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~+ Blessings +~

"'choo!" Mayura sneezed daintily.

Loki smiled benevolently. "Bless you."

"Thanks." She sniffed, rubbing her nose a moment before straightening up and grinning at him. "Someone must be talking about me!" She sparkled.

The small boy just chuckled as she bounced ahead, rambling about his and that.

Thor leaned over him, a worried air around him. "Are you sure it's alright?" He asked, motioning to the skipping peach haired girl.

"Hm?" Loki raised an eyebrow.

"Being blessed by..." The Thunder God made a circling motion with his hand, trying to come up with a better phrase than 'The Trickster Norse God of Chaos' and obviously failing.

"Ah." Said Living Embodiment of Chaos looked amused. "I wouldn't worry. Mayura is chaotic as it is with out any assistance from me."

The taller boy blinked, momentarily startled before his shoulders relaxed and he grinned. "That's true."

" Konnichi Wa !" Mayura sang out, waving to a mismatched pair walking towards them. "Those are pretty flowers, Kazumi-kun!"

Heimdall smiled angelically, holding up a small handful of accursedly familiar yellow flowers. "Aren't they?" He asked, all but shoving them under Loki's nose.

His nose twitched and he made a gallant effort not to sneeze. He sneezed anyway. "Ah... CHOO!"

"Bless You!" Freyr said cheerfully, one hand raised as in either greeting or benediction.

The other three Norse Gods froze, looking at each other in wide-eyed shock and horror as the realisation of what had just happened sunk in.

Loki glared at Heimdall, who was the closest to him. "No. Absolutely not." He said in the manner of someone very close on the verge of breaking down into absolute and complete hysterics. "Not a chance. No WAY."

"Like I'd WANT to!" Heimdall snapped back, taking a few cautious guarded steps away.

"Well..." Thor scratched his head, trying to find a way out of a very dark situation, or even just a faint glimmer of the bright side of things. "Technically the flowers were the closest..."

Heimdall shook the flowers, sending a small gold cloud of pollen into the air. "Isn't pollen how flowers reproduce?" He asked with eager cheerful morbidness.

Loki's glare turned toward Thor. "You're NOT helping, Narukami-kun!"

"Sorry! Sorry!" Thor held his hands up in appeasing gesture, also taking several steps back from the irate Trickster God.

Mayura scratched her head. "What's wrong with them?" She asked the Kaitou beside her as the other boys continued to argue.

Freyr, the Norse Fertility God, scratched his head in complete bafflement. "I don't know..."