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Summary: Right after Buffy finds out Spike has a soul, and he got uncrazy the whole demon world makes it know to him that he isn't welcome back.

Spike jabbed hard at one of the demon's head, causing it to crash into a nearby tombstone. Two others jumped him from behind, punching Spike in the eyes and sending him flying a few feet back. "Blood gits. What the heck I'd ever done to you!" He exclaimed, already knowing the answer.

One of the demons swung and said, "Slayer's got you twisted around her little finger. Killin' your own. Disgraceful."

Spike smiled the punched the demon hard in the face. "Doesn't really matter to me Olak. Whatever helps me sleep at night..."

Then one of the demons stopped.

"He went and got a bloody soul!" Spike shifted uncomfortably in the older demon's gaze.

"What of it?" Oh crap he was gonna be the talk of the underworld now.

"This!" The demon punched him hard in the ribs, sending him backwards.

Spike stood up quickly trying to ignore the pain in his ribs.

Olak laughed. "Thats enough for tonight boys." To Spike he said, "We'll see you again William."

Laughing he walked off with his demon's behind him.

Spike stood and dusted himself off.

Man, this was gonna be harder than he thought.


The next day as he slept be heard someone's footsteps in closet. "Stupid Harris. Could wake the whole underworld making noise like that." His door opened and artificial light streamed in.

He sniffed. Buffy.

"Ever heard of knocking love?" He asked, pulling the sheets up to his chest; he didn't wanna be the one of her little Spike pity parties.

"Do you want to go patrolling tonight?" She asked, leaning casually against the door frame, switching on the light causing him to blink.


Making sure his chest was out of sight he said, "Need some help? Gettin' a little soft?" He joked. Buffy chuckled then shut the door.

Before Spike knew what was happening, he was on the floor in his boxers.

Trying to be nonchalant, he wrapped his arms around his torso.

"Good thing I had my boxers on love. Normal I sleep n-"

She held up her hand. "I don't wanna know Spike."

Then she saw him with his arms around his chest. He normally was shy or modest, why now?

"Spike is something wrong?" She asked, eyeing him suspiously.

"No, why love?"

"Thats quite a shiner you got there."

Crap. He forgot about the eye.

"Had a few vampires last night."

Buffy rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah whatever. When you wanna be honest lemme know ok?" Spike forced a smile.

"See you tonight." She said, turning off the light and shutting the door.

"Yeah, tonight."

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