Title: Liberation Prologue

Author: Sorceress Fantasia

Pairings: H+2, 3x4, and eventual 1+2

Warnings: AU, OC, some OOC-ness

Archives: Lev's Lair



Disclaimers: That day I went to the store counter in wherever Santa shops and asked for the GW boys. But when the clerk came back after searching their stocks, she told me that the GW boys had already been bought up. So, sadly, I do not own any of the GW boys or the anime. I do, however, own Vespera.

"Why the surprised face? Don't wanna see me?"

The boy's eyes widened in shock and his jaws went slack. Suddenly, he felt that things were a little too much to bear that he took a few involuntary steps backwards. Feeling a wooden frame with the back of his knees, he slumped down onto his bed. Slapping a hand over his forehead, he knew for sure then that he was not dreaming. Or daydreaming, for that matter. Finally, he just sighed.

The girl, seemingly unaware of the impact she had made, cocked her head at the strange response.

In the dark room, the only source of light came from the silver celestial wheel, seeping in through the open window. The girl sat on the only desk in the room, with her back to the window from which she had entered. Moonlight shone down on her slender form, forming a halo around her silhouette in all its holiness. Her moon-kissed locks were a light shade of chestnut with streaks of gold, falling in waves all around her like a shroud. And her endless pools of violets sparkled in the darkness, hinting at an intelligence surpassing her age.

After a long drawn out moment, the boy regained a little of his composure enough to ask, "You… you… Why?" Words clamoured at his throat, unwilling to get out. He knew that she was always there, but never had her presence been so keenly felt.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" the girl teased, leaning forward as though she was taunting him. A gust of cold wind blew into the room from the opened window, and the curtains to fluttered lightly in the air. Through amused eyes, she continued to gaze intently at him. As she waited for some response, she twisted a soft curl of her chestnut hair around a finger absently.

Duo Maxwell had never believed that he could be this shocked. For the first time in his entire being, he found himself lost in the labyrinth of vocabulary.

She had descended.