Through His Eyes

By: Waterflash

Prologue: Conflict

*Botan's POV*

I watched all four of them fight with all their hearts. To them it seemed so natural, so ordinary. Yusuke, the tough type who runs into a fight. Kuwabara, a good fighter, but with no control of his skills. Hiei, a stubborn one, yet with a rare power. And Kurama…

Kurama… I loved to watch him fight. With a rose… A rose as a deadly weapon. He was the most elegant of all the Reikai Tantei. His movements were so swift, each of his attacks so graceful. He concentrated only on the battle, determined to come out the victor to protect those he loved. His mother, his stepfather, his stepbrother, and all the people around him. But now, Kurama seemed to be out of it. His heart wasn't in the battle.

Suddenly, Kurama let out a cry of pain. "Ugh!" I jumped slightly, and then tried to cover it up. He had a tendency to frighten me when he fought because of when he got injured. During his fight with Karasu, I was about to start bawling. He was so horribly injured; I thought he was going to die. And it scared me. I feared for his life… I thought for a moment. I was… I was ready to jump into that arena and sacrifice my life to save them. Ha, if Kurama would hear me thinking that, he would probably think me to be insane. [1]

                The demon they were facing was named Kuronue. The name had caused a large amount of discomfort with Kurama. Maybe there's something about him that he isn't telling us… "Kuronue..." Kurama said, it was so hushed I had to strain to hear.  

"Hm?" The tall, stately demon grunted. "Who are you?" He asked. [2]

"You don't remember me. But I remember you." Kurama said. Kuronue appeared to be irritated that Kurama wouldn't tell him who he was. "You're supposed to be dead..." Kurama whispered.

Kuronue was quite surprised and had a wistful smile on his face. "How could you know...? Unless you're really..."

"Yes Kuronue. It's me, Youko Kurama." I could tell from Kurama's eyes, that he felt guilty about something. It was eating him up inside.

Kuronue had an odd expression on his face. It was such a complex stare, full of hate, happiness, and pain. "I apologize... Kuronue... I didn't want to leave you there..." Hiei, who had been watching impatiently as they spoke, actually seemed to understand what they were talking about, unlike Yusuke, Kuwabara, and I. [3]

"I told you to leave... It's not your fault..." Kuronue said. Kurama looked relieved, but Kuronue continued. "But that doesn't mean that I forgive you! You fool!" He slashed Kurama down the face with his weapon. Blood splashed onto the ground. I bit my bottom lip to keep myself from crying out his name. It took everything I had to not rush over to him. [4]

"I let you leave me there because I wanted you to live!" He sliced Kurama again, yet he didn't move, he didn't make a sound. He didn't want to retaliate. "And then you fucking got yourself killed and now you're in that damn human body! Where's the Youko Kurama I knew? Where's my partner?" He stepped toward Kurama. "You aren't him. So it's time for you to die." [5]

Kuronue smirked. "I've picked up a few tricks in the past few years. I've learned how to use control ki. Guess what? It'll be the end of you." He moved his hands together, a glowing black light forming between them. The energy flowed from his fingers, tendrils of it twisting around his arm. I gasped. His amount of ki was overwhelming. If Kurama even got clipped by the blast, he would almost certainly die.

Yet Kurama still didn't move. Even as the sphere of energy grew nearer and nearer, he didn't even look up. Suddenly, I felt myself sprinting toward him. I didn't know why, but my legs had a mind of their own. The last thing I saw was Kurama's stunned face before darkness consumed me.

[1] Okay, so I haven't seen the Kurama vs. Karasu fight. But I've heard about it. I hope I got that right.

[2] Is Kuronue tall? o.O

[3] I don't know much about Kuronue's death. And all I know about it, I got from Raven Sin. (Thank you SOOOOO much!)

[4] What's the name of the weapon Kuronue uses? Isn't it some kind of sickle like thing?

[5] I think they were partners... Hopefully...

There's the prologue! I hope you all like it! This fic is dedicated to my dear friend Kaoru-dono Himura. I wanted to dedicate this to her because she's dedicated almost all of her fics to me and she's such a great friend! Kaoru-dono Himura, I hope you feel better! I want to talk to you soon! Love ya!

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