Somethings In This World Just Don't Make Sense

Chapter 7

Margaret stared at the ceiling, the events of the day raced through. She heard the rustle of Malfoy in the hospital bed next to her. Oh, how she hated him.She turned over to look at him clearly. He was laying faceing her as well, eyes open burning into hers. She was startled and turned back to staring up at the ceiling.

Those eyes were so hot. She shook her head. Did she just think that? She peered back over to him. He had turned over. She looked back up to the Malfoy. Malfoy?!

"Mal-" he covered her mouth with his hand. She glared at him and he just smiled. She shook his hand off her mouth. She was so angry.

"You know I can call Madam Pomfrey and she'll punish you for doing this!?" She whispered to the blonde boy sitting over her. He shook his head lightly.

"You underesitmate me." she turned her head as he leaned in so close that she could feel the warmth of his breath on her cheek. He didn't stop there, he kept leaning until his lips brushed ever-so-lightly across her cheek. I wanna kiss you, she thought. No, she couldn't of thought that could she?

"Malfoy, I," she muttered into his ear. He lifted his head enough for her to turn and look into the icey blue eyes that she dispised, but did she truely?

"You what?" he whispered to her in the darkness.

"I can't do this, Malfoy, I love Ron." she pleaded. He laughed for a moment then seized his opportunity. He kissed her. Right then and there. She was suprised, not at the fact that he'd kissed her, but at the fact she enjoyed it.

She didn't want to in her heart but she kissed him back and wrapped her arms around him. Stop it! a voice in her head screamed. But she didn't she just kept kissing him. He rolled her over so that she was now laying on him. He wrapped his arms around her and they kept kissing. She thought so many different things, she was worried that her body and her mind weren't working together.

When they finally released Malfoy smiled.

"No wonder he likes you so much." he smiled up at her. She was so confused. She was so tired as well. Without thinking, she laid her head down on to Malfoy's chest. She was so comfortable in his arms. She closed her eyes then opened them so fast they might have popped out if they weren't attached. She couldn't love him, not while she loved Ron.

She pushed out of Malfoy's grasp and fell off the bed with a thump. She stood up and shoved Malfoy off her bed. He hit the floor and stood quickly. He pulled her into him and kissed her again. She almost fell, limply, in his arms, if it hadn't of been for the rush of emotions that were flooding her mind.

She pushed him off her and shoved him into his own bed. She took the few seconds advantage to grabb her wand off of the nightstand and point it straight at him. He back down and laid in his bed, afraid of what she might do. She was breathing hard and she lowered her wand slowly. She placed it on the nightstand and laid back down, pulling the covers around her, glaring at the boy in the bed next to her.