FOREIGNER By: OtakuSailorV Chapter 25: Que Sera Sera

The smell that followed Naraku was horrendous. Heather recognized it from when she had been in his castle, but the smell was far worse in his chambers. It was the stench of rotting flesh, old blood, boiling brussel sprouts, & other unnamable horrors. Heather looked over when she felt Kouga's body tense beside her. His tail twitched back & forth in agitation as he stared up at the monstrosity of flesh & plants that was Naraku. She couldn't help but smile when she saw the tiny red ribbon on his tail. His fur stood on end as the first attack came toward them. Heather dodged out of the way, her sword glowing in the darkness that came from the vine-arm that was stuck in the ground where they had been standing only moments before. "Hello." Came a coy voice in her ear. She whipped around to see Kagura smiling at her, her fan extended. "Dance of Blades." The wind cut through her & the tiny paper-thin cuts stung as the bled. Heather growled a warning to Kouga as she lifted her sword & charged at the woman.
Hikari ran at a vine-arm that had landed near her. Naraku was ready for her as she swung her sword but he was sent off guard as she instead ran up the vine-arm & swung her sword at him. "Yaaaaa!!!!" She screamed, jumping as he loosed the long arm & sent it toward her. Her white feathery wings spread out & she bent her knees as she prepared to collide. The long, coiling arm shot up toward her. Glaring she moved her wings & spun herself away with only a cut on her arm to show for it. Her sword glowed brightly as she sliced at him again. "Die!!" The attack missed but Naraku's exposed back was met with another attack from Kohaku. He had run up one of Naraku's other arms & had thrown his chain weighted weapon into his shoulder. With a small tug he brought the weapon back & jumped onto Kirara with Sango.
Rin, Jaken, Myoga, & Shippo as their guard, were all covered in Hikari's blue orb & were sent to the forest for safety. "Oh.Sesshoumaru- sama." Rin groaned as she watched the fight. She had only seen his eyes that red once, when she had first met him. She had never even seen him transform. She closed her eyes & wished that Naraku were gone, far away, maybe even dead. Jaken noticed how she was curled up into a feeble position, looking at the fight with dim eyes. "Rin?" He asked walking toward her. The girl didn't move, her eyes, which he thought contained no emotion at the time, were suddenly sad. "Stop." She commanded in a whisper & tears started to form. "Stop it.please stop it Sesshoumaru-sama.please stop fighting." Her voice caught as she looked & she closed her eyes, pushing her face down into her knees. Her arms hugged her folded legs as she cried. "Stop.please.stop fighting, Hikari-sama.please."
Everyone was surprised when the noise came. It was like the roaring of a dragon, & the howl of a wolf combined. Hikari & Sesshoumaru stood on opposite ends of the field but the sound seemed to come from the two of them together. Both glowed in unison & changed. Sesshoumaru's eyes glowed a deep red as he shifted into a giant dog with a huge purple moon crescent on his head. Hikari's mark of the White Dragon Clan glowed an eerie green along with her eyes, changing from blue to gold. Her wings lost their feathers & her skin seemed to turn into scales. Horns formed on her head as huge fluffy white ones appeared on Sesshoumaru. Within seconds they were both in what they called their 'true form'. A giant white dog, baring his fangs & turning evil looking red eyes on a shocked Naraku. And a huge White Dragon that was easily larger that the dog demon. Her eyes glowed a gold color & she flexed her powerful wings as she showed off her teeth of daggers in a roar that shook the ground. Hikari's dragon body raised one foreleg for a brief moment & showed the sword-like claws to her enemy, then with a deep growl brought the arm crashing back down to the ground, leaving a huge crater. Extending her wings she beat them & was in the air, circling above. Sesshoumaru ran into the forest & seemed to be running away. With a sour look Inuyasha turned back to Naraku. "Coward."
Heather watched her friend transform with understanding eyes. "I see." She said as the white dog disappeared & her friend took to the air. Kouga looked over at her as they ran at the enemy while he was distracted. "Shouldn't you transform?" He asked her. Heather shook her head. "They have a plan, we must stop & attract his attention for the moment." Kouga gave her a puzzled look, they were almost on Naraku. "How did you know all this?" Heather winked at him. "A little dragon told me."
And indeed one had. Shiro, Hisui, & Saisei all sat on a tree limb in the forest & watched as their masters fought. Saisei growled & shot fireballs whenever Hikari was hit, looking angrily at Naraku or Kagura & taking to the air, only to be stopped by Hisui & Shiro who had been ordered to watch him. He disliked their attempts to stop him & often fired at them, which he knew had no effect but to annoy them. "Creatures of fire cannot be killed by fire." Hisui informed him with a growl. He rolled his eyes at her & watched more intently.
Heather stopped a ways before Naraku & stuck out her tongue at him. "Over here jackass! Bet ya can't hit me!" Naraku raised one of his tentacles & slammed it down at her. Heather disappeared & reappeared on his arm. "Missed me loser." He growled & sent another, then another at her. Heather dodged him until he had to move to reach her. "Ha! You can't even barely move your fat ass." Heather laughed but almost choked on her words when the mass rolled forward with incredible force. She just had enough time to move before he crashed into the place where she had been standing. Reappearing behind him she saw her cue. "I bid thee goodnight." She disappeared & stood by Kouga who had stopped to watch Heather in her show in bewilderment. She smiled as Naraku looked at her & raised a tentacle & shot it at her. Kouga immediately dodged but was shocked when Heather just stood & smiled at the tentacle. "Dodge!" He called to her. She looked at him just as the tentacle was about to hit. Kouga jumped, running toward her, hoping he would make it. The tentacle never connected. It stopped a mere inch from Heather's exposed neck as she looked at Kouga curiously. He halted & saw that Naraku was being attacked by a White Dragon that had it's jaws around what would have been his neck & that The huge white dog form of Sesshoumaru was also attacking the huge neck of Naraku with his jaws. Their claws ripped into what was supposed to be Naraku's skin. Kouga gaped at Heather, she had danced Naraku right into place for the attack. "What?" He asked. Heather patted his head. "I'll tell ya later, right now we gotta help." The roaring sound overtook him & out of nowhere formed a giant black dragon. A jewel in it's head, glowing a bright crimson red as it bolted with amazing speed for it's bulk toward the enemy. Regaining his composure Kouga raced off toward Naraku, all his hate & anger & sorrow for his fallen comrades burning in him.
Naraku managed to shake the huge creatures off him, blood oozing from his wounds. Kagura was busy fighting Inuyasha and the others but they seemed to be winning. He cursed them under his breath & turned to see a set of red eyes fixed on his. A red jewel was set in the black forehead. A grumbling roar that shook the ground brought him back from his dazed staring. A red mouth, showing many razor sharp teeth was opened in his face. He jumped back slightly but couldn't escape the huge wave of fire that came from the mouth. It burned the plant material in him & set what flesh he had to melting. The smell grew worse as the disgusting things he was made of burned & rotted.
Kouga ran up Heather's spine & dealt a good blow to Naraku's face. It twisted back, & a sickening crack was heard. Kouga landed back on the faceplate of the black dragon that was preparing for flight. "Be wary, Kouga the Wolf Demon. I am to take to the sky's. If you plan on going up with me then hold tight to something." Kouga noticed the formality in the dragon's voice as it spoke. It did not seem to be the voice of a woman either. It was not heather's voice at all. It sounded like a deep voice. It resonated around him & made him feel like he was surrounded by the creature. If he had had any doubt that the dragon was not Heather he would have run from the feeling but it seemed to comfort him in a way nothing before had. The wings flapped once & the dragon crouched to take off. With a small jump it was off. Kouga drew a quick breath as he was lifted into the air far faster than he had ever known possible. The ground was like a vast ocean of greens, browns, & blacks below him. The fighter's mere specks. He turned to see that Heather was sitting beside him on the faceplate of the dragon. Gasping he scrambled away. Heather's eyes drifted to him & she smiled. "Be careful, you'll fall off." Kouga noticed that his hand had indeed reached the end of the creature's face. He stared wide eyed at her as the dragon circled the ground. "Are you afraid? This is what you were thinking though wasn't it? That you wanted me to see the world from up here, in a way that the mountain couldn't let me see it?" She smiled at him. His eyes had gone wider. "Hold on. She's taking us down." Heather disappeared into the jewel that burned a crimson red as she spoke. Kouga touched it & took a firm grasp as he felt himself slipping forward. "Hold fast young youkai. I fall far faster than I rise." The voice in his head rang like a bell as the cold air whistled past him. "I go to kill Naraku. Are you ready to depart on my command?" Kouga tried to yell but it seemed that his voice was being torn away by the winds. "Now."
Kouga let go of the jewel & flicked off the faceplate, landing a few feet away from Naraku. The dragon pulled its wings back so as to scatter rock & dust. It stuck in Naraku's eyes & he hissed as he tried to rub it away. With a small flap of her wings the dragon turned behind Naraku & struck at him like a snake. Pushing her full bulk into him, almost knocking him over. Naraku shot a vine arm at her & it opened a decent hole in her. She hissed & took to the air as her steaming blood hit the ground.

Inuyasha fired another 'Kaze No Kizu' at Kagura as he turned his attention to the other fighters. Hikari & Heather both had steaming blood falling from them. Sesshoumaru's neck fur was thick with blood that was either his & someone else's. Kouga had several marks on him that showed that he had been hit, but none looked fatal to Inuyasha. Kagome had blood of her own on her. Kagura had fired several waves of 'Dance of Blades' at them. Inuyasha had protected her from most of them but one had been able to get passed Tetsusaiga & cut Kagome. Sango was covered in blood also, along with Miroku who had to settle with his staff since the poison insects had come as soon as he thought about the Kazanna. Kirara had been sent back to Rin & the other's when he had lost the use of one arm. It had been crushed, the bones broken. He would heal but he would provide little help with a broken leg. Kohaku was doing well. He had been hit several times but none too bad.
"Dragon Dance!!!" Inuyasha looked at the huge tornado's that were headed toward him. With a swing of Tetsusaiga he was able to diminish one of them. A scream stopped him in his tracks. "Kagome!" She was about to be hit. He jumped through the air & scooped her up in time. "Hold on." He said as he landed a ways from the place & let her down. "Stay." He commanded her & took off. She huffed at him. "I'm not a dog Inuyasha!" He looked back at her with an angry look. "Tch." She fumed as she marched back to the field & shot an arrow at Kagura. It hit her in the arm. "Ah!" Kagura was just as surprised as Kagome. "No way." She gaped at Kagura as she tried to loose the arrow from herself. She only managed to pull the shaft out. With a growl & a sharp glare sent Kagome way she hurled the shaft away from herself & was about to send a gust of wind at Kagome when a great rumbling shook the ground under her feet. A minute later she found herself pinned under the forearm of the black dragon. She shrieked, her arm was pinned underneath her with her fan extended. The claws from the huge hand picked her up & flipped her over. Kagura saw the reflection the little girl she had brought to the castle only hours before reflected in the huge, red eyes that peered at her. She stared transfixed on the huge eyes until she saw another one of the clawed hands come up & snatch the fan from her. The black dragon glared at her, teeth bared as she snapped the fan in two. Kagura gasped & watched her drop the broken fan to the ground. A moment later she was pinned to the ground again by the huge dragon. She looked over at Inuyasha for a moment & then he was gone, racing toward Naraku with his comrades.
"Go my friend. Kagura of the Wind is no longer a threat. You are needed elsewhere Lord Inuyasha. Go swiftly while there is time left." Inuyasha could see Heather reflected in the dragon's eyes, she looked desperate & almost pleading as she looked at him through her dragon forms' eyes. With a look at his friends he ran toward Naraku. The other's followed, casting looks at Kagura as she struggled to cast the weight of the dragon's hand off her body.
Kagura glared up at Heather as she stared after Inuyasha & his friends. When they had gone she looked back down at Kagura. "Sister, do not fear." The words entered Kagura's mind as she was about to strike the hand of the beast with her claws. "What.what did you say to me?" She asked in a hushed tone, staring wide eyed at the huge dragon. Blood oozed from multiple wounds & a particularly large one on her side. There were scratches on her black armor from where, Kagura guessed, Naraku had not used enough force to break the plates that protected her. "We are not so different you & I. We dragons are made from people's hopes, dreams, & other fancies. That's why we are so beautiful & practically unstoppable. We are made of emotions. Unfortunately we are not often able to control the emotions that we are made of some times & need a human near by to help us control ourselves. You are made of the essence of another. In that way, we are not so different. Do you understand my words?" Kagura looked up her. Her neck hurt from twisting it to look up. "If I am your sister then why do you pin me down?" The great beast laughed, an act that made the blood from her side come out faster. She winced slightly. "We are sisters but sisters do not always trust one another now do they? We are kindred in no more than what we are, we are not blood related like many people believe 'sister' can only be used. We dragons use it to mean friends, or even acquaintances. To us, everything is our brother, for we are they in a different form." Kagura tried to straighten herself under the dragon's grip. "You're wound is pretty bad. You still speak of us being 'sisters' yet you keep me pinned as if I were going to attack." The rumbling laughter sounded again & this time the beast settled itself down to the ground so as to ease the stress in her arms & legs. "I don't see what's so funny." Kagura said.
Hikari went down for a third time. She was getting slower the more she was hit. It was the blood loss she was sure but she wouldn't give up. Standing back up she could feel her body shake as it tried to lift itself in that heavy dragon form. Her head sagged almost to the ground & her breath came in deep gasps, for a dragon. With what strength she had left she jumped forward & was caught in the chest by one of Naraku's hands. He laughed at her as she went down on one knee. Her entire form fell to the ground & her eyes closed for a brief moment, so as she might endure the pain better. Naraku raised his arm again & was about to strike. "Now, die!" He said as the hand came down. Hikari opened one eye when she heard Naraku cry out in shock. Saisei was hovering in front of her. She saw that there were tears running down his face as he looked at the monster that he had planned to face. Sesshoumaru was on the other side, wheezing for his breath. Saisei turned toward Hikari, she could see something behind his eyes that he was trying to say to her. His eyes were sad as he took on a more human form. "Sorry." It was Kuroi! Hikari tried to raise her head. Her teeth bared despite the fact that she didn't want to hurt Saisei. She tried to get herself to her feet but sunk back down when the pain hit her. She contented herself with growling at Kuroi as he came closer & touched the giant head affectionately with his hand. His eyes were apologetic & extremely sad as he peered into her angry ones. There was a white glow around him that made Hikari's dragon form blink many times. Naraku struck his arm back out when he had recovered from seeing the tiny dragon transform. It didn't even make it past the white aura. It turned to dust as soon as the two met. Kuroi looked at Hikari & she saw what he was trying to say. "I love you." She stared at him but shook her head. He looked hurt but stood up & walked over to Naraku. His light had vanished, the wings that had been shrinking on his back disappeared. The barrier had only protected him while he was transforming. With a flick of his hand he attacked. He managed to chop off several of the arms. A black streak went by his eye & he saw Heather running at full speed toward the place that Kagura was fighting. He growled but it didn't matter to him. With another flick he was on the ground again. He smiled at Hikari in a sad way but her eyes were on Sesshoumaru who seemed to be having a hard time breathing. His eyes were sad & his mind filled with her sad eyes. "Please, don't be sad. I hate it when you sad." Hikari's head flicked toward him & her eyes grew large. She scrambled to get up & she roared at him, she seemed to not be able to speak in her hysteria. With sad eyes he felt the hand coming toward him. He wouldn't be able to escape it now. He gave her a sad smile as she roared a final time at him.
Her eyes bulged at him as he was hit. It struck him straight through the middle, piercing him through. All she could see was her tiny dragon friend that had helped her through many hard times during her trip. Images shot through her mind of her imtes with him. 'Hold still so I can clean you!' 'I said stop!' 'Can you eat this? *Saisei shakes his head* Yeah me neither. Gives me gas.'

His body fell to the ground, his eyes open with the sadness. There was no startled stare that she had expected only those sad eyes. Her whole being screamed. It felt like she had been torn to shreds again. Her heart sunk to her tail & her mind felt like it was on fire with hate & sadness. Her eyes flicked back to Naraku who was laughing at her distraught expression & the eyes of the boy that he had killed. "There is more to come. I assure that your death will not be as quick." Hikari's eyes narrowed & the gem that was always green changed to a deep red color. Even the reflection of herself in her eyes was distorted by the anger that built up in side her. Kouga was shocked by what was going on. His leg was wounded & he couldn't move it. Her eyes glowed red & she sat up as far as she could, which was really just lifting her head. Her huge red mouth opened & a burst of fire that seemed to come from the hells itself exploded out. At that moment Inuyasha arrived with reinforcements. They could feel only some of the heat from the fire but it still felt like they were going to be burned. Naraku growled & shielded himself. Shiro flew out of nowhere & let his flame go into hers. Hisui came over & pushed him away forcefully. Her angry growls not being heard over the roar of the fire. Hikari started to sweat from holding the fire. It was starting to get smaller but it didn't lack the heat. When it had finished Hikari dropped her head to the ground & started breathing in deep gasps again. Her huge eyes closed, the last thing she saw was Sesshoumaru walking toward her with worried eyes. Shiro knocked out like a light beside her.
Inuyasha took his chance & dropped a 'Kaze No Kizu' on Naraku. He growled in astonishment as it hit him & rendered off half of him. Kagome pulled out an arrow & let it fly straight into his gut. Miroku looked at the bees that had followed them with angry eyes. Putting his hand on his prayer beads he decided to risk it.
Heather heard the song in the distant. "Hold sister." She said to Kagura who had raised her one hand to strike the huge clawed one that held her. Kagura looked up at Heather's strained look. "What?" Heather's eyes grew troubled & astonishment hit them. "Even I did not expect this!" She jumped to her feet, releasing Kagura. She looked at Kagura over her shoulder. "I don't think I need to worry about you attacking do I?" Kagura looked at her in astonishment. "What's going on?" Heather shook her head. "Hold on Hikari! I come! It is I!" Her hurried thoughts came again to Kagura. "I have no time to explain." Her wound bleed again through the clotted blood when she took off at a run. Kagura was left to stand, looking after her.
Heather arrived to see Miroku going for his beads. Catching on she grabbed his arm. "No Sir monk. I will solve this problem." He stared up at her as the words entered his mind. Heather took in her breath & let it loose. The fire destroyed what remained of the bugs & she gave him a dragon smile. "The way is free Sir monk. I must take my leave to aid my other fellow comrade though. Please excuse me." He was used to Heather using such formality & stared after her as she ran the short distance to Sesshoumaru, Hikari & the body of the young man that lay nearby. With a shake of his head he turned back toward the battle. Pulling off the prayer beads he shouted a warning to his comrades before letting loose his wind tunnel.
Heather looked down at her friend's wounds. They were bad. She shook her head & looked over toward Kuroi's body that was starting to turn back into Saisei small black form. She shook her great head again & looked at Sesshoumaru who was giving her a worried look. "They are both still alive. They're just in shock." The words entered his mind suddenly, spreading great relief, at least for Hikari. Pulling her head back a little, Heather let a slow string of fire fall from her mouth. With careful movements she let the fire fall into each wound. At first Hikari would flinch & shudder but soon she would unwind & seem to sigh slightly. Sesshoumaru looked at her worriedly. "It is an old dragon trick to cleanse our wounds. That will keep the infection out & maybe even stop some of the pain. I am afraid though that it won't work on you. Our fire is too hot & it would only make your wounds worse." He nodded & looked back at the fight that his brother seemed to be winning. "I am off. She will be fine now." Sesshoumaru turned to see that the great black bulk was gone, heading toward the fight a little slower than he had thought they could move.
Kagura growled as she ran through the forest. She supposed that Naraku was too busy with Inuyasha & the other's to notice that she might still be alive. She neared the battle to see that in deed Naraku had his hands full. The purifying arrows had knocked off much of his great bulk but not without wounding the fighters a great deal. It looked as if Heather was rejoining the fight. Coming closer to where she had been was Hikari. Her wounds were no longer bleeding but they still were bad. Kagura winced just looking at the wounds that had appeared on Sesshoumaru. She blushed slightly when she saw him, looking at the battle, but back at Hikari every now & then with either concern or with protecting glances. Near him on the ground was a boy who was glowing slightly. His eyes looked sad as he stared out from what Kagura guessed was shock. His hair was brown & his eyes were of the same color. He had on clothes that Kagura had only seen on Heather & Hikari. He seemed to be changing into something else though as he lay there. Small black wings had started to form on his back. His mouth was lined with fangs. Two small horns had started to form on his head & his pupil went from a small black dot to a black slit. His eye color was also changing. It was going from brown to Gold, getting lighter with each second. With a small shake of her head she walked out toward them, he bleeding arm laying limp at her side.
Inuyasha swung Tetsusaiga again. This time the Kaze No Kizu hit dead on. Naraku growled in pain as blood oozed from him. He shot a hand at Inuyasha & another at Kagome. Kagome shrieked & dodge out of the way. Inuyasha blocked the arm with Tetsusaiga. With a growl & a curse he threw the arm off & ran after Kagome to try to find an opening.
Hikari's head jumped up from the ground as soon as Kagura stepped from the trees. Kagura noted the bestial way her eyes lit up & her hiss was a warning that even Kagura was afraid of. The dragon's eyes no longer reflected the human girl inside but a more animal being, a creature that could not control its emotions. She was breathing heavy & her great bulk heaved with every passing breath as she glared at Kagura. With a slight shrug Kagura took another step forward. The dragon was on its feet before Kagura had put her foot down. Her wounds seemed healed & her eyes pierced down at her from up above. Kagura withdrew her foot & looked up nervously at the dragon. Sesshoumaru's wounds seemed to be healing also. He ran toward them & barked something at the dragon. Hikari turned her armored head toward the battle. Nodding she cast a final glance at Kagura. Noticing that the girl had reappeared in its eyes & was staring at her. The tail of the beast nearly missed her when it swung around. With a small sigh she walked on toward the fight.
Hikari ran forward & shoved the dark bulk in front of her with her cleft head. She could feel it sway as her full weight hit it. Naraku's face appeared over her with a glare. She returned the glare & pushed harder, trying to tip him. Her mind voice rang in her friend's ears, expressing laughter in each word. "Tip it! Tip it!" Heather took up the chant as she joined her friend. Naraku sent his vine-like arms toward them but Heather scorched them all. "Tip it! Tip it!" Heather called to the others. They noticed what they were doing & started an attack on him from the one side.
Inuyasha stared at them for a brief moment before the voice urged him on. "What are you waiting for! It's a diversion for you! Find an opening & get him good! It's up to you now!" Heather was yelling & sounded almost desperate. "If we really do tip him then watch out!" Hikari called. Flicking off a tree he ran farther around the bulk of Naraku.
Kouga ran after them. Hitting Naraku in what he thought was the mid drift. Landing on Heather's cleft head, he ran up the side of Naraku & took another blow with his fist. Naraku shot another arm out & hit him. Blood oozed from the wound but it didn't matter to him, it was worth it to avenge his fallen comrades.


The words echoed in the air around them as Inuyasha found an opening in Naraku's side & swung Tetsusaiga down. A howl of pain erupted from Naraku as he was severed in half. Kagura felt only a slight pain from her place halfway across the battlefield. Naraku looked down at them all with shock, then with deep loathing. His eyes caught Kagura moving toward the place, her eyes looking triumphant & slightly hopeful. With the last of his power he let her heart form in his hand. 'B-bmp. B-bmp.' Kagura stopped in her tracks, staring at him with wide eyes & fear. He smirked evilly at her. "You will not gain freedom Kagura." He announced aloud as she fell to her knees in pain. He squeezed until he had practically touched the palm of his hand with his fingertips. Kagura screamed, the pain ripping through her entire body. *Spurt* Heather's firm jaws had a strong grip on Naraku's arm, just below the wrist joint as he squeezed. "Say 'Uncle'." She growled at him in her mind-voice. He looked at her as the blood dripped from his arm. "It does not matter. I will die & she with me for as long as I hold her heart." Heather's red eyes darted to the heart in his hand, then to Kagura, grabbing her chest in pain. She glared up at Naraku, her teeth sunk into his wrist further. He was sweating & gasping for air. The heart fell from his hand without much of a struggle. Heather caught it in her open palm & released his hand from her mouth. "I will not be stopped without the life of one of you gone with me!" He called as she walked toward Kagura who had fainted seemingly from the pain. Naraku heaved & a small shudder rocked the ground. Heather turned her head slightly. Her eyes widened & she dove over Kagura, yelling a warning to her companions. "Danger! He's going to implode!" Hikari stuck her claws in the ground by her a shield popped up around her & protected Inuyasha & the other's as well. Sesshoumaru took off toward the woods for fear of Rin. "Kohaku! Protect the others with Shippo! It's coming!" Hikari's voice rang in his mind as he spotted the huge bloodied dog that was running toward them. Rin screamed & ran toward him, burying her face in his shaggy fur. "Sesshoumaru-sama!!!!" She sobbed into him as he halted. "Quickly." He motioned them to gather around him as an explosion rocked the ground.
Hikari's barrier wasn't large enough. Burning rocks, smoke & other objects from the explosion flew over the barrier & crashed around Inuyasha & the others. Kagura opened her eyes weakly to see Heather bent over her, her arm covering her & holding something out to her. "Yours I presume?" Kagura took the heart in her hands & looked up at Heather with shining eyes. Her mouth opened but nothing came out. "Hold on. It's not over yet." Kagura was pushed hard to her knees as the ground around them split. A hard, yet gentle, warm hand wrapped around her & held her up as the ground beneath her split. Heather spit a fireball at what was left of Naraku. "Nothing but an angry & strangely sad spirit." Heather confused words rang in Kagura's confused mind. "What is going on?" She demanded when she found her voice. Heather smiled at her in a dragon way, all her large sword like teeth showing & her laugh being more of a hiss then a chuckle. "Why, your deepest desire." Kagura gave her a shocked look. "How.How did you?!" Heather hissed her amusement again. "I can read minds Kagura the Wind Demon. Do not look so stunned to have learned this. You have suspected my people of this for some time, no?" Kagura huffed as Heather turned away & spat another fireball. 'He is nothing but an angry yet strangely sad spirit.'
Naraku glowed menacingly & he could feel his mind slipping away. His only thoughts were on Kikyo & how she had died, never knowing.He shook what remained of his head. "Damn that bandit!" He cursed the name of the human that had been in love with the priestess. Hie fury erupted out of him again. "I will not let that fool of a half-demon have her! Not even her reincarnation!" The bandit's voice growled out from his bleeding mind. He yelled as he felt the last of his being destroyed.
It was like the calm before the storm. Suddenly everything was quiet & the ground was perfectly still again. The air grew cold & the wind seemed to pull even the bulky dragons toward him. He glowed in a white light, bent, looking at the ground below him with a pained expression. A yell erupted that split the air itself. Everyone raised their heads & were instantly swept off their feet.


It was like being hit by a tornado. The only one who managed to stay on the ground was Heather, who had dug her nails into the ground & was using her body to shield Kagura as the explosion hit. Hikari rammed into the forest opposite where Naraku had been & knocked over a good decent amount of trees. Sesshoumaru, off in the trees also banged against several in his attempt to stay put. Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, & Miroku were all thrown to the ground a good fifty yards from where they had been before. Rin screamed as she clutched tight to Sesshoumaru's bloody fur. She felt the wind gently lift her off her feet, then as soon as she was in the air, throw her like a rag doll as she clung to the hair of the giant youkai. He put her back on the ground with a paw &kept it over her. Kagura wished that Heather hadn't broken her fan but she doubted that she could stop the wind even if she did have it. All seemed to be hectic, nothing was still. Kouga clung for dear life to a tree, but the roots slowly were coming out from the ground. *Rip* Another root came out. Heather looked in the direction of the noise & spotted him. With a lash of her tail she held him & pulled him from the tree limb, careful not to hurt him as she pulled him in. The wind ripped at hide & hair, pulling at the blood that leaked still from bodies & opening new wounds as well. Then, as soon as it had come, it was over. The tiny Dragons fluttered about, they had transported far away & come back when they had felt the tremors die. Heather & Hikari had gone back to their usual selves & now stood behind bushes, trying to put clothes on with out opening wounds again. When she had finished Hikari ran out to find Saisei. Heather grabbed her arm. "He's not Saisei, your little dragon companion. He's Kuroi, the one you sleighed not knowing he loved you, but was too shy to tell you." Tears welled up in her eyes. "He's Saisei, & no one else. He's not that horrible Kuroi that attacked me, he's Saisei! And he's hurt!" She struggled & finally managed to get away. Heather shook her head. "I suppose the bond between Man & Beast is stronger when referring to a dragon's heart." Heather said to Hisui, who had perched on her shoulder. "Yes, dragon's, like the wolf tribes, can go berserk at seeing their loved ones or kindred, die in front of their eyes or just to see their bodies." Heather nodded. "It is not always the same with humans. It's like we shut such an emotion away when the person who is dead is not close to us or someone that we had even met." Kuroi was in the same place as he had been before the explosion & destruction of Naraku. Only now he was a tiny dragon, staring wide eyed at her when she approached. "Saisei." She breathed, looking down at him. He managed to blink so she knew he wasn't dead. "Oh, Saisei.I'm.I'm so sorry." The tears spilled out of her. "I didn't know.I wasn't able to help you because of my wounds.mine are healed now but.will you?." Her words faltered & she put her hand to her mouth, looking at him. He gave her a weak smile. "I will heal.hopefully." Hikari picked him up & he could feel the power of the goddess flowing through him. Dragon wounds often heal slowly but he could tell that his were going to get better much faster. Kagura stared at them all as they laughed & tried their best to heal each other. 'I never got to see them like this.I thought that they didn't get along very well, & that they were only fighting together because of Naraku.' Her eyes were wide. 'It started out that way, but that common goal brought them together & now they will be friends for life. Nothing can tear them apart.' Heather smiled at her from the other side of the field. Kagura gave her a slight smile back as she stood. 'What will become of me?' she wondered. 'I have my freedom now, the one thing that I wanted most.but.will Inuyasha & the other's let me go so easily? I can't fight them in this condition but I'm sure they could stop me if I were to try.' 'Que sera sera. Whatever will be, will be. The future's not ours to see. Que sera sera.' The singsong words entered Kagura's mind. She looked over at Heather who waved at her. 'Don't be so worried. You'll get premature wrinkles.' Kagura huffed & turned away. Inuyasha sat down & let Kagome heal his wounds with her miko powers. "What were you going to do about Kagura?" She asked him, seeing the demon looking over at them. She hoped Kagura couldn't hear her. "Feh. If she isn't going to cause trouble then she can go wherever she wants to." He said, crossing his arms. "Oh, Inuyasha!" Kagome growled at him. "What?! I thought you would be mad if I killed her in such a feeble position with her new freedom won only minutes before." Kagome slapped his arm. "No, you smeared the balm I was putting on one of your cuts!" Inuyasha fell over anime style. Sesshoumaru lifted himself off the ground, looking through the trees at the battleground. "It's over." He said, removing his paw from Rin. She sniffed as she looked up at him with dewy eyes. "Hikari-sama?" She asked. Sesshoumaru looked at the bloodied field, he sniffed but could not pick one scent from another in the blood scented air. He looked down at her. "Let's go see." He walked off, limping slightly. Rin & the other's close behind. Kirara's leg had healed enough that he could walk on it by then. Kohaku looked fine except for a few scratches or bruises here & there. Shippo walked out triumphantly from the forest, waving a leaf as a flag. "What are you so damn happy about?" Inuyasha grumped as Kagome slapped more balm on the wound in his stomach. "Looks like Naraku ate you lunch." Shippo said with a smirk, waving his bushy tail. *Bok* Inuyasha hit him over the head with his fist. "Shaddup." Miroku laughed at his friends expense. Walking over he sat by his friends. "Well, what now?" Kouga crossed his arms & closed his eyes in unison with Inuyasha. "What do you mean?" "Well, we have finally defeat what are we going to do now?" Heather plopped down. "Now, we have to have a party." She announced. "What is it with you & parties?!" Inuyasha growled at her. "I like parties, plus we SHOULD have one after beating Naraku." She smiled despite the hurtful words. "I like that idea." Kouga said. Inuyasha huffed. "You'd like any idea she had." Kouga swung s fist at him that stopped in mid air due to the pain in his arm. "Damn." He said, grabbing at it. Heather laughed at them. "Well, I just thought it would be fun." She said with a shrug. "Yeah, why don't we have a party with Keade & everybody?" Kagome asked, giving Inuyasha big puppy dog eyes. "Yeah! I wanna come!" They turned to see Kirei standing in the shadows of a tree not far off. "What in all the hells are you doing?!" Inuyasha asked, jumping to his feet. Kagura looked over at her, thinking for a brief moment that she was seeing double. 'Who?' "Kirei where were you?!" Inuyasha yelled. The girl giggled & jumped in among the group. "I have been to many a place. But I was watching the whole thing from the trees, you fight better than Uncle Kiba said." She turned a smiling face at her elder brother who was just finished transforming. "You too. Only I never did get to see you transform before so that was a real treat." Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes at her. "You mean you watched us the whole time without saying a word or helping us with the fight?!" Inuyasha asked, running over to her. She smirked at him. "Why yes. You were doing fine without me." Inuyasha fumed, steam seemed to come from his ears. "I thought you said you learned all kinds of stuff in China?! Are you still SO weak?!" Kirei glared at him. "No! I could take both of you with one arm tied behind my back. It's just that I didn't have anything against this Naraku so I saw no reason why I should take some of the fame for killing him." Inuyasha sat back down on the ground. "Let's not fight guys." Kagome said. "Yeah, we did enough of that." Heather added. "Well, are we going to have a celebration or not?" Sango asked with a bit of impatience. All eyes turned toward Inuyasha as if he held the only answer suitable. He looked at them all with his head upturned toward the sky. "F-fine." He said. Everyone cheered. Kagura watched as they all stood & picked up their bags or animals. Heather turned toward her. "You comin', or am I going to hafta drag ya?" Kagura gave her a weak smile & bent her head to hide her tears. "I-I'm coming." So it went that they had a horribly large party. Everyone was invited. Tsume & Kiba brought their dates & their dates' brother's & sister's. Kagura found Kana & Juuroumaru. Kirei showed off the old Hikaru, who Hikari tried to hide from. Saisei was feeling much better. Hikari could tell by the way that he put himself between Hikari & Sesshoumaru. Sango & Miroku spent a lot of time together. Kohaku, Rin & all the other small children that were present, including the youkai children played games & danced strangely around. The Great & seemingly never-ending quest of Inuyasha & his friend's still goes on. But that is another story & shall be told another time.


Yep. This is the final chappie. I hope you liked the story. I am going to make side stories & sequels. But so far only a few ideas come to mind. If you have any suggestions or idea's please tell me in your final reviews. Now I am off to start a side story. ^_^ Hope you likey. I is gonna call it 'Meet The Parents' & also 'Freak Out!!!', my Halloween fic. If you can't guess what It's about from the title then I can't help you. ^_^ Please stay tuned.

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'I'll miss the winter
A world of fragile things
Look for me in the white forest
Hiding in a hollow tree (come find me)
I know you hear me
I can taste it in your tears.

Holding my last breath
Safe inside myself
Are all my thoughts of you
Sweet raptured light
It ends here tonight'