Will love come through?

Marleen sighed as she sat down looking into space. "Marleen." She turned to a fimilar voice. "Oh Yugi." "Marleen, I umm...will you marry me?" She stood up

a sad smile planted on her face. "No." she said flatly. "What.Why?" "Yugi, I can't, not after the way you acted." she said pointed to her injured chest. "Marleen..."

"Did you honestly think I would Marry you Yugi Kyto after all that you have done!!" "Marleen I love you..." She closed her eyes as tears began to stream down.

"I want to believe that Yugi more than anything." He looked shocked. "So I was a little competetive with Van." "A little you would have killed me and everyone else!"

3 years later: Marleen had stayed on second earth, and Yugi and most of the others went back down to earth after the blue had been defeated.


One day Marleen was dismissed for acting up again, trying to do things her way and was banished to second earth.

She walking down the streets of now the rebuild Tyoko. "Marleen." she looked to the man calling her name. Her eyes widened. "Yugi!" he ran and gave her a huge hug

She laughed. "You look well." "So do you." She smiled at him. "Yugi there's some things I want to talk about... ..." "Sure how about Lunch." "All right."

"So..do you remember when you asked me to marry you 3 years ago." "Yeah." "Well I..I think I made a mistake, I mean with the blue gone, you won't ..won't.."

"Go totaly nuts, and loose the girl I love?" She gave a small laugh. "Yeah." Yugi smiled. "So then...if you want to we could get married." he said in a joking tone.

"Yugi!" "Alright, alright, I'll do it right, Marleen Angle will you marry me." "Yes." Yugi smiled and pulled her into his arms and gave her a passionate kiss.

1 year later: Marleen was excpecting and was now in labor for their daughter.

The doctor came out. "Who's the party for Mrs. Marleen Kyto?" "I am." Yugi said standing up. "Well congratulations son, your wife gave birth to a healthy baby

girl." "Sakarie Kyto." Yugi smiled. And walked into to see Marleen. (Sa-car-ie) Sakarie.

5 years later.

(On the t.v) Reporter: There seems to be more blue arriving from second earth as we speak, Yugi Kyto, Marleen Angel are the last fighters who need to report

to the army immeditaly. They must catch them and stop them in space.


Marleen gasped. "Marleen let's get our stuff." "What about Sakarie." "We'll take her with us. " "I won't put my baby in danger!" "Marleen!" "Mommy" they looked

to their daughter, who had blonde hair and blue eyes, who was wiping her eyes and yawning holding her teddy bear 'Mr.Bear'. "Hunny." She looked to her daughter

than to Yugi.

Marleen, Yugi, and Sakarie arrived. "Take care of our daughter." Marleen handed her daughter to Nurse Joy. "I will, I have six of my own." "Mommy! Mommy! Daddy!

she screamed. Marleen started to cry on the space ship. Her tears floating around like pretty glass orbs. Yugi had a sturn face starring at Van.


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