Halloween - Details

Due Date: 10-31-2003

Genre: BtVS/HP Crossover

Challenge: The Headmaster decides, in true looney fashion to host one of the following at Hogwarts on Halloween:

- Halloween Dance

- Halloween Masquerade

- Haunted House

- Carnival

During the course of the events, something goes wrong along the lines of everyone turning into their costumes, the 'fake' demons coming to life, a ritual design bringing horrors from the depths of Hell, etc. Or maybe the Death Eaters just decide to crash the whole thing. . .

So - what happens? Who does it happen to? Any Scoobies and/or any HP characters of your choice. Try to use some of the lesser used BtVS/HP characters for even more variety! (Andrew/Luna anyone?)



TITLE: It's Tuesday.




NOTE: Response to Jinni's Halloween challenge posted at WitchsLoveFanFic

SUMMARY: The Headmaster decides to improve Muggle understanding and Voldie decides to go after power that doesn't belong to him.

AUTHOR: Sarhea

EMAIL: sarhea1980@yahoo.ca

DISCLAIMER: Major characters in this story are owned by their respective creators/companies. I do not make money off writing!!

NOTE: Post OotP.

NOTE: Post S7 BtVS with certain assumptions. Buffy died when Sunnydale became a hole and Giles is Dawn's co-guardian with Willow.

AN: I posted this fic on Twisting the Hellmouth ages ago but never got around to putting it on fanfiction.net. So here it is. I'll be posting the chapters slowly over the next few weeks because I do have final exams and projects coming up. Enjoy!