Great Expectations

By Ysabet

It was moments like this, thought Loki, that being a god really was a drawback.  Being a god meant that there was No-One you could pray to for patience, intervention or a lightning-strike; you had to do the dirty work yourself.  Any prayers *he* might make would almost certainly go straight to the ears of Odin Allfather, which would fall under the category of Bad Things.

*Ah well.*   He steepled his hands in front of him, eyeing his current problem.  It fidgeted.

"So… just to make sure things are clear, let me go over this one more time.  Last night you had a—romantic encounter, was it?—with an, errrrr, a member of the opposite sex—and now you're—what was the term you used?"

The subject of his speculation mumbled something, turning even pinker than before.

"—'knocked up', yes; that was it."  He sighed; he was getting a headache of divine proportions.  "Are you SURE?  I mean, isn't it a little soon to know this sort of thing?  Perhaps it's just, mmm, gas?"

A wince and a rueful headshake.


The God of Mischief and Chaos briefly considered the consequences of packing his belongings and sneaking out in the dead of night; surely he could find *someplace* where his offspring, enemies and minions would be unable to find him—Tibet?  Guam?  Lower Bolivia?  No, better to stay and face the music; Fenrir would probably be able to sniff out his trail without breaking a sweat.  And speaking of relatives--  "Yamino-kun?" he raised his voice slightly, glancing up towards the open door.  "Have you had any luck in looking up non-earthly gestation-lengths?"

His son came in through the door, looking more than a little perturbed as he closed the heavy, dusty book he had been thumbing through.  "Yes, but it's not exactly good news.  And of course, the,  err, father's species creates a bit of a complication—"

Loki frowned a little, his brows knitting together.  "'Jonathan', wasn't it?  Some sort of shinigami/shikigami hybrid, maybe?  I've seldom dealt with shinigami, but most of them are more… hominid-looking than that, aren't they?"  He cast the blushing creature before him a dubious look.  "I'm sure that he has his, ahh, own certain sort of charm, but--  Did you two *have* to go and--?"


It had been, he thought resignedly, his own comments that the shinigami had resembled a certain member of his household that had sent her off to make his acquaintance.  Perhaps he should stand as god-parent?

"Yamino-kun, you were saying something about 'not exactly good news'?"  Loki braced himself.

"Well, yes.  Most shikigami give birth within forty-eight hours of conception, but with a shinigami/shikigami cross, it could be as little as twenty-four—"

The God of Mischief's eyes widened.  Across from him, a plump Ecchan suddenly made a noise somewhere between a squeak and a startled 'eeeep!'; her eyes crossed and she quivered all over.

"Oh dear."  Loki blinked at what was beginning to occur in his best office chair.  "Errr, Yamino-kun?  Could you get your oven-mitts, please?"

Was it possible, he wondered as he hastened around his desk towards the decidedly unhappy and straining shikigami, to charge a Paternity Suit in the Afterlife?


Ysabet's Notes: Aaack; please forgive my silliness here-- I mean, a Loki/Full Moon wo Sagashite crossover? But the dratted thing wouldn't leave me alone 'til I wrote it. Do not, I warn you, try to envision the logistics of Ecchan and Jonathan; it'll only cause brain-damage. Happy Thanksgiving..... **wince**