Hey, everybody!! Megun-chan here! You might remember me as being the authoress of The Legend of Zelda: Angel of Death et al. Well, here I am trekking into unexplored territory once again!! That's right! This time it's a Soul Calibur II fanfiction, aptly named "Soul Calibur 2003"!!



North of Hamburg, Germany, January 2003

Gregory Harvey frowned as he rested his hand against a crumbling pillar in the dark ruins. He didn't even know what he and the rest of his excavation team were doing in this godforsaken place. The stranger who had given them the job said he would pay a large sum for whatever they could find, but he never said what it was. How the hell were they supposed to know what they were looking for?!

"Hey, boss!" One of the men called from across the makeshift bridge that stretched across the chasm. "I think we found something!!"

Harvey looked up. A bunch of workers were standing around something. Feeling hopeful, Harvey walked quickly across the bridge and pushed his way into the circle. He recoiled almost instantly, swearing.

The thing was lying against one of the walls. It might have been a man once, but the passage of decades- possibly centuries- had worn away any distinguishable features and rusted the armor the man was wearing. Harvey involuntarily knelt down and touched the corpse's face, brushing aside the silvery-blonde hair. As he expected, the body crumpled under his fingers and turned to dust.

The other men backed up in shock as a moan echoed through the ruins, but the noise quickly turned into shouts of excitement coming from the chasm, from the men who had taken the lift (which was really nothing more than a platform and a few pulleys) into the abyss. Harvey and the other men hurried over to their side of the chasm and looked down. The men were coming up, and they had something with them on the lift. Harvey's face lit up.

"Get down there and help them!" he shouted orders at the other workmen, "I think we found what were looking for!!"

Wah-hoo!! So far so good ::does a dance to "Endless Love" by Two-Mix::!! Er… Yeah. Hope to have the other chapter up in a week or so, but it's difficult with school and Driver's Ed and the next play is starting soon, too. Don't despair, friends!! I'll pull through, and you'll (probably) get your fanfics on time! I'll be seeing ya!

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NOTE ADDED 1/DECEMBER/2003: Hey all, it's Megun-chan. A lot of you have reviewed requesting to be specific characters in the coming chapters. I'm afraid to say this (because people might hurt me), but this isn't going to be one of the stories where various authors become various characters. And I already have written a few chapters, and have the characters all figured out. I should have made that clear earlier, and I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings (Now I feel bad). HOWEVER!!! If it's all right with you readers, you can still take part as various students or teachers (And expect some of you people to get hurt bad or possibly die; This fanfic was conceived after weekends of Soul Calibur II and weekday mornings of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer").

Thank you for understanding (hopefully ), and I hope you keep reading and reviewing regardless!! (Heh heh, alliteration!! XD)