Sakarie's pov.

It had been ten years since my mother and father had left me here, here on this earth, the blue are comming here, that's while we are here in this shelter it won't

last long. Soon we'll all be dead soon. "Sakarie, do you want some soup." "No." she replied in a emotionless tone. "Are you thinking about your parents again sweety?"

"What kind of parents leave their child with total strangers, why give birth to a life then leave it?" "They had to you remeber them at all?" "No."

A loud boom was heard outside. "They must be hear, the troops of second earth they must be fighting the blue out there."

(End of Sakarie's pov. Authors Pov.)

Later that night, Sakarie, snuck out of the shelter and headed over to the army base. "I am hear to see Marleen Kyto." "Oh Marleen and you are?" "Her daughter,

but please don't tell her I want it to be a secret." "Normally I wouldn't without proof but you look like her so much if she had longer hair, and had it down. Go

on in"

Around the camp fire, sat Marleen Yugi, Van, Sammy, Margie, and Marrie. "Which one of you is Marleen Kyto?" "I am.." Marleen said looking closely at the

shadowy figure. "Step..step into the light." Sakarie did as she was told. Everyone gasped. "Sakarie?" "I am." she said in one of her emotionless tones. "I'm..I'm

your mother." "So I've been told." Marleen's eyes began to water. "So you are the famous Sakarie Kyto?" Said the Captain. "Famous." Marleen repeated. "She is

a good fighter, they say the best, even better than you Yugi." Yugi grunted and stood up. "So, what's your point?" Marleen said rather harshley. "Well she's

joining our little family here." "No!" Marleen almost shouted. "You can't." "Oh I can Marleen Angel and I will." Sakarie glared at the Captain. "I accept your offer."

Sakarie sighed. "It's better than that damn home." "Sakarie Marie Kyto Watch your mouth!" "I am not a little girl anymore mother!"

Yugi and Sakarie, where checking out their gundams (Sakarie cus she needed to see examine it.) "So your better than me." "That's right dad your no competition."

Yugi almost lost his temper, kind of scaring Sakarie. "Yugi don't talk to your daughter that way." "Mom." Marleen gave her a loving smiled. For the first time, in

four years Sakarie broke down and cried, but this time her mother was comforting her. No one else her mom. "I love you Sakarie." "I love you too mommy!" Yugi

gruffed. "She isn't better than me I won't allow that. " Margie over heard him. "God Yugi your just the same 14 years ago, not even carring about your daughter

you haven't seen for over ten years, you haven't even noticed the young women she's become all you care is about is that damn gundam and beating Van, it really

is a competition between one dumb sleeper (aka you), and the other one. (aka van)." "Shut up!" he roared. 'I don't care who she is, as far as I am concered my

daughter is dead.


srry it's a shortie but it's getting let, and I am a litttle heart-broken I know bad excuse for not making it longer but I still hope you R&R