero said at last. Two nodded. "And where did you find this book at?"

"It was hidden on a bottom shelf, in the back of some other books." Two's nose twitched nervously.

"I see." The Mero mused. The room grew silent again with the sound of the Mero slamming the book shut being the only noise. Two didn't dare say anything.

"Why do you wish to know about Christmas?" The Mero finally said, turning to Two again after walking around the room.

"I just do." Two answered.

"I don't think you need to know." The Mero quickly said.


"Two" The Mero's faced turned into one that told Two he'd better shut up.

"But I want to know! Is it so bad that you can't tell me?"

"Two, I'm giving you about three seconds to get out of here."

Two got up and started walking toward the door. He turned back to the Mero and opened his mouth to say something else.

"Un" the Mero counted in French.

Two opened the door.

"But why can't you tell me what it is?" Two softly said.

"Deux" The Mero continued.

"Please?" Two grinned.

"Get out of here!" The Mero lifted the book he held. Two ran out into the hall, the Mero throwing the book behind him with enough force to reach out into the hall and hit Two in the back. The door slammed shut, shaking the walls. Two covered his head, thinking the ceiling would cave in.

"And don't you ever mention the word 'Christmas' in my presence again!" The Mero shouted from inside. A picture of the Eiffel Tower fell off of the wall from the impact of the slammed door and made Two jump when it hit the floor. He looked down at the book lying at his feet. He sighed and picked it up.

"You still alive?" One looked up when Two came into the room and threw himself down in a chair opposite from him.

"Yeah." Two sighed.

"I heard the Mero and the door slamming."

"All the way up here!"

"Uh huh." One looked over what he had finished on his model. "So, did you find out what Christmas is?"


Long silence.


"We aren't supposed to mention the word in the Mero's presence." Two stared at the book lying on his lap.


"I dunno. You know Mero. He said he didn't think I needed to know what it is, then he got mad and told me to get out. After that he threw the book at me and slammed the door."

One shook his head. More silence followed the conversation.

"It's snowing again." Two whispered, looking out the window across the room. He turned and looked at the Christmas book again. Picking it up he began reading the first page. As he continued reading, he got all the more interested and curious to know what Christmas was.

"Sounds like Christmas is a holiday of some kind." He muttered to no one in particular.

"Maybe Persephone would know." One suggested.

"Yeah! That's a good idea." Two got up from his chair. "I'll go ask her right now. Care to come?"

"Sure. Why not." One placed the piece of the car he held down on the table and walked toward Two.