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Mistaken Identity

Kagome was chilling at her boyfriend's apartment. She was doing some research for her history project online and borrowing his computer. He was watching television with a couple of his buddies.

Suddenly, an instant message popped up for Kouga.

"Hey, Kouga-kun, you got an instant message." Kagome informed her boyfriend who was intently watching some football game on television.

"Who is it?" Kouga asked.

"It's Steel Claws." Kagome answered turning in her seat to talk to her pre-occupied boyfriend.

Kouga glanced over at his girl friend. His icy blue eyes took in her beauty as her own light blue eyes searched his. "That's dog-face. You go ahead and talk to him. Tell him I'm watching football." Kouga turned back around to enjoy the game with his friends Ginta and Hakkaku.

Steel Claws: Hey wolf-boy.

SpeedDemon: Hi Inuyasha, what's up?

Steel Claws: Inuyasha? You never call me that. Who is this?

SpeedDemon: This is Kagome. Kouga's watching football.

Steel Claws: Aren't you his woman or something?

SpeedDemon: Geez, is he still calling me that? I'd be insulted if I hadn't gotten so used to it.

Steel Claws: How long you been going out?

SpeedDemon: On and off for 4 years.

Steel Claws: WHAT?! You're practically married!

SpeedDemon: LOL, hardly. He would be the death of me. I can barely handle the arrangement we have, but it's worked so far.

Steel Claws: Arrangement? Sounds interesting.

SpeedDemon: Indeed. We date for a month, then break up for two weeks, date for a month, break up.

Steel Claws: Quite a routine.

SpeedDemon: You have no idea. We even have it down to the minute what time we'll break up. Our next time is tomorrow at 315. I think we're going to have a fight about his possessiveness.

Steel Claws: What the hell?

SpeedDemon: We take turns on the fight. It's his turn to be at fault. Last time it was because I didn't pay enough attention to him.

Steel Claws: Wierdo.

SpeedDemon: Am NOT a wierdo! It's more of a game.

Steel Claws: I C

SpeedDemon: What did you want 'dog-face'?

SteelClaws: Hmmm, tell your boy toy I'm gonna beat his a$$ at the tournament in two weeks.

SpeedDemon: ooooooookay.

Steel Claws: So what's your SN?

SpeedDemon: I am dating Kouga. He won't like if I give away my SN to just anyone. Were not paying attn? Our next fight is over his possessive nature.

Steel Claws: Oh come on. I live in Australia, wuz it gonna hurt you?

SpeedDemon: I don't know. U boys tend to hate each other.

Steel Claws: That's not true, only on the Judo mat. Me and Kouga is best buds!

Speed Demon: Fine. It's AngelK.

Steel Claws: Sweet. L8r (*signs off*)

Kagome got off Kouga's screen name and tried to finish up with her history research. She couldn't possibly research the weapons of Fuedal Japan with so many interruptions. After thirty minutes of google searching she had finally acquired the necessary information about ancient bows and katanas of that era.

"Hey babe, you done yet?" Kouga asked from his position on the couch. A commercial was on so he had turned to see what his woman was up to.

Kagome flashed him her dazzling smile and mischief reflected in her eyes. "Yes, my wolf-god, I am at your disposal now."

Kouga suddenly leapt over the couch and slung his woman over his shoulder as he carried her back to sit with him on the couch. After plopping down upon the soft cushions he set his girlfriend in his lap and rested his chin upon her shoulder as she leaned back against his muscular chest.

"By the way, Yasha says he's gonna kick you're a$$ at the tournament," Kagome informed him.

"Whatever, he said that last year too. It doesn't really matter, because his stupid brother is the one to focus on," Kouga answered.

"Isn't Sesshoumaru the world champion?" Ginta asked as he snatched some popcorn from the bowl on the coffee table in front of the couple on the couch.

"You're going to be in my corner backing me, right babe?" Kouga asked Kagome in a husky tone near her ear.

Kagome seemed to ponder the question and raised her hand in the air to count her fingers. "Two weeks? Sure, I imagine we'll be a couple by then again." She smiled teasingly at him as he lightly tapped her upside the head.

"You two still play that game? Can't you just decide to stay together or break up for good?" Hakkaku asked.

"Nah, we're just too perfect for each other and need to take a break so as not to be corrupt by the absolute perfection that is us." Kouga answered trying to sound highly philosophical.

Kagome reached up and pinched his nose. "Don't even try and sound all philosophical mister. We all know you had to repeat Philosophy 101 twice and everyone in this room knows you too well to believe your bull."

Kouga smiled at her before returning his attention to the football game. There was a far away look in his eyes as he was absorbed thoroughly in the game. "I'll just have to work harder on my bull then. Perhaps, you should wear red more often," he said jokingly.


Inuyasha was bored. That Kagome chick seemed pretty cool. He'd seen a picture of her before during the last tournament when Kouga had been bragging about how he was dating the most beautiful woman in the world. And that unfortunately she couldn't attend his tournament because she was in an archery tournament of her own.

Inuyasha wouldn't say she was the most beautiful woman in the world, but she was definitely pretty hot. Maybe she would come with Kouga to this tournament. It might be kind of fun to try and steal 'his woman' from him right under his nose.

Inuyasha smirked. Oh yes, this was going to be some entertainment. He ran his long fingers through his silver locks as he stared absently at a poster on his wall of European sports cars.

"I need your laptop," Sesshoumaru said as he barged into Inuyasha's room.

"Hey! You can't just walk in here and demand to use my stuff," Inuyasha shouted angrily. "You're such an arrogant prick!"

Sesshoumaru merely locked his golden gaze onto his younger brother's and replied, "I just did." Then he shoved his brother out of the room. He wanted to download some songs from the Internet that he had heard would aid in his mediation practices.

He pulled out Inuyaha's office chair and flicked on the computer and waited for the Internet to start up.

Sesshoumaru was downloading some classical music when his brother's instant messenger window popped up.

AngelK: Hi there stranger.

Should he answer? It was after all a message for his brother. Sesshoumaru himself was hardly ever online, women seemed to always discover his SN and constantly bombard him with questions and ask him out on dates. Desperation was something he abhorred.

Steel Claws: Hi

AngelK: How are things Down Under mate?

Steel Claws: Mate? Who is this? Where on EARTH did you learn to talk?

AngelK: We talked earlier today, remember? And I come from the states. I thought you knew that.

Steel Claws: We did NOT talk earlier today. I believe I would remember talking to someone like you.

AngelK: Is your brain broken? One too many knocks in the head by your brother the great Sesshoumaru?

The great Sesshoumaru? Well perhaps this woman was smarter than he originally gave her credit for. He was sort of enjoying hearing her so riled up.

Steel Claws: The GREAT Sesshoumaru?

AngelK: I'm sure that's what he thinks he is. World champion = great. Don't cha think?

Steel Claws: This is not Inuyasha.

AngelK: oooo noooo, lemme guess...THE great Sesshoumaru?

Steel Claws: Perhaps you are smarter than I thought.

AngelK: WoW! You thinking? Why are you on Yasha's computer?

Steel Claws: Since it is illegal to pirate things off the internet I prefer to use the half-wit's computer to do it.

AngelK: So you're an under cover pirate!

Steel Claws: Whatever 'mate. (*Steel Claws signs off*)

Kagome simply stared at her monitor and thought 'Well that was rude.' She sighed and wondered why she even bothered trying to talk with that Inuyasha character again. She had Kouga and didn't need to deal with any other guys. That wolfish boy was enough trouble on his own.

Suddenly the door to her bedroom was throne open and an anxious girl rushed in and grabbed her by her shoulders.

"Kagome! OH my gawd! OH my gawd! You aren't going to believe this!" Eri shouted excitedly while shaking the helpless girl.

"Calm down Eri, what am I not going to believe? Who let you in anyway?"

"Oh, Sango let me in but I rushed past her because I had to tell you first." Eri gasped for breath, her excitement was too much for her. Sango soon rushed into the room.

"What's going on? Why did you just barge in like that?" Sango demanded of the intruder of her and Kagome's apartment. She took a seat on Kagome's yellow bedspread and awaited her answer.

"It's Hojo! I hear he's going to ask you out tomorrow after you and Kouga break up!" Eri exclaimed excitedly. Kagome and Sango both rolled their eyes.

"Is that all? He always asks me out. What's so new about this time?" Kagome asked.

Eri looked shocked. "How can you say that? This is HOJO we're talking about here!" Eri had a dreamy look in her eyes. She had a crush on Hojo since grade school. Unfortunately, he only seemed to have eyes for Kagome and she didn't even appreciate it!

"Why don't you go out with Hojo?" Sango asked bored with the subject as she rolled onto her back on the mattress.

"What?! Are you crazy? He's in love with Kagome!" Eri explained in exasperation.

"He should move on. Geez, it's obvious that Kouga and I are together and have been for at least the last four years," Kagome muttered.

"Yeah, but you and he are breaking up again," Eri replied.

"But everybody knows it's not a real break up. That's enough of this. I need to get out of here. Sango, got any ideas?" Kagome asked her best friend.

Sango sprang up from her position on the bed and a light bulb seemed to go off. "Why don't we go to the movies? You and Kouga, me and Miroku, and Eri and Hojo? It would be great!"

"Perfect, you call the boys, I'm going to go take a shower." Kagome left her friends without another word. She pivoted on her heel and returned a moment later and asked, "Wait, when did Miroku get here?"

"This afternoon. He's here for the next two weeks," Sango answered cheerfully. She had met Miroku through Kouga about two years ago. Unfortunately for her, he lived in Australia. But fortunately, he usually spent the two weeks prior to tournaments visiting Kouga.

"Ah, okay," Kagome said before redirecting back to the bathroom.

Eri stood there gapping at Sango. "But, but, but I CANT go out with Hojo!"

"Sure you can. Besides, I can't trust Miroku to go out on a date with just the two of us. He's better behaved in a group."


Inuyasha impatiently paced outside his bedroom door waiting for his pretentious older brother to finish. Finally, Sesshoumaru emerged from his room and Inuyasha wasted no time in rushing in to question him.

"Were you on my screen name? Did a girl named 'AngelK' IM me? She was supposed to."

Sesshoumaru looked at him coldly and brushed past him into the hallway. "I am not your messenger service."

Inuyasha walked into his room and sat at his desk. 'Why am I so desperate to talk to her? It's not like I really talked to her earlier anyway. But she did always sound really awesome from the way Kouga has talked about her.'

She wasn't online, so he decided to forward his messenger service to his cell phone. It wasn't that he was desperate, just intrigued. Yeah, intrigued was the reason. Well he certainly wasn't going to sit around his room all evening and wait for her to get online. He needed to find a party and fast. Why did Miroku have to leave him? He was the one that always found out where the action was.

As if some god was listening, his cell phone began to chirp. He flipped it open and was met with the annoying voice of Yura. She was some girl completely obsessed with hair. But she did just tell him about a happening party. He hung up quickly and hurried to Sesshoumaru's lair down the hallway.

He knocked on the door before opening it to find his brother lying on his bed staring at the ceiling with a copy of The Iliad sitting across his chest. "Yo Sessh, you wanna go to a party?"

"Who's gonna be there?"

"I dunno, but it's at Naraku's house."

"I do not associate with such filth."

"Kagura's going to be there," Inuyasha said trying to persuade him.

"That girl that's obsessed with my hair?" Sesshoumaru asked raising an eyebrow.

Inuyasha thought for a moment. "No, that's Yura. Kagura's the one obsessed with your body."

"My previous answer remains resolute. Bye now."

"Fine." Inuyasha stomped out of his brother's room.

As soon as Sesshoumaru heard the front door slam signaling his brother's departure he hopped out of bed and went to his computer and signed online under his secret 'spy' screen name and added one AngelK to his buddy list.

'If Inuyasha is so desperate to talk to her, she may be more entertaining than I thought.'


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