'Ello! Kei here. Started a new fic...so figure. I have a thing where I can always start fics...but never finish 'em...anyway, kids....today's story is about two cops who are in love...it's a Yu-Gi-Oh AU staring Seto Kaiba and Joseph Wheeler. This is the intro, so please, R+R and any flamers will be sent home at once...Your field trip will be over. Thanks much, bye bye!

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Case 0: Not Your Fault

The blood glistened in his hungry eyes. He loved the way it looked, so discreet and sleek. His finger traced small circles in the warm liquid, a smile dancing on his lips. The other just looked on, innocence tarnished by impure acts of the one filled with so much malice. The one who cherished the sight of fresh blood only looked to his companion whose eyes were so stale, so hopeless.

"W-why did you have to kill him?" In an innocent voice, the boy looked to the one who stood tall against the strong winds that encased the night in a hellish cold. The one with unclassifiable craving for death looked to his partner, the smile soon fading, a stern expression sweeping across his pallid face. He cleared his throat.

"It's our job..." He replied simply.

"But..." The innocent one's was cut off.

"We had to!" He glared at the boy with cold eyes, but then wrapped a comforting hand around his shoulder. "Joseph, it's not your fault that your father was wanted by the FBI...it's not your fault he was a crime lord." The boy cuddled against his partner, his head buried into the warm of the other's ebony jacket.

Joseph whispered, his words muffled by the other's jacket. "Seto..."