Lizzie stared ahead of her, then quickly went back into the room. Gordo was still in the same position, but there was a bizarre look on his pale face.
"Gordo," Roberta stated softly.
His face was a mask of confusion and astonishment. Lizzie reached out and grabbed his hand.
"T-they've found a match," he stated softly, his eyes raking around the room.
"They have? That's wonderful!" His mother exclaimed.
"It's her," he stated softly, his eyes landing on Kate. "She's a match."
All eyes shot around the room, until they landed on the cheerleader. Lizzie felt her jaw drop. Kate Sanders was his bone marrow match. Kate was Gordo's chance at survival.
Somehow everything was explained, Kate had gotten tested when she had learned about his disease. She was discovered to be a match. His doctors were ready to move and to move fast. When Gordo finished explaining it, he looked over at his parents. "They're ready to go over the paperwork with us now, if Kate can call in her parents."
Once again, the room was cleared, Lizzie tried to wait in the waiting room, but she couldn't do it. She so familiarly wound up outside the hospital.
"Lizzie?" Miranda called.
Lizzie looked up at her, her expression dazed. "Kate is his match. The girl who absolutely hates us, is the one who can save his life."
"Well, she doesn't hate us that much if she was willing to get tested."
"I just don't know what to think about all of this. This isn't how Kate has since camp," Lizzie exclaimed. "Well, she did help you out in Rome," Miranda replied.
"I know, but it doesn't seem possible. It's like a miracle," Lizzie stated.
Miranda smiled. "A Christmas miracle."
The next weeks were spent at the hospital, after the transplant Gordo went through a brief isolation period, but by Christmas Eve he was allowed visitors. Lizzie took a deep breath and pushed open the door, his parents had just left the room and he was now alone.
She stepped through and peered around the corner Restless as he usually was, he was toying with the switches on the side of his bed, raising his head, then lowering it, and raising his feet.
"You're going to wind up squishing yourself," she laughed.
"Hi," he smiled.
She returned the smiled and walked over and sat down on the bed, picking up his hand. His skin was nearly translucent, the veins in his skin showed up like an intricate map. His unruly curly hair was noticeably thinner from the previous chemo.
"How you doing?" she asked softly.
"I can't complain," he answered, finally settling for the bed to be in a sitting up position.
"You feel okay?"
He nodded. "I have to spend Christmas here though."
"Well, you're not going to be alone."
He laughed softly. "I know, I think they're going to have to give me a bigger room to have everyone in here."
She laughed, picking up his hand. A silence fell between them, though it wasn't uncomfortable. They often did this, it was a time when they could just be together and take in everything that had happened.
"You know, I've had a very frequent visitor," he stated softly, slowly.
Lizzie perked up. A visitor? "I thought you couldn't have visitors until today?"
"Well, it's different for parents, and the girl who saved your life."
"Kate's been to visit you?"
He nodded. "Since she convinced the doctors to let her. She's been here every day."
Lizzie felt a prickle of what? Annoyance? No, jealously, that was it.

Gordo laughed softly, as squeezed her hand. "Lizzie, don't do that."
"Do what?"
"You know how I feel for you. Kate, well, she's just a different person that who we thought she was. Each time I talk to her, I'm amazed at what she says, or how she feels. She's a completely different person."
The door opened again and Miranda stepped through. "Hola," she smiled.
"Hi," Gordo answered.
"What are you two doing?"
Gordo smirked. "Sharing a romantic moment that you just completely ruined."
Miranda laughed and grabbed a chair. They began to chat about different Christmas gifts they hoped to receive, and plans for when Gordo got out of the hospital. Conversation paused at a soft knock on the door, Lizzie turned around to see Kate enter, then she realized Lizzie and Miranda already in the room, quickly muttered an apology and started to back out.
Lizzie glanced from Kate to Gordo, she felt her heart wrench. The moments she had with him were priceless, but as she watched the girl back out of the room, she let out a sigh. "Kate, wait!"
The girl stopped and looked up slowly.
"You did more than I can ever say thank you enough for, come on in, here you can have my seat." She smiled gently, then moved over and sat down on Gordo's bed.
Kate returned the smile a genuine smile as she sat down.
Lizzie picked up Gordo's hand and smiled at Miranda. Maybe things would change between them, maybe they wouldn't. Even though the years had torn them apart, Kate had still risen above what Lizzie had pinned her as. Maybe it was a new start. Before now, she would have said that it would have taken a miracle for Kate to ever become friends with them again, but then again, Kate had been a miracle that saved one of her best friends.
"What are you thinking about Lizzie?" Gordo laughed softly.
She turned towards him, smiled and kissed him lightly. "What a Merry Christmas we're going to have."
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