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Silent Awakening

Part 2


The stone walls echoed with soft footfalls as Tetheus and I walked side by side down the narrow corridor. He had thrust his hands into the leather pockets of his jacket, but every so often he would glance at me, to make sure I wouldn't keel over from the trauma of blood loss. I smiles despite myself, knowing how distressed over my well-being he was.

I continued to run my wounded hand over the cold stone. " Tetheus, what will happen to us if the Dragon Lord dies? He's been acting strange sense a couple days ago." I felt stupid, talk to a superior Officer like a small child, even if deep in my heart I knew he was a true friend.

"We'll continue on, I suppose." I turned my head up to him and could see the worry etched in his face. My heart sunk back to its original hovel deep inside me, like when I was back inside my room. I felt a hand on my shoulder. Tetheus smiled slightly.

"You worry too much. If your not careful, you'll take Alfeegi's place." I gave a small smile as the words cut deep into my skin. I stopped walking and dropped my hand. Tetheus turned around to stare at me with question.

"I-" My hands shook with a silent rhapsody flooded me. Some state of elated bliss; ecstasy filled my heart and blood, contrasting to my dark mood before Tetheus had found me. "I'm happy your not gone. I don't think I would have survived." I gave a small laugh witch sounded a bit like a choke bit off at the end.

"Come, Ruwalk, you dwell on too many dark things." Tetheus put his arm around my shoulders, his steely look slightly deteriorating as we rounded the corner to Cerenozura's hospital wing. "Lets get inside, you need some medical attention." I opened the door slowly, the cold copper handle slightly running shivers up my arm.

Tetheus pushed me inside rather forcefully. Looking around it was quite apparent that Cerenozura had her hands full with wounded Dragon Fighters. The lucky ones were able to lay on cots, some sat with others on low hanging hammocks that were hung crudely on the wall and ceilings. Still, other unfortunates sat against the cold stone wall, sporting cuts and severed limbs that were partly bandaged. The sight made the bile in my throat rise.

Tetheus seemed distressed. He caught Cerenozura by the arm as she tried to hurry toward a wounded Dragon Fighter with a bloody bandage over his eye. " You need to look at Ruwalk." She gave a shrill kind of laugh.

"I have more pressing matters to attend to." She tried to shrug him off but his nails bit into her pale flesh. "Okay, okay, I'll have one of my attendants look at him." Tetheus turned to face me. I must have looked a lot worse than before because Tetheus led me over to a chair that one of the wounded Fighters gave up for me.

The damp wicker work felt cool against my skin. A stinging sensation, but cool enough for the moment. The bout of chills my body suffered a few moments died down as a relaxed. I seemed to drift for a moment because suddenly I was being jerked around by a maid at my side.

"Wh-" My eyes widened and my instincts pulled my arm back against my body. The pretty maid smiled wryly, her brightly aqua hair spiked in the back seemed to shimmer as she checked my pulse and wrote down notes onto a pad of paper. She reminded me of Alfeegi.

"Well, you seem all fine." She pulled the stethoscope out of her ears. "You just suffered minor blood loss and had an anxiety attack. You should rest for a moment, you'll be fine." Cerenozura called her name and she smiled, bowing slightly before running over to help with a injured patient.

Tetheus was talking to a Messenger Dragon that had dodged in while walking to the King's chambers. He had on leather riding pants and a black shirt like Tetheus'. He was nodding and quickly excused himself.

"Its Kitchel, she's all right." Tetheus sighed wearily and leaned up against the wall. I smiled and was about to open my mouth when Tetheus continued on, his almond eyes staring blankly into space with a tired and haphazard look reflecting in them.

"Another wave of Demons is almost upon the castle." His lips barley moved and his shoulders hunched. Many fighters tensed around the small room. A female Dragon burst into tears, leaning on a blue haired Dragon, who kissed her lightly on the forehead before trying to coup with the possibility that they may never make it out of the castle alive.

I felt my blood boil again but remembered what the nurse said. "Please.." I looked up at Tetheus who was still staring at the wall. I felt opposite of the long forgotten anger. I wanted revenge for the two lives those Demons' took. "Let me fight with you." Tetheus convulsed.

"Are you kidding me? You can't hardly stand!" He shook his head, his black hair bobbing in the dim. He started to open the door, materializing his large sword from his hand. I scrambled out of the chair, clambering his hand. I looked up at him with hollow set eyes that to me, felt dead. I could feel him stiffen under my gaze.

"Tetheus.. please.. for them." Tetheus gave a shudder and his teeth grit.

"Fine, but I warn you, there might be no coming back." With that he waltzed out of the room, his robe flying behind him. I followed down the steps into the warm sunlight, Tetheus stood a little farther down the staircase that led to the main gate, the clouds rolling over my body as the sky darkened.

I felt something by my shoulder and turned to see there was a single white feather floating down from no where. As if from the heavens themselves.

"Alfeegi.." I whispered and caught the feather in my hand. So many memories. I glanced at my newly bandaged and hand clenched my fist around the feather, not crushing it, but enough to hold tightly to what was left of my un-shattered past.

"Ruwalk..its time." Tetheus readied himself as horrible noises, like those of snarling animals, could he heard off in the distance. I too raised my hand to unsheathe my sword.

"For you my friends, for you, my brothers. Let it begin!"