A/N: A TP candle (ficlet approx 250 words long). Not done anything like this before but it was kinda a challenge response. So basically its pretty rubbish (to be polite) but enjoy anyways! (Just a little something to keep my mind ticking over until I can work out the next scene of SL.)

Nawat crouched in a tree, watching Aly. She was standing some distance away on the edge of the high rocks, gazing out across the land before her. The light breeze picked up her shoulder-length hair and whisked it about her neck and face. The sun was setting behind the headland on the horizon, and her shapely form was a dark silhouette against the burning sky. It was such a natural image, so pure and beautiful and it filled his chest with a fresh warmth he now associated with her.

She was so beautiful, so perfect in every way. And there was no doubt in his heart that they would be together, and be mates until the sun died. They would be ideal as mates. She might not be born as a crow like him, but he could see the trickster's characteristic personality within her. They would spend every day together, and have plenty of crow-children as beautiful as their mother.

Nawat smiled at his own thoughts. How he wished she understood, but she seemed stuck fast to these human ideas. She didn't want to be his mate yet, but he couldn't see the point in delaying the inevitable. Surely she could see that? Oh well, he wouldn't worry. He would let her continue with her strange ways, until she came around and settled down with him for once and for all.

Nawat leapt lightly out of the tree and padded across the ground to Aly. She smiled up at him, and he smiled back, putting his arm protectively around her shoulders. The rejection he was expecting never came.

~ Fyre Thief.