FOREIGNER By: OtakuSailorV
The wind whistled through the trees as Rin quietly awaited the return of Sesshoumaru. She was sitting on a flowery hill in the mountains. In the distance she could hear the babbling of a stream. Rin was suddenly very thirsty, & decided that she wanted to get a drink. She sat up & started to skip in the direction of the stream, humming a cute song that she had just thought of. She sat near the water's edge cupping her hands, & dipping them carefully into the cold water. "Rin wishes that Rin had a friend to talk to while Sesshoumaru-sama is away." Rin said to herself as she peered into the water at her reflection. She sighed & stood up, she began to make her way back to the flowered hill when something caught her eye. She turned on her heel & picked up a tiny sliver of what looked like a jewel. She eyed its shining beauty for a moment, & then peered around her. There did not appear to be any more of these strange slivers around. Where had this one come from? There were no paths that led up into this mountain, so humans could not have dropped it. Could it of been a youkai? Rin decided that she would show it to Sesshoumaru-sama when he got back & ask him what it was. She walked carefully back to the hill, wondering what the shard could be. She had once heard Jaken-sama & Sesshomaru-sama talking of a powerful jewel. What had it been called? The Shibon Jewel? Well, this could not be it any way. This was a mere shard of some bauble, not a whole jewel. She was suddenly taken from her thoughts by the sound of her own growling stomach. "Ugh." She moaned quietly. In her occupancy with the sliver she had forgotten that she was hungry. She got up & walked over to the nearest berry bush, stowing the little jewel shard in her kimono as she went. Good berries were hard to find in the mountains, but she would give it a try. Rin walked by all the bushes that she could find, but none seemed to have any berries. The trees didn't have any fruit on their boughs either. She was a bout to give up & try to find something else to eat when she spotted it. A berry bush, & with ripe berries on it too! Rin walked happily toward the bush. She had not noticed this bush before. Where had it come from? Oh well, it was here now. As she neared the bush she thought she heard it rustle, but then again she could have been imagining it. She knelt down softly & was about to begin picking when a hand shot out of the bramble & grabbed her arm. Rin could tell right away that it was no human hand. This hand had long dagger- like fingernails, & long dark hair running up the arm. As she looked on in horror a man stepped from the bush. He had the ears of a youkai! What did this one want? "Give me the jewel girl!" The horrible creature demanded. It looked at her with beady black eyes. It looked dangerous. He began to shake her & yelled "Give me the shard of the Shikon Jewel!!!" Rin screamed, terrified by what was going on. What was the youkai talking about? Then it came to her. Of course! He wanted the jewel fragment that she had found this morning! Why would he want it though? Well, she was going to give it to Sesshoumaru-sama. This youkai could not have it! "Rin not going to give you Sesshoumaru-sama's jewel!!!" She cried angrily. This youkai must be stupid because he did not seem to recognize the Great demon of the Western Lands' name. "Give it to me girl if you want to live!" At this the youkai pulled out a dagger. Rin looked at it wide eyed. Strangely though she seemed to have more courage. "NO!!! Rin never give it to you!!!" Rin cried courageously. She was feeling very triumphant at that moment. Until something ripped through the skin on her arm. "AAAIIIEEEEE!!!!" She screamed. He had cut her arm! Rin looked up horrified by what had happened. She saw him raise the dagger over her head. Oh no, this was it. Rin cringed waiting for the blow. But it never came. Instead she heard the demon yelling & cursing. He had released her! Was Sesshoumaru-sama here? She looked around. No, he wasn't here. She looked over at the youkai who was pulling a shuriken from his arm that had held the dagger. She quickly ran toward a tree & hid behind it. Where was the person that had saved her? Her question was quickly answered when a girl dropped from the tree next to hers. She had long braided hair. Rin could not tell what color it was. It was sort of white with yellow in it. She had never seen that color before. The girl also had on a ninja suite. Strange, this girl did not seem to be a ninja. She held suriken in one hand & had a katana at her waist. She had strange footwear. It looked like a big leather dome on her feet. The strange new girl walked over toward the youkai. "Get outta here you dirty little thief!!!" She cried glaring down at him. The youkai was obviously feeling better because he picked up his dagger & sliced at the girl. She dodged backward & pulled out her katana. Th e demon stood up & ran at the girl. She dodged again and sliced the demon's shoulder open. The youkai roared in pain & slumped to the ground. He flung his dagger at the girl in a last effort to hit her. She dodged the dagger, which landed with a thunk in Rin's tree's trunk. She stood over the youkai & grabbed his coat. "Get out of here right NOW!!!!" She yelled menacingly down at the demon. At that she threw him to the ground. "I'll be back!!!" The demon yelled over his shoulder as he ran from the hill. "I'm sure you will!!" The girl yelled sarcastically back at him.

They both watched as the demon disappeared from sight. Then the girl turned around & strode toward Rin's hiding spot. Rin walked bravely out to meet her. " Are you ok?" She asked bending down to take a look at Rin's arm. "Hai! Rin is ok as long as the demon is gone!" Rin said smiling. The girl smiled back. " Well, I'm gonna get some herbs to tend that wound anyhow." She said then added "Hold tight for a minute." The girl jumped up into the tree that she had jumped out of. Rin waited patiently for the return of the strange new girl. "You hungry?" came the girl's voice from the tree. " Yes Rin is very hungry." Rin said. "Well I hope you like apples and other fruits." The girl said dropping from the tree. She was carrying a small pack on her back & was holding a large red apple out at Rin. Now that Rin could get a good look at her the girl looked about seven or eight years her elder. "My name Rin." Rin said happily taking the apple. "What's yours?" "My name is Kayla, but you can call me Hikari" The girl said simply. "What was that youkai after you for anyway?" " He wanted some little piece of a jewel that Rin found earlier today. What kind of demon was he?" Rin asked wide-eyed. "He was a weasel demon. There are a lot of those up here. What were you doing up here all by yourself?" Hikari inquired. "Rin was waiting for Sesshoumaru-sama." Said Rin in a matter-of-fact way. "What were YOU doing up here?" "I was just wandering around." Hikari said "So, where's this jewel that the youkia wanted so much?" "It's right here." Rin said pulling out the small shard that she had found. Hikari gasped. "Hey, that's a shard of the Shikon Jewel!" She said pointing at the shard in Rin's fingers. "No wonder he attacked you! That thing could give him a lot of power!" "Rin was gonna show it to Sesshoumaru-sama when he got back but since Hikari know what it is, do you want it?" Rin asked holding the shard out to Hikari. "If you wanna give it to me, sure." Hikari said looking at it thoughtfully in Rin's outstretched hands. "That thing would bring nothing but you & your Sesshoumaru-sama trouble. All kinds of horrible demons would follow you everywhere. Some strong, some weak." With that she took the shard from Rin with a smile & deposited it in her pocket.

Far away Sesshoumaru & Jaken were walking toward an old hut that held an old friend of Sesshoumaru's father. He thought suddenly that he could sense trouble near the place where he had left Rin. But the feeling vanished as soon as it had appeared & Lord Sesshoumaru thought no more of it.

Rin and Hikari sat stuffed on top of the flowered hill. "Oh, man that was great!" Hikari exclaimed as she tossed another apple core down the hill. Rin turned toward Hikari & looked at her hair. She had been meaning to ask her what color of hair it was. "Um.Hikari why is your hair that color?" Rin asked sheepishly. " Oh, well you see my hair is this color because that's how it grows." Hikari said not quite sure of what was so interesting about her hair. "Uh.what color is that?" Rin asked tugging a little on Hikari's hair. Hikari stared at her for a minute, then sighing she told Rin exactly what she wanted to hear. "This color hair is called blonde. I doubt any one in this country will have my color hair unless they are a youkai." Hikari said tiredly. "So you are the only on that has this kind of hair?" Rin asked still holding onto Hikari's hair. "Yes Rin, I probably am." Hikari said softly, staring straight ahead.
The two girls went on chatting unaware that they were being watched.
A rustling in the bushes around them scared them back into reality. Hikari stood up & unsheathed her katana. A thin raspy voice protruded from the bush. "Givvvve ussss the shard of the Sssshikonnn Jewelllll."
"Uh, NO!" cried Hikari. "Then we willll havvvve tooo take it by forcccce!" the voice cried
Before Rin could do anything Hikari had thrust her up into a tree. "Stay here. No matter what happens." Hikari whispered pushing her farther into the treetop. " Don't make any noise. Just stay here." With that Hikari dropped to the ground as a hoard of the weasel demons fanned out from the bushes. She looked around. These demons, they did not seem to know that Rin was in the tree. That was good. Very good.
She spotted an opening & took off. She raced past them headed for another opening, one far from where Rin was. Just as she thought, they wanted the jewel fragment so much that they had abandoned the search for Rin. She felt like she had been running forever when she reached what she thought was a sufficient spot.
She stopped & pulled out her shuriken. Waiting in a nearby tree for her pursuers. They ran blindly into her trap. She killed several with her shuriken before they spotted where the attack was coming from. She hopped onto another tree & continued her attack from there.
Hikari had been throwing shuriken for some time when she noticed that she didn't have anymore. With disgust she dropped to the forest floor. Oh well, she had been sort of rusty with her katana anyway. This would be good practice. She hurled herself at the nearest group of weasel youkai, slashing at them with her katana. She was doing well enough, with only minor scrapes and bruises.
Suddenly she felt the heat of warm blood on her shoulder. Hikari bolted around to see a familiar looking weasel youkai staring at her. He had cut open her shoulder! Blood spilled everywhere. She lunged at him slashing with her katana. Success! She had hit him! A large gash across his chest showed where he had been hit. A fatal wound. He dropped to the ground on his knees, then fell into his own pool of blood. Hikari gasped as she felt her side open. Warm blood pored over her side & leg. With the last of her energy she whirled & lunged toward the last of her enemy's.

As Sesshoumaru on Ah-Un glided toward the hill where they had left Rin, he could see that a battle had occurred here. Was Rin hurt? He thought to himself quietly. They drifted quietly down on the field. "Rin, where are you?" Sesshoumaru called. From her perch in the tree Rin heard the summons. She quickly tried to get down. Maybe he could help Hikari. "Sesshoumaru-sama! Please you have to help!" She cried struggling on a branch. Sesshoumaru picked her out of the tree & sat her on the ground. "What are you babbling about now?" Jaken asked furious at Rin for hiding from them. "Rin what happened here? Was there a fight?" Sesshoumaru asked her coolly. Rin tugged hard on Sesshoumaru's sleeve, pulling him in the direction that she had seen Hikari run in. "Rin, what happened here?" Sesshoumaru asked sternly. "It was a weasel demon, Rin explained still tugging on Sesshoumaru's sleeve, he wanted to hurt Rin so that he could get Rin's shard of the Shibon Jewel." "How did you get a shard of the shikon jewel Rin?" Sesshoumaru's eye's pierced down at her. "Rin found it while Rin was at the stream." Rin said pointing at the stream. She was frantic now, Hikari could be hurt! "Then the weasel youkai attacked. He tried to take the shard from Rin, but Rin wouldn't give it to him so he cut Rin's arm." Rin lifted her arm showing him the bandage that Hikari had put on her. "Then he was about to hit Rin again when a girl named Hikari saved Rin! She healed Rin's wound & took the shard to help protect Rin. But then the weasel demon returned with a lot of other weasel demons. Hikari put Rin in the tree & told Rin to be quiet & not to leave the tree. Then she left. She ran off into the trees & all the youkai followed her. She hasn't returned." Rin looked at the ground. Then suddenly looked up at Sesshoumaru with big brown puppy dog eyes. "Please Sesshoumaru- sama, you have to help her!" Rin pleaded. "Alright Rin, where is she?" Sesshoumaru asked. He paid no attention to the protests of Jaken, who didn't think it was dignified to go to the aid of this girl. "She ran that way." Rin said pointing to the bushes to the right. Before she could say another word she had been scooped up in Sesshoumaru's arms. They were skimming the tops of the trees. Sesshoumaru could smell blood drawing nearer to them. A major battle was going on somewhere. They landed in a blood soaked field. Rin looked around wildly. The bodies of dead weasel youkai lay strewn across the landscape. "Hikari!!! Hikari, where are you?!" Rin called, running across the field. "Rin, I do not see a human girl here." Sesshoumaru said, eyes scanning the bloody battleground as he walked behind Rin. Then suddenly he caught it. The scent of a human. It was faint, but it was a human. "Rin, I think she may be over this way." Sesshoumaru said coolly, moving a little to the right of the battlefield. Sure enough she was. She lay on her stomach on the ground, youkai strewn around her body, a katana clutched tightly in her hand. Her long blonde hair was stained in spots by blood. Her side & shoulder were opened in deep gashes that blood was flowing heavily from. Rin bent by her side, she checked for a pulse & breathing. Looking very funny while she did so. "Hikari is not breathing. Is Hikari dead?" Rin asked, looking worried as she spotted the ragged cuts on her arm & side. Jaken had arrived now. He eyed the new human girl that lay on the ground. "Sesshoumaru-sama, what are we going to do now? It looks like the girl is dead already, there is nothing to be done." Jaken said, looking down at Rin a little sadly. "Rin, did this girl fight off all of these demons by herself?" Sesshoumaru asked looking down at the poor girls. "Rin.Rin thinks so." Rin said quietly. What was Sesshoumaru-sama thinking? Was he going to save the girl like he had saved her? What for though? She had not done anything to help him. Sesshoumaru could feel the sword pulse beside him. He had the strangest feeling, as the pulse ran through his body, that he had seen the girl somewhere before. But that was stupid! Humans all looked alike to him, how could he think that he had seen her before? Still, the sword was pulsing, & the thought that they had met before nagged at him. "Wait.could she be.?" He breathed softly & took a small step forward. He put his hand slowly on the hilt "Step back Rin." Sesshoumaru-sama commanded "I think I will test Tenseiga's power again." As he spoke Rin moved out of the way obediently. Sesshoumaru raised the sword over his head. He felt Tenseiga pulsing with power still. As he lowered the sword he felt the power drain out & into the girl. He sheathed Tenseiga, as they all held their breath. Waiting for what would happen next. The girl stirred. The wounds in her side & arm quickly disappeared. Hikari stood up looking at every one gathered there in utter disbelief. She looked at Rin who smiled & hugged her. Then she turned to Sesshoumaru. "What's going on?" She asked quizzically.

End of ch.1 Well, that's the first fan-fic that I've ever written. I know not too great, but pretty good for my first time. All right, this IS my first time so don't get too hissy about my grammar, I'm not good at grammar anyway. Please R & R if you want, I'm not going to plead here. If you do then don't send any flames. I'm cranky enough most the time on my own. I don't need flames to make it worse. Also, do not send Reviews on how I can improve this fic. I appreciate the thought but I have already written & loaded the entire story onto another site, so it won't help much. I will only update if I get good reviews. Thanks for any reviews ahead of time. I put this up on another site & all & it did good there so I decided to load it here. I hope it does as good here. ^_^ Oh, the reason that I picked blonde hair for Hikari is because I thought that it was the color that would be most unlikely to show up in old Japan. It has absolutely nothing to do with my hair being blonde!!! Thank you for understanding!
~ OtakuSailorV