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The Condition

There was only one condition set by Kagome's recently reconciled parents for her stay in Australia. She would not be staying at Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha's house. Instead she would take up residence at Kaede's with Kikyo. The elderly woman already was active in the housing of exchange students program so it wasn't very difficult to make the arrangements.

Kikyo angled her head to inspect the pair of navy dress slacks she was hanging in the closet she would now be sharing with her American roommate. "You know, we're practically the same size," she said letting the suggestion left unsaid.

"Yeah, yeah, you can borrow my stuff," Kagome answered absently. She was busy trying to establish the wireless internet connection to her laptop to pay much attention. She had been unpacking for a grand total of twenty minutes before she left the task to Kikyo and focused on establishing her instant messenger. She really wanted to talk to Sesshoumaru and Kaede was on the telephone.

"What are you doing?" Kikyo inquired, after hanging another pair of slacks in the closet and walking over towards Kagome. She observed Kagome's every frustrated expressions as she couldn't get the wireless internet to work. Then without a word, the dark haired woman walked towards the internet cable and plugged it into the back of the broadband router.

"Eureka! It works!" Kagome exclaimed happily as she started up instant messenger. Kikyo shook her head and shut the top of the laptop. "What did you do that for?" Kagome demanded, giving her new roommate a glare.

"You can't spend all your time on the internet," Kikyo told her calmly. She pointed towards the window where a beautiful autumn sky was illuminated by the low hanging sun. "Let's go outside."

Kagome blinked at her in astonishment. "You turn off my computer and then suggest going outside to enjoy the weather?"

"Yes," Kikyo answered bluntly.

"But I wanted to talk to Sesshoumaru," Kagome argued as she lifted the top of her laptop to turn it back on. It was slammed right back down, narrowly missing her fingertips.

"He's outside you fool," Kikyo explained.

This time when Kagome looked out the window she finally noticed that the man in question was sitting just outside in the driveway, straddling his motorcycle. She was astonished that she had obviously not heard the sound of his motor.

"Well okay then, let's go outside," Kagome agreed cheerfully, making a mad dash out the door. Kikyo trailed behind, shaking her head at the woman's foolishness. She ignored her own feelings of giddiness at seeing that Sesshoumaru wasn't the only visitor.

Parked in the driveway next door was the jeep of one Inuyasha Hayate. "What are you doing here?" Kikyo asked the young man that was leaning against the large tree in the front yard. He gestured his hand towards his brother and Kagome.

"Idiot was going to get himself killed, so I drove behind him serving sort of like one of those police escorts, but in reverse," Inuyasha explained. He began to snicker. "I can't believe what an idiot he acts like when it comes to her." He flicked some dirt from beneath his fingernail absently. "It's like he has a heart after all."

Sesshoumaru willed himself to ignore his brother's conversation with the Japanese woman. He had better things to do with his time. Better things involved the woman that was standing beside him as he straddled his motorcycle. "I was starting to think your mother would keep us separated for ever."

Kagome reached her arms up and circled them around his neck as he slid her to sit sideways across his lap on the bike. "It wouldn't have been so bad if dad hadn't agreed to keep us away."

He leaned down his head to rest his forehead against hers, white bangs mixing with dark ones. "I thought Ryu liked me," he closed the distance and kissed her softly, enjoying the feel of her body melting against him.

Kagome pulled back for breath. "I think it's more that he likes my mother, but he did still let me come to Australia for the semester. Mom wanted to nix the whole idea. And since they are paying the bills for my education they get the final say." She looked around, confusing knitting her brow. "Where's that Jaken fellow?"

Sesshoumaru's lips thinned at the name of his 'loyal' servant courtesy of Mr. Higurashi. Needless to say the little toad's attitudes had changed with Ryu's sudden accord with Kagome's mother. The front door was swung open with a slam that shook the entire structure of the small house, gaining everyone's attention.

In the doorway stood the usually benign elderly woman, with the cordless phone still in her hand. "What are you boys doing here?" Kaede demanded, unhappy to have unexpected visitors. She had been given strict orders by the Higurashis to make sure there were no unannounced visitations, strict orders given just over the phone moments ago.

Sesshoumaru gave the woman a cool stare.

Kaede shifted under his intense eyes, but held firm to her obligation. "I'm afraid gentlemen that you'll have to leave."

"Very well," Sesshoumaru agreed. He turned Kagome so that she was sitting in front of him on his motorcycle. "I will leave if I can take Kagome with me. I would enjoy the pleasure of feeding her."

"I'm afraid she's not allowed to leave the property right now," Kaede answered without an ounce of wavering.

Sesshoumaru cocked his silvery brow at her tone and decided to pay his elder respects. "Very well," he put down his kickstand again. He took hold of Kagome's wrist and grabbed Inuyasha's ear and headed towards the front porch. "We shall just order in." He stood in front of Kaede. "May we be invited in?"

Kaede looked at the hopeful look in both Kagome and Kikyo's eyes. She also couldn't miss the fact that muscle in Inuyasha's cheek was twitching in agony as his ear was being pulled upon. She gave a resigned sigh, "Very well, won't you come in?"

"We'd be delighted," Sesshoumaru answered in his most polite voice. Kagome couldn't help but look up at him with a lovesick smile.

Inuyasha managed to wrench himself free of his older brother's grasp. "I can't believe I started this." He rolled his eyes at his brother and Kagome.

Kaede let the young people enter her home and released a huge sigh of defeat. Hopefully the Higurashis would understand. She couldn't help but grin after she overheard the conversation passing between Sesshoumaru and Kagome. Who'd have thought they would be discussing the literary quality of War and Peace?

"So, pizza alright with everyone?" Inuyasha suggested, having snatched the phone from Kaede as he walked past her in the doorway.

"Try and use some creativity," Sesshoumaru implored as he takes the phone from his brother's hands. He typed in the appropriate number for the correct Italian food.

"Give it back thief!" Inuyasha challenged climbing over his brother's back to snatch back the telephone.

Sesshoumaru swung from right to left, trying to dislodge Inuyasha from his back. He walked backwards towards the wall and removed his younger brother by ramming him into it. He ordered pasta from a luxurious Italian restaurant.

"It was my idea for Italian food," Inuyasha spoke, rubbing his abused back after Sesshoumaru had hung up on the phone. Before Sesshoumaru could explain how his version of Italian food was vastly superior to the choice of his inferior brother the doorbell rang.

"Who could that be?" Kaede wondered aloud, exacerbated. She opened the door and speak of the devil, beyond it stood the short, toad of a being known as Jaken.

"Lord Sesshoumaru!" He wallowed past the old woman and bowed down deeply at the feet of the silvery haired man. "I apologize for intruding in your affairs, however Ryu-sama has requested my interference."

Inuyasha started growling imperceptibly, he didn't care for the short monster. It worshiped the ground Sesshoumaru walked on and ignored him. He was Kagome's friend too! Why didn't her dad think about that when he hired the nuisance to be Sesshoumaru's servant?

Jaken ignored the younger brother and continued to grovel at Sesshoumaru's feet. "Ryu-sama has arranged it with the university that you spend your final semester in a work-study. It has all been arranged for you to go back to America." The Japanese demon bowed even lower.

"What?" Sesshoumaru asked in such a quiet voice and yet it was loud enough to move mountains. He turned to Kagome but she was looking at him blankly. He reached down and lifted Jaken by the collar of his shirt shaking him like a rag-doll. "What did you say?"

Jaken squeaked. "That its all been arranged for you to work for Ryu in the Sydney office I mean!"


SexyMonk: I don't see what the big deal is.

Huntress: Of course not, that's because you're a perverted idiot.

SexyMonk: I represent that remark!

Huntress: I will not agree to such a suggestion! You need help!

SexyMonk: People do it all the time!

Huntress: People in freaky cults!

SexyMonk: It was just a suggestion, you don't have to go all crazy.

Huntress: What I want to know is how you even thought to bring up such a suggestion.

SexyMonk: Its not like it was my idea.

Huntress: What do you mean…then who's idea was it…exactly?

SexyMonk: It was more of the suggestion of this nice…lady…I met at the coffee shop today.

Huntress: Exactly how did this subject come up then?

SexyMonk: Is this an inquisition?

Huntress: I can NOT believe you! Are you shameless? I can't believe you would talk about our relationship with some stranger at a coffee shop. Are you using ME as a pick up line now?

SexyMonk: When you say it that way, it makes it sound dirty

Huntress: I am so unbelievably disgusted with you. Don't bother coming over tonight, I don't think I can bear to see the sight of you.

SexyMonk: Fine! I don't want to see you either!

Huntress: Oh? Going to make a trip to the coffee shop?

SexyMonk: No! As a matter of fact, I am swearing off women….as of NOW!

Huntress: Really? Hard to do when we're still dating.

SexyMonk: Then consider us broken up! (SexyMonk signs off)

Sango stared at the monitor for several minutes, waiting for her dysfunctional boyfriend to sign back on. He couldn't possibly be serious. She was teasing him like she always did. He needed to learn that he couldn't flirt with every thing with two X chromosomes!

She glanced over at her alarm clock to confirm that the time on her computer was correct. It had been half an hour and he didn't sign back on. He couldn't really be serious. Could he?

She was going to be moving to Australia in a few days to join Kagome there. They'd begin the semester on the following Monday. She'd see Miroku then and figure out exactly what he meant.


SexyMonk: (invisible mode): I've sworn off women

FieryLove: Excuse me?

SexyMonk (invisible mode): You heard me

FieryLove: That why you're invisible while your girlfriend is online?

SexyMonk (invisible mode): She's not my girlfriend anymore. I've sworn off women.

FieryLove: So….do you want my advice then?

SexyMonk (invisible mode): Yes, I want you to convert me over to the dark side.

FieryLove: This isn't StarWars.

SexyMonk (invisible mode): Whatever. So what should I look for in a good guy?

FieryLove: I think I must have a fever. I thought you just asked me how to find you a good guy.

SexyMonk (invisible mode): Scroll back up if your memory is that faulty.

FieryLove: You can't just choose to be gay….

SexyMonk (invisible mode): Yeah, well, I'm giving it a shot. Sango has driven me over the edge!

"Why are you laughing?" Bankotsu asked, walking in his brother's bedroom. Jakotsu was propped back in his chair and laughing so hard, Bankotsu was afraid he would hurt himself, or at least pull a muscle.

Jakotsu points towards his monitor, unable to explain as he gasped. Bankotsu read over the conversation with confusion etched all over his face. He looked back towards Jakotsu who was balancing on the back two legs of his chair. He thought about issuing him a warning about why their mother told them to not lean back in a chair that way, but couldn't find the ability to speak.

The conversation he read had stolen his ability to formulate words.


Kouga held the phone in his hand in shock. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. Ryu Higurashi, the man that hated him more than a rain on a parade, just arranged for him to work for him that semester in a work-study. Not only that, it was a work-study in Sydney.

Kagome was in Sydney.

Souta had told Kouga earlier that he was to expect an important phone call, but he had no idea it would be something like this! When the boy he coached had informed him that his parents had reconciled he didn't think it would lead to Kagome's father giving him the light of day.

Of course, he ignored the little detail that Sesshoumaru had also been given this opportunity to work for Ryu Higurashi.

If he didn't know any better he might think it was some sort of competition between Sesshoumaru and himself. It might have seemed as if Ryu was trying to decide whom to give his blessings for in regards to his daughter.

But, just because Ryu Higurashi came knocking on his door with an opportunity of a life time it didn't mean he had to take it. He'd have to think upon this possibility before completely dismissing it though.

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