I think I need to clarify a few things for some of the reviews I've gotten on this story. First off, some of the chapters are short because I decided they're going to be.

If you've never read a book that has some shorter chapters, I suggest anything written by Terry Pratchett. The man doesn't even WRITE chapters. It's laid out in different sections that are sometimes not even a page long. Sometimes chapters are short. I am NOT going to write the chapters long just for the sake of writing them long. I put in a chapter what NEEDS to be in a chapter, and then I start a new one. It's how stories WORK.

Chapters don't have to be at least two thousand words just for the sake of being two thousand words. Or even just to entertain people. Most people who read are good enough to tell when it's necessary for a chapter to be a little short.

Therefore, I come to the main point of this notes section:

This is my story.

I'm going to write it how I want.

Sometimes chapters are going to be short.

Sometimes they'll be long.

And as the readers, you have two options.

1 - Deal with it.

2 - Go read something else.

And this over, I state that I truly hope you enjoy this fictional work for what it is...entertainment. It isn't meant to be a Shakespearean epic. It's not meant to be of the quality of the Illiad. It's not even meant to come close to some of the fanfiction works I've read before. It was a project, a work of pure fun for me. As such, it's come close to being the equivalent of putting my heart on paper. So please. Be kind to my work. Be kind to everyone's work. The authors here who work so hard to give you quality fiction to enjoy deserve kind, well-thought out reviews.

And we appreciate them when they arrive.

And one more note: Kate and Link are NOT a thing. They are not going to be a thing. John is Kate's thing. Zelda is Link's thing. Link and Zelda, in my fiction, are ALWAYS going to be a thing. (Aside from the rare AU Link/Sheik short I might write.) Andi is a classic romanticist, and Andi insists that in her fiction, the Hero wins his Princess.

It is the way of things, according to Andi's brain.