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Prologue – The Rescue

It was midnight on Privet Drive and unsurprisingly Harry Potter was awake and looking out of the window

waiting for his pickup. As Harry waited he thought back to when he had received the letter from Professor Lupin,

the letter that told him that he was finally free from this part of his life. Just before Mr Weasley, Mad Eye Moody,

and Tonks went for their "Talk" with his uncle; Professor Lupin slipped him a note saying not to open it until he was alone.

Later that day once the Dursleys were asleep Harry finally opened the note, and when he did the most amazing       

feeling came over him, something he had not felt in a long while; Hope. This was because the letter told him that the Dursleys were not his only family, that he had another Aunt in America and that the order was searching for her. All they had to go on was a name and the knowledge that she was his mother's twin.

            A week later Harry received another letter from Remus saying they were actually getting closer to finding his aunt,

saying that she had been seen in New York working at Xavier's School for the gifted. And then, three days ago the best of

the lot; she had been found, told about Harry and his situation, and was coming in a few days with Remus and a friend.     

And this brought Harry to his current situation; waiting for his pickup from the first 15 years of his life and away to the rest of his life. He was woken from his musings by a loud crack. Concentrating on what he was looking at, in the street in front of number 4 there was a triple decker bus colored purple; The Knight Bus. As he watched, four people disembarked and he recognized one of them: Remus Lupin. The other two he had never met before but one of them looked exactly like his own mother, and the other man was rather short but from Harry's first impression he would scare the hell out of anyone. This man was about his height, was extremely solidly built and had very thick hair. Purposefully the group of three strode towards the house and whilst they did so Lupin was warning the two new people about Vernon and to try not to provoke him, When Harry heard this he let out a snort, just being there would provoke Vernon especially at this time of night. Lupin heard this and grinned. "Harry, hold on a sec we're just trying to find a way in." he said.

Just as Remus finished speaking the other man started "Oh hell just move out the way." He growled. What Harry saw next was shocking, with a 'snikt' out of his hand came three nine inch metal claws and as he watched with one punch the front door of the house was shattered into firewood. At this there was a cry of outrage from the end of the hall; Vernon Dursley was awake.

 As the group of three entered Lupin said "Be ready for Harry's uncle." At this Logan snorted "If you think I can't handle one seriously overweight bloke, you got another think coming bub." . "Now all we are here for is to fetch Harry" said Jean "No need to get too destructive".  "Too late" Lupin groaned as he heard what sounded like a roll of thunder but was in actual fact Vernon Dursley running down the stairs. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOT DOING HERE" Vernon shouted, his face turning purple. "Come to collect Harry and remove him from here for good." Said Jean calmly. "Oh no you bloody don't" said Vernon, still shouting. "Want to bet on that, bub" Growled Logan, stepping forward and unsheathing his adamantium claws. When Vernon saw this his face changed from apocalyptic purple to a strange shade of green.

Petunia Dursley was standing at the top of the stairs looking down at what was going on and then she noticed who was coming up the stairs. This made her turn as white as a ghost. Coming up the stairs she saw someone she had dearly hoped never to see again: Her other sister. All of a sudden in her head there was a quiet "~Hello sis~" and with that Petunia Dursley fainted. Looking around she searched for Harry's mind and she found it in what looked almost like a prison cell, the amount of locks on the door was staggering, so using her telekinetic powers she ripped the door off its hinges and went in.                                     

Harry was waiting for Lupin or one of his other rescuers to come and get him out of the room so they could leave, when there was a creaking at the door and then it was ripped away so Harry thought Lupin had come to get him but those thoughts quickly changed as the woman he had seen outside floated in. "~Up close she looks even more like my mum~" Harry thought. "That's because she was my twin sister." Replied his rescuer "How did you know what I was thinking?" asked Harry. "First, lets get you out of here, we are going off to Grimmauld Place for a couple of hours and then to the final destination." , "Oh my name is Jean Grey-Summers" she continued. "Harry Potter" Harry grinned "Now lets get the hell out of here" he said and with that went to pick up his trunk but before he got there it levitated and floated behind him. Harry looked at Jean with a questioning expression, "When we get to Grimmauld place, I promise." She said and then started to walk down the stairs so Harry followed. When he got to the bottom of the stairs he saw something he never thought possible: Vernon Dursley crouched in a corner with his arms wrapped around his legs, quite obviously scared out of his mind. Once Jean had seen the state of Mr. Dursleys she looked at Logan disparagingly. "What did you do?" she half shouted. "Only that" said Logan pointing at the totally destroyed TV. "The rest was all thanks to our calm and placid friend here." He continued referring to Lupin. "Nice one Professor Lupin, shame we can't show The Weasley's though" said Harry. "We can show them all in Glorious Pensieve-vision" crowed Lupin, whilst pulling out a Shrunken Pensieve.

"All right, Lets get out of here." Said Jean, sounding remarkably like Professor McGonagall, "Come on here's the Portkey" she continued. The four of them gathered in the lounge with Harry's trunk and Hedwig's cage (Hedwig was off delivering a letter to Hermione) Remus counted down "5, 4, 3, 2, 1" and with that there was a pop and there were no signs that anyone had just been there apart from the destroyed front door and television.


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