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Chapter 1: Zandra

"Alexandra Marie Florida Tatiana Cortez !'' Her mother's thick Russian accent made the words that made up her name seem to describe someone elegant, graceful, almost royal. All the things she was not, at least at that moment was not. Zandra had been trying to sneak up the back stairway to her room without getting caught totally drenched.

"Mamma?'' she asked trying her best to make at least her voice sound elegant and graceful, her accent was only slight, though it could be strong if she wanted to be. With a purebred Russian mother and a half Spanish half French father and living in the richer part of New York with multi-racial workers, she had mastered quite a few different accents, if not languages.

"'Vhat are you doing?"

"Um, trying to get upstairs so I can take a shower...''

"'Vhy are you soaked clear through to the skin?''

"I 'vas, err, was walking home and um, it started to rain, and I got caught in it..." It wasn't the entire truth, but she had just jumped in a few big puddles that's it.

"And you did not use your umbrella because?'' Her mother rolled her eyes making her feel like a total fool.

''Um, because I just might have left it at school?'' She said weakly.

"'Vhat have I al'vays been telling you, that you must be keeping your umbrella 'vith you al'vays because...''

"Because you never know who'll be watching. I know, I know. I'm sorry Mamma, I did not mean to disgrace you and the family. Will you forgive me?''

She managed to murmur as demurely as possible. Her mother was totally stuck on making her only daughter as perfect as was possible. She was about to launch into a speech about how in Russia girls 'did not make spectacles of them selves at every possible opportunity' to quote her perfectly. Zandra had heard this speech almost every day for seventeen years. Yet, every time it made her feel worthless, useless, like a total idiot. She sighed as her mother wound down. Thank the gods, it was a short lecture, probably because she was still soaked through and was shivering. Her mother looked at her with total disgust.

"Go to your room and get dry. You may stay there the rest of the evening, since I cannot trust you to behave properly during dinner with your father's employer. Now, out of my sight. I do not want to see again tonight." She slapping her, hard. Zandra let out a cry of pain as she cradled the side of her face in her hands.

"Yes, Mamma. Goodnight."

Her voice was weak, tired of hearing her mothers voice, and not having the strength to argue back, it would only get her another lecture and another slapping. She knew she could do things right, her report card said so, as did her piano teacher, her dance teacher, her vocal teacher, along with the regular teachers at her private all girls school. But yet, her mother wasn't satisfied with that. She let out her breath as she entered her room. The Victorian style room with more shades of pink than most of the people at school had ever even heard of, and lots of lace and ruffles, and... UGH! She hated it. It looked like it was her mothers room, not her's. She sank onto the queen sized bed and opened her backpack. YES! It was still there. She pulled the movie out, Treasure Planet! Her mom would freak if she knew about it. Her mom didn't even know that, she knew Disney movies existed, much less that her daughter watched them. In fact she wasn't even sure that her mom knew that Disney existed. Still, she had all the Disney movies that existed. She quickly changed out of her soaking skirt, another one of her moms crazy ideas to turn her into a perfect lady. She didn't own a single pair of pants. She had tried to buy a pair and wear when she was with her friends, the ones her mom hadn't scared off, which weren't many. But somehow her mom had found out about it and cut them up!!!! And she had beat her within an inch of her life. She quickly pulled on her pajamas the only pants she owned and loved, they were baggie, black, and made her look somewhat like a regular person. Anybody else would call them regular old cargos the kind that skaters wore to school, she could pass for a skater chick with the bright red belly shirt, it was a good thing her mom didn't know they existed or she'd be dead. Even if they were only pajamas. She sighed and slipped downstairs to the huge kitchen. Mandy, the cook, saw her and immediately rushed over to her. It was funny, it seemed like the servants loved her more than her parents did.

"Is she at it again, love?''

"Yeah, she is. Can I have one of those sticky buns you made for breakfast for dinner?"

"O' course, any' ting else?''

"Maybe some milk?''

"One moment, sweet.'' Zandra gave her a hug.

"Thanks, Mandy.''

A few minutes later Mandy handed her a trey.

"'Ere you go, love. Rest well, dear."

"Aye, Mandy, I'll try.'' She said mimicking her accent. Mandy threw a dishtowel at her. Zandra dodged it and darted up the stairs without even spilling a drop of the milk. How many 'ladies' can do that? she wondered to herself with a smirk as she slipped into her room. She popped the video into the VCR and snuggled into her blankets as the movie began.

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