Title: I Thought It Was The Flu
Author: Many wonderful writers from the HPRoundRobin@Livejournal, each chapter may be someone different from the one before
Rated: R for upcoming situations
Summary: Severus thinks he is sick, but finds out it's much more than he anticipated.
Pairing: SS/HP
Spoilers: None that i know of
Disclaimer: Not mine. No money made. These characters belong to JK Rowling
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I Thought It Was The Flu
Chapter 1

by goldenpaw and sherdelune


"Congratulations, Severus. You're expecting a baby." Those six words from Poppy Pomfrey's mouth shocked Severus to his very core.

"Pregnant? Impossible."

He had just thought he was suffering from a touch of stomach flu, what with the vomiting and dizziness he'd been experiencing. Apparently he couldn't have been more wrong.

"Yes, Severus, pregnant. About one month along."

He was laying down in his quarters going over the most impossible words he could have heard in his life. There is no way, that I could be pregnant. I didn't think men could get pregnant. I just assumed it was a myth.

However, there had been someone a month ago to come into his life. It had been just before the final battle...

He heard someone pounding on his private chamber door. He wasn't really in the mood for company and tried to ignore the unwelcome visitor, but the pounding grew more insistent.

Before he could reach the door to tell the visitor to go away, the door flew open.

"Hello, Professor!" Potter gasped, apparently surprised to see the man he was seeking just a few steps away.

"Potter, what in the bloody hell are you doing here and how did you get past my wards?" he growled at the younger wizard.

"Um... they weren't set, sir. The door opened when I leaned against it heavily," Potter panted out, as if out of breath from running to the dungeons.

"That's impossible, Potter. Just stop playing games and tell me what it is you want."

Here Potter paused, unsure of how to proceed. "The truth is, Professor," he began carefully, "I..erm..."

"Eloquent as ever, I see."

"Oh bugger it! I'm gagging for a shag... are you going to let me in?"

Snape was speechless. "WHAT!?"

"Please don't make me say it again..."

Potter pushed him through the door, kicking it closed behind him. Severus stumbled backwards and nearly toppled over the nearby sofa. Potter pushed him again, this time over the sofa and the older wizard fell full out along it's length.

For Severus, this was a Potter he was totally unaccustomed to. A dominant, purposeful Potter, apparently one who had a specific mission and goal in mind. Him.

"Potter..." he sputtered, only to be interrupted by Potter's lips descending on his own. He gasped, and he felt Potter's warm tongue invade his mouth.

He moaned, never had anyone been so commandeering with him before. He found it thrilling and intoxicating and he did not hesitate to answer this private call of desire. His tongue reached out and tangled with Potter's, as he pulled the young man down on top of him so that they had full body contact. He felt Potters hands roaming over every inch of his body.

He arched up into those questing hands, hands that made every cell of his body feel like it was on fire. He never knew that Potter's touch could inflame him, engulfing him in such heady desire.

Potter gasped for breath. "Do you have a bed, Professor?"

Not bothering to give a verbal response, he pushed Potter away for a second, allowing him room to move. Before Potter could utter a protest, he grabbed his hand and pulled the younger wizard towards his bedroom.

Severus sighed, for he didn't want to recall their session of lovemaking again, it just left a deep, piercing ache in his heart. He didn't know if Harry considered their night of passion more than just a one time thing, but for him it had been an awakening. The hard shell around his heart was shattered and Potter, no... Harry had crept in and taken over. Before they could have a chance to talk about their night together, his dark mark had burned, while Harry's scar flared to life and he had doubled over in pain. Harry had told him it was time. He'd left to go destroy Voldemort, which he had done. Only to vanish in the process.

Now here he was all alone, missing Harry, and pregnant. The others had given Harry up for lost, and had mourned his passing. I will not let them know that a bit of Harry still lingers in this world, for I will not let them use this child as ruthlessly as they had used Harry. He placed his hand gently on his stomach in a protective gesture and made a silent vow, he would care for and protect their child in a way Harry himself had never been.

His thoughts of the baby were interrupted when he heard an insistent pounding on his chamber door. Severus did not allow himself to hope, for he knew deep down that it wasn't Harry, though the situation reminded him so much of that night that was just a month passed, yet seemed like a lifetime ago. He got up wearily from his chair and went to answer the door. The pounding grew louder and Severus yelled, "Alright, alright, I'm coming. Keep your robes on."

He reached the door and opened it and stared in stunned surprise at the vision in front of him.