Chapter Three: Make Me Feel Alive
That voice…

I was paralyzed.

My mind raced, searching for an answer as to what that possibly could have been. My mouth moved as if I had no control over it, asking, "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Botan looked over to me curiously.

"I'm sorry… It must have just been my imagination. My mind is wandering again." I pretended to shrug it off, but it plainly wasn't going to disappear from my thoughts that quickly.

Shiori and Botan continued their conversation without pause.

There wasn't much more that would be considering interesting. Mainly about the weather and what had been going on…

I pulled out three plates, and placed one Belgian waffle on each. I sprayed some whip cream on the top, and dropped some ripe strawberries onto the top.

"Breakfast's ready!" I picked up two plates, and set them gently on the table, one in front of Shiori, the other in front of Botan.

I had already gotten the silverware out, and Shiori immediately began to eat. Botan on the other hand…

"Is anything wrong, Botan-san?" I asked her, wondering if my cooking was really that bad.

She bit her lip, almost as if she was debating as to what to say.

I just realized then that Botan probably couldn't see what she was eating. I pulled my chair up next to her, and gently picked up the knife and the fork. I'm not even sure Botan has eaten with American utensils… or at a table, even! My mother had always been fascinated with the Western culture, so she had renovated the kitchen with that in mind.

I began to cut her food into small pieces so that she wouldn't accidentally choke. It took me only a few moments, since it was natural to me. "Botan-san, would you mind if I fed you? I don't want to do anything that would make you feel uncomfortable."

"N-No, it's o-okay with me," she stuttered.

I impaled a piece of the waffle with the fork, and brought it up to her lips. "Open your mouth, and be sure to nod when you're finished." She smiled at me, before she took the delicious morsel into her mouth.

I thought I would die. Okay, she was beautiful enough on her own, but the way she ate… Kami, it was going to kill me. The way savored each taste, the way she made small noises of approval, the way she closed her eyes as she swallowed, and the way she seemed so content…

"Mm… Shuuichi-kun… excellent…" She nodded again and parted her lips. This time, I picked up a strawberry, but not with the fork, with my fingers.

I placed the tip of the fruit on her tongue, and watched as she nibbled all the way up to the leaf. She even sucked the strawberry for some of the flavor! Just the way she ate was driving me insane!

Shiori's Point of View

I was shocked.

I don't mean that in a bad way.

Shuuichi's actions just sort of surprised me. I've never seen him like this…

He's never been that tender and caring to anyone… Maybe to me, but this was different. This wasn't just like anything I had seen from him before.

He was in love.

Though he may not of realized it, there's just something. It's too hard to express what I know. It's just… there's certain ways you act, certain ways he moves, certain looks in his eyes…

It may just be what happened to her… but usually, a mother is not off by much when it comes to these things.

I silently picked up my plate and left the room. They need time alone…

Shuuichi… don't be a dense fool like I… don't realize it before it's too late…

I watched on from around the doorway, smiling at what unfolded next.

Botan's Point of View

It was almost like a dream. I could never have imagined that Kurama would be doing this for me. The food tasted so wonderful, and he was so kind… Not like he ever wasn't, mind you.

I finished swallowing the strawberry, and I nodded, hoping that there was so much more. He gave me even more whipped cream on this piece. I love whipped cream!

"Botan-san, you have some whipped cream on your cheek," he said softly. I slid my hand down my right cheek, but I felt nothing there.

"I'll get it for you…"

I felt a something moist against my lips, and I parted them, wondering if it was more food, but it felt so warm and soft… it had a distinct feel… it wasn't food, that's for sure. I felt Kurama's hand brushing the side of my face, bringing me forward.

That's when it hit me.

He was kissing me.

I instinctively pulled away with surprise at my realization.

"I-I'm sorry," he whispered apologetically, "I didn't mean to… take advantage of you."

I smiled at him, trying to get him to understand how I felt, "No, it's okay. It was sort of… nice."

"Y-You think so?"

"Yes… I've never known how it would feel to be kissed. I… want it again."

It returned as he granted my wish.

"I want to feel more… please… show me I'm still alive. Ever since I've lost my sight, it's almost as if I'm dead. I want to know if I'm alone… or if you're truly here with me."

Suddenly, I felt my face dampen, with not my tears, but Kurama's.

"I'm so sorry I've caused you so much pain… so much… I don't understand how you can possibly have me around you…"

"It's because you mean so much to me… Will you show me?"

I felt him wrap his arms around me. "I don't want to hurt you… you know I'll have to."

I pressed a single finger to his lips. "Shush… I don't want to hear that you'll hurt me… You'll only hurt me if you say no."

His flow of tears was ending, and he agreed. "I'd do anything for you."

From somewhere beyond Kurama and I, I felt Shiori behind the door, her ki a happy one.

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Kurama's Point of View

I rested on top of her body, holding her close to mine. "I'm not too heavy, am I?"

She shook her head. "No, I love having you there. You make my body so warm… You make me alive."

"I've fulfilled your needs," I said, "right?"

"You made love to me, Kurama. Knowing that I was one with you is the feeling that I've dreamt of for so long. You've made the emptiness and the loneliness disappear." She lovingly brushed her hand down my face.

We sat there, silent, basking in the afterglow for quite awhile, until I asked her something I hadn't even thought of before.

"Botan… do you love me?"

Botan smiled softly at me, wrapping her slender arms around my neck.


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