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Chapter One

Unnecessary Stress

The picture depicted a life that Jessie Burlingame didn't recognize anymore. The still photo showed the girl that she had once been, laughing in a park with people she had once known at a joke she had once heard in a life she had once led. As she stared at the framed picture for perhaps the hundredth time that afternoon -as she stared at it every morning when she got ready and every night before she went to bed- Jessie wondered where her idealistic picture perfect life had vanished off to. Though, that question was more rhetorical then anything for she knew exactly where her life had split and turned her into the stony, armored woman that she was now: the ill-fated camping trip she had taken with her now late friends. The same friends that she had watch get slaughtered, killed because she was selfish enough to let her friends baby her and whisk her away to the West Virginia woods to begin a "healing" process.

As hard as it was to believe, Jessie forced herself to believe that one good thing had stemmed from the horrible expedition; not that she was the sort of girl that believed in the silver-lining bullshit but this was one lining impossible to ignore. That lining would be none of then Chris Flynn, doctor and life-saving hero; her boyfriend since that horrid trip, the man she had fallen in love with the very day she had sworn off love for the rest of her life. Chris Flynn, her very own knight in shining armor.

Taking her thoughts away from the woods and what had happened there (as she always referred to it), Jessie turned back to the task of drying and styling her hair. She rarely spent more then ten minutes on her hair except for on special occasions, which validated why she had suddenly become her own personal hairdresser.

Jessie had rarely dated a guy for more then two months and, in turn, had forgotten the horrifying ritual that came about after the fifth month: the much dreaded meet the parents dinner. And it was that dinner that had her slaving over her hair and slightly tripping down memory line.

For a good three weeks, Ms. Molly Burlingame, good but overbearing mother to Jessie and her two siblings, had been pressing her eldest daughter to bring the new love of her life to the Burlingame residence for approval. Jessie had finally relented and agreed to bring Christ to meet her parents, brother and sister, simply to get the whole thing over with. It didn't matter to her whether her family liked Chris; however, she seemed to be stressing a great deal over something she pretended not to care about.

It seemed that she was the only one worried about the impending dinner. Chris, who had gotten dressed just as he always did, was sitting in the living room waiting for her to come to her sense so they could leave.

Jessie paused and studied her reflection in the foggy mirror and frowned; for all her primping and fussing she looked the same as she always did. And who was she really dressing up for? Her parents, her siblings, Chris? They had all seen her at her best and worst, so what was she so worked up about? Perhaps it was the fact that her mother had made sure that her older brother, Jacob, who lived about four hours away would be at the dinner that night. But then again, it was just her teddy bear big brother, not the president.

With a decisive sigh, she clicked off the hair dryer, tossed her towel away and slipped into her favorite pair of blue jeans and the red top Carly had given her for her birthday two years ago, deciding against the strapless dress she had originally chosen. With a final glance at her reflection, Jessie shut off the bathroom light and stepped out of the humid room.

The apartment she and Chris had shared for the past two months was small, which made for a quick journey from the bathroom, through the bedroom it was connected to and into the living room, where Chris was studying one his medical texts instead of channel surfing. "All right, I'm finally ready." Jessie remarked, wondering what Chris would say about her appearance after she had holed up in the bathroom for almost an hour.

Chris turned around to face her, a smile flickering upon his face. "You look beautiful." He told her, setting his book aside and standing. He cupped her head in his hand when he reached her and gently kissed her lips, lightly brushing aside a lock of her still wet hair. "I don't know why you were so worried about getting ready." Chris remarked, a question she had asked herself only minutes earlier.

Jessie shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know, I guess it's because you're the first boy I've ever brought home to my parents. I just want to make sure everything is perfect." She answered, feeling slightly foolish and not quite sure why. She did want everything to be perfect, but did she really think feathered hair and a velvet dress would do that?

"Don't worry, Jess, I'm sure that your parents won't find a flaw about me." Chris assured her, not sounding the least bit cocky or egotistical. "After all, if you've never brought another boyfriend home, then they'll have nothing to compare me to." Jessie rolled her eyes and gamely punched him in the arm.

"Ha, funny. We've wasted enough time, let's get going." Jessie commanded, treading her arm with Chris' and headed toward the front door with her boyfriend in tow.

* * *

Jessie and Chris' apartment lay on the outskirts of the city of Raleigh, where they had moved five months ago (after what happened in the woods Jessie reminded herself) when Dr. Tyler Keller had excepted Chris into his medical office. Apartments closer to the country were cheaper then those in the city, but Jessie still hadn't been too happy about the location, for it was closer to the Appalachian woods then she would have liked. Living in Raleigh was too close to what had happened five months ago, but she had wanted to be with Chris and the position at Dr. Keller's was one of the best. She had grown up in Raleigh, where her parents still lived and she had often gone camping with her brother and father and it had been one of her favorite past times. Now she couldn't even stand to hear the word 'camping.' Oh, the irony of the world. Jessie thought to herself as she sat silently in the passenger seat, watching the city zip by.

The drive to the Burlingame residence was a short one, barely giving her the chance to brief Chris about her families strange traits and quirks. "My brother, Jacob, is really protective of me and he hates being called Jake, or Jakey, or anything other then Jacob. I'm still my father's little girl even though he has my sister to fawn over and he's where Jacob gets his protectiveness from. He's also an ex-military officer so be prepared for war stories." Jessie paused to look over at Chris, who nodded to show that he was listening.

"My mother is really sweet but be ready for the three-degree, but you should past her third degree rather quickly since you're a doctor. My little sister Sadie will be the person to give you the least amount of trouble; we're ten years apart so she always looked up to me, so she'll know right away that you're a good guy if I say you are." She continued, feeling a soft spot for everyone in her family as she spoke about them. Especially, her sister Sadie, whom she had always gotten along with the best despite their drastic age difference; she had always been the sort of sister that loved having a shadow and only wished that she and Sadie were closer in age.

Chris smiled slightly at her once more. "I'll be sure to remember everything." He remarked, making it clear that he still thought she was over-reacting. "Everything will be just fine, Jessie, trust me." His blue eyes were full of promise and assurance, which instantly made her feel much better.

"One last thing," Jessie began, the last topic suddenly dawning upon her. "If my mom or dad ask about what happened in the woods, just tell them that a bunch of rednecks were bothering my friends and I, and they got a little out of hand and killed Carly and everyone and would have killed me if you hadn't come along. That's what I've always told them."

Chris' smile disappeared slightly, hearing the pain in Jessie's voice as she spoke about the incidents in the woods five months ago; making up a fictional story to soften the events obviously didn't have the same affect on his girlfriend. He doubted anything could ever take away the pain and terror of what had happened five months ago, though he was going to try his hardest to make sure that nothing like that ever happened again to Jessie. "Got it." He said, feeling as though he was playing a false hero's role that Jessie always gave to him. She was just as much a hero as he was, but she never gave herself credit.

Following Jessie's directions, Chris soon navigated his car into the driveway of the Burlingame residence. Even before Chris and Jessie had stepped out of the car, the front door had been flung open and a teenager, whom Chris assumed to be Sadie, came rushing from the house, a smile upon her face. She looked like her older sister, though her looks were as dignified as Jessie's; Sadie had much lighter hair and a skinner face, with lips not as full as her sister's. However, it was clear that Sadie and Jessie were just what they claimed to be.

A smile spread upon Jessie's face as she saw her sister, hurrying out of the car to embrace the teenager, who was just as happy to see the brunette. "I was waiting when you two would show up, you're late you know." Sadie remarked when the embrace was broken.

"That's because your sister had to spend an hour in the bathroom getting ready, only to decide to wear her hair wet and a pair of blue jeans." Chris remarked as he crossed over to Jessie's side, a welcoming smile upon his face for the youngest Burlingame.

Jessie shot him a loving look before making introductions. "Sadie, this is Chris Flynn, Chris, this is Sadie." The two said their pleasantries, Chris even going as far as to shake Sadie's hand, before they were joined by the three other residents.

Molly Burlingame greeted her daughter's new boyfriend warmly, urging her son to do the same. James Burlingame shook Chris' hand roughing before looking the man upon and down. "So, Chris, you're a doctor I hear?" He questioned, the integration officially having begun.

"Yes, sir." Chris answered as he followed James up the driveway, letting the Burlingame sisters take up the rear of the procession. "Well, this is going to be a fun evening." Jessie mumbled to her sister, who simply giggled slightly.


So, there's the first chapter, I hope it was enjoyable. There's another chapter following this to get the ball rolling so please read that one as well. Did you know that Jessie Burlingame was named after the character in the Stephen King novel Gerald's Game? I'm reading it right now, so I just thought that would be an interesting tidbit for my readers.