Title: Liberation Epilogue

Author: Sorceress Fantasia

Pairings: H+2, 3x4, and eventual 1x2

Warnings: AU, OC, some OOC-ness

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Disclaimers: That day I went to the store counter in wherever Santa shops and asked for the GW boys. But when the clerk came back after searching their stocks, she told me that the GW boys had already been bought up. So, sadly, I do not own any of the GW boys or the anime. I do, however, own Vespera.

Duo woke up, his eyes fluttering open slowly. For a moment, he wondered just where was he and why was he feeling so warm. Then he felt the steady rise and fall of Heero's chest under his head, and he smiled. It had already been three magical months since they got together, and still he was unused to the pampering Heero gave him. By now, their fellow pilots had already gotten used to the idea of them as a couple and had no qualms about telling them that. In fact, when Quatre first found out, he congratulated them so much Duo almost regretted slightly that they had told him at all.

Looking up, Duo saw that Heero was still asleep. Even so, his hands were wrapped possessively around him. Smiling, Duo recalled last night's loving. It was always so tender, so sweet and wonderful. Just like their first time.

Duo peered at the tube of lubricant on the little table beside his bed. It was almost empty, their second in a month. 'I can't believe we've used so much already… But it just feels so right…' he mused, blushing when he recalled just how 'right' it felt when Heero pinned him to his bed and had his wicked way with him. No matter how many times they did it, they still couldn't have enough of one another.

Suddenly, his thoughts returned to the one person to whom he owed his current happiness. 'Vespera. Where are you now?'

"Thinking about Ves?"

Duo looked up to his koi. "Did I wake you up?"

"No. I woke up myself," Heero replied. "Thinking of Ves?"

The American pilot sighed. "I just can't believe that it's already been three months since she left. I can't bear the thought of her wandering alone. I did promise to go with her, you know?"

Heero pressed a light kiss to his forehead. "Don't worry about her. Didn't she say that she was going to go look for a lover too? You'd only get in the way of that. Besides, she's a goddess; she'll be able to take care of herself."

"I hope so…" Then his expression turned playful. "I think we should get ourselves ready for breakfast. It's already nine." He pointed to the clock. "If we don't get to the kitchen soon, Quatre will be barging in here to look for us."

Heero laughed, remembering the last time that happened. Quatre had flushed a shade of red from head to toe, and remained so whenever he saw either of them for the rest of the day.


When they reached the kitchen, they noticed that Quatre and Trowa were already there.

"Morning, Duo! Morning to you too, Heero," Quatre chirped.

Trowa greeted them as well. "Morning, you two."

Duo replied gleefully, "Morning, lovebirds!" Then he slid into a comfortable seat beside Heero.

Trowa and Quatre just gave each other a loving look.

Duo grinned, almost envious of the relationship his two friends shared. But he felt that envy dissipate when Heero grabbed his waist possessively, and he remembered that had had a loving relationship with his lover too. Actually, he hadn't expected Heero to be open about their relationship initially, given Heero's track records of being secretive, but whatever Vespera had said to him seemed to have changed him a great deal.

"Where's Wufei?" he asked suddenly, finally noticing the Chinese boy's absence.

"He's on a mission, remember? He just emailed us last night saying that he will be returning today," Quatre answered, sipping at his earl grey tea.

"Oh yeah… Can't believe I forgot about that," Duo said. But it was difficult to remember anything when Heero was kissing him deeply.

Just then, a familiar voice rang out as the door flew open. "I'm back!" Wufei called out.

"Hey, you're back! Perfect timing too." Duo commented, among the greetings of the other pilots. Then his eyes nearly popped out when he saw the girl trailing behind their Chinese friend. He quickly turned to look at his lover, but when he saw his wide eyes, he knew that he wasn't dreaming.

"I'll introduce all of you to Vespera. She's an assistant of Doctor G, but due to some special circumstances, she's going to stay with us for a while before I send her back," Wufei said. "Vespera, that blonde is Quatre and the one beside him is Trowa. The one with the braid and gaping mouth is Duo, and the last one is Heero."

She nodded. "I know that. Doctor G has showed me their photos before." Then she turned to the rest of them. "Hi, I'm Vespera, but you can call me Ves or Vessie. Like Wufei said, I'm Doctor G's assistant, but he's sent me here to help."

"If that's what the Doctors say…" Quatre smiled, albeit having a strange feeling about the whole thing. "Welcome."

Trowa nodded.

"Nice to meet you too," she replied with a smile.


Once breakfast was over, and everyone had retreated to their own respective rooms, Duo promptly dragged his sister into his room. Heero just followed quietly behind them.

Closing the door, Duo stared at her. "Care to explain what's going on now? I thought you said you were going to roam the world and find yourself a hubby like me?"

She shrugged. "I did."

"So why are you here? And as G's assistant?"

"Well, I was wandering around, and then I met Wufei in China. I thought he was pretty cute, so I followed him. Of course, I just made up this little spell so everyone will think that I *am* G's assistant," she replied. "I'll admit that I'm not good enough to help you guys by piloting a gundam, but I do pretty well for hand to hand combat. I just thought that this would be a good opportunity to be around you guys for a while. It's not like I can just come into your current safehouse and tell the other pilots that I'm here to visit my brother and his lover."

Duo narrowed his eyes. "Anything else? Any other reason?"

"Well…" She sniggered, her expression a carbon image of Duo when he was full out in 'angelic mode'. "I did say that Wufei is pretty cute… And since you don't want him, I thought I'd give him a chance."

Duo blinked. "Are you kidding?"

"I run, I hide, but I never lie," she replied laughingly. "In fact, I think I'll go bother him a little now." And then she was out of the room.

"What do you think? Think it'll work?" Duo turned to his lover, his voice a mixture of amusement and worry.

"Maybe?" Heero offered uncertainly.

"I think I'll go check up on them…" The braided boy ran out of the room as well.

Heero looked at the door for a moment, unsure of what to do. After all, he was worried about Vespera too, having thought of the girl as a good friend and a sister. But he knew Wufei was definitely trustworthy, if he ever decided that he was interested in her. Still, Duo, being the fussing elder brother that he was, would probably not see that. Heero could already imagine the ruckus the twins were creating.

Then he smiled, shaking his head, and walked out of his room. He had better go rescue Wufei.

~ Owari ~

Sorceress Fantasia @ July 2000

Last revised 27th November 2003