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Chapter One:

"Good Merlin, you'd think that after all these years they'll get the hint that maybe, just maybe, those slimy gits aren't exactly our best friends." Said Ron, tossing his head towards the Slytherin Table.

It was the first week back at Hogwarts after another uneventful summer holiday at number four Privet Drive and Harry was just ecstatic with infectious glee to be away from his obnoxious relatives.

Anymore of Dudley's, "But Mum, I can't wear this! It's too small!" and Harry would have asked Voldemort to put him out of his misery.

To put it simply, Harry was happy, and nothing could ruin his day. The sun was shining brightly, his meals were warm and wholesome, his bed sheets were thick and snugly, Quidditch practices were back in session – nothing could go wrong.

That is, until Professor McGonagall started handing out timetables.

Double Potions and Care of Magical Creatures – with the Slytherins.

"I don't believe this." Said Harry hoarsely, closing his eyes, willing the accursed timetable to Disapparate.

"I know! It's like they're trying to make us like them or something… As though we haven't got enough on our plates with Snape trying to poison us, but nooo, they have to throw in Malfoy and his worshippers."

"Y'know, I always knew Dumbledore was whacked…"

"Oh come off it, you two," Hermione scoffed, while buttering her toast, "It's high time you both grew up and learn to get along with the Slytherins, considering what we're up against. It's just like what the Sorting Hat said, y'know? Stand together for victory or fall apart in defeat."

Ron gave Hermione a scandalized look.

"How can you even begin to quote that Ha-"

"You do agree don't you Harry?" Hermione continued, ignoring Ron while prodding Harry's shoulder.

"- Desperation, Determinat- no, no uhh, Determination, Damnation- Huh? Wha? Oh, what's up 'Mione?" Said Harry, snapping out of his daze.

"I was just sayin-"

"She thinks we could be friends with those tossers over there." Interrupted Ron, glancing at the Slytherin table.

A grin pulled over Harry's face slowly at the image of Hermione attempting to have tea with Crabbe and Goyle, "Oh, I like to see you try that Hermione," Harry said teasingly, picking up a copy of the Daily Prophet,

"Word is, you are paired up with a certain Slytherin prefect, Parkinson, I believe, for night patrol."

"What? Where did you hear that from?" Asked Hermione furiously, her eyes narrowing suspiciously in Ron's direction, who suddenly took great interest in the pattern of his eggs.

"Oh come on Hermione," said Ron, cracking under her glowering stare, "Ernie told me yesterday and Harry was there. Besides, you're the one talking about making friends with those idiots," he continued, his face splitting into an evil grin, "I'm sure you and the Parkinson cow would be calling each other sisters in no time."

"Yea, after they call each other a lot of other things first!" Interjected Seamus. Hermione gave a dignified sniff and continued to ignore them as the Gryffindor table roared with laughter.

"I bet 5 Galleons she'll crack by the end of this week!" Said Ron happily avoiding Hermione's scandalized look.

"Nah, I bet by Wednesday one of them will end up in the hospital wing," said George Weasley as he helped himself to more porridge, "In fact, I'll raise you and bet 10 Galleons on that."


The table was stunned silent as porridge dripped off George Weasley's face.

"I heard that." Said Hermione lightly, tucking her wand back into her bag.

"Oh you're not getting away with that…" George Weasley growled as the twins pulled out their wands and the Great Hall burst into a massive food fight.

Food flying everywhere, the rest of the school got engaged in the food fight, oblivious to the enraged professors who were docking points from the four houses.

For the first time in Hogwarts a History, all four houses had negative points before school had even begun.

Grinning at his friends' antics, Harry slipped out of the Great Hall unnoticed while dodging a whizzing bludger- no, apple, just as Peeves emptied a large barrel of pumpkin juice on the Hufflepuff table, causing the students to scatter in shrieks.


Harry made his way towards Hagrid's cabin taking the longer route that circled the Hogwarts castle, he didn't mind the journey though, it gave him time to think and clear his mind.

A lot of things had happened over the past two years. More than any one person could handle on his own. The weight of it all was too much.

Just too much.

Too many things to think about - Sirius, Voldemort, Dumbledore, the prophecy, Diggory, the things done and the things to be done. The thought of it was just suffocating.

Who robbed him of his youth and gave him all these responsibilities? Saviour of the Wizarding World.

'Bah,' thought Harry glumly, 'I need a Pensieve.'

He flung himself against the castle wall, sat down on the damp grass and sighed. It wasn't as though he hadn't come to terms with his fate, he had. And he had taken all the steps necessary, to prepare himself for the battle.

'But I just wish that once in a while, I could just give up all this, and laugh without a care for the world. Just for a while. That would be nice.' Harry thought, a smile creeping to his face.

He would hardly admit it, but Easter holidays became something he looked forward to. He didn't even mind the Dursley's after a while. Easter holidays became the break from the Wizarding World, where nothing, not Voldemort or even Dumbledore could affect him.

In the Easter holidays, he was no longer The Boy Who Lived, Saviour of the Wizarding World; he was plain old Harry Potter, Potter the make-my-pancakes-and-wear-my-hand-me-downs boy.

Of course Harry had no idea of this, being as dense as he was.

The early morning walk, Harry decided, was a bad idea. He didn't have enough sleep the night before and now exhaustion was seeping through his aching muscles, and the grass was so soft, and the morning chill too inviting.

Harry yawned. 'Hermione would be angry' he thought vaguely, 'Sleeping and missing classes...'


Draco Malfoy was in a bad mood. He was positively fuming as he stormed from the Great Hall to his first class, Care of Magical Bleeding Creatures with the idiot Gryffindors, his hair flecked with porridge. Narrowing his eyes, he swore he definitely saw the Weasel and his gang pointing at him before he was attacked in the face with a suspiciously large amount of porridge.

Of course it didn't help his reputation when he sputtered unglamorously, "Mon Dieu! Sacre Bleu! My Face! It's ruined!"

"Big mistake, Weasel King," He thought maliciously as he marched across the Hogwarts grounds, his robes billowing behind him like an oversized cape, his face pink from the memory, "Nobody messes with my hair and expects to live. Oh no, you shall pay."

'AHA!' Malfoy thought gleefully, spotting Potter's sidekicks huddled by the fat oaf's fence as he approached the class, 'Get ready to kiss my arse Weasel King.' Malfoy smirked as his insides performed an Irish jig with joy.

Walking slowly towards the pair like a panther on the hunt, Malfoy came to a stop in front of the two and calmly tucked a strand of hair back into place as he opened his mouth to deliver the royal insult-

"Righ', so as you can see, today's lessons are on Tiggorns, now, these here are Classified Beasts by the Ministry, but Dumbledore reck'n you lot could handle…"

'THE OAF! He ruined my grand entrance! NO!' Malfoy shrieked mentally, his anguish lost upon the preoccupied faces of Hermione and Ron.


"Where is Harry?" Hissed Hermione under her breath. They were twenty minutes into class and Harry was nowhere to be seen. Hermione wringed her hands as scenes of Harry being tortured flashed through her mind.

'He could be kidnapped! Tortured beyond recognition! Harry never misses his classes! WhatshouldIdo? WhatshouldIdo? Mrs Weasley's going to kill me! Ohmygod! IjustlostGinny'shusband!'

"Relax 'Mione, he's obviously off catching up on some sleep or snogging some girl at the back of the greenhouse…" Ron said, his humour failing on her.

With her dark eyebrows knitted together and her lips pursed, it was obvious she wasn't paying attention to Hagrid, neither was Malfoy, it appeared, as his cold laughter failed to bring her attention back to the class.

"So a Tiggorn here looks very much like the non-magic beast, tigers, but yeh can tell 'em apart by their coats – Tiggorns have a golden coat of scales 'stead of orange fur unlike their non-magic cousins" Hagrid said, oblivious to Draco who blanched visibly at Hagrid's mention of the Tiggorns.

Pansy who noticed Draco had suddenly gone silent, turned to look at Draco carefully, "Draco, are you alrigh-"

"Now, the thing abou' Tiggorns tha makes 'em hard ter find is 'cause they spend mos' of their lives in the trees 'an in the skies so mos' people don' get ter see 'em at all."

"So what we have ter do is ter fly up an' meet 'em one by one." Hagrid said as he led the students towards the Forbidden Forest.

'I don't want to go to the Forest, I don't! You can't make me! You can't!' Draco thought frantically as he was pushed by the wave of students towards the Forest.

"But Hagrid, why do we have to meet them by ourselves?" Seamus asked loudly.

"Tha's 'cause they think yeh scared if yeh have ter go in a group, if it's anything tha provokes a Tiggorn, it's fear." Said Hagrid knowledgably, possibly for the first time, but no one was paying attention to his stroke of brilliance, not even Hermione.

Draco, on the other hand, distinctively let out a moan of dread.

"Draco, I asked you if you were alright?" Pansy repeated crossly, stepping towards the boy in concern.

"Now, who wants ter go firs'?" Hagrid asked, looking for volunteers.

"Hn- Huh? I'm fine! Look, leave me alone would you?" Draco spat, snapping out of his daze and sidestepping Pansy.

"Malfoy?" Hagrid asked incredulously.

Draco, in his attempt to ward off Pansy's unwanted concerns, appeared to have just readily volunteered himself as a test drive for the lesson.

Draco realising that the attention of the class was placed on him, cursed silently at Pansy, as he straightened his uniform and decided to humiliate the fat oaf for assuming he had volunteered.

'And for ruining my grand entrance.' Draco added in an afterthought.

"What are we using to get up there? Surely you don't expect us to use those matchsticks?" Malfoy asked disdainfully, staring at the school broomsticks that Hagrid provided them, earning an appreciative laugh from the Slytherins.

Hagrid flushed at that remark. Draco tilted his head to see the reaction of the Golden Duo, only to find that the Granger was too absorbed in her own world, the Weasel too distracted and preoccupied and the Boy who Lived was still no where to be seen.

"I suppose, if Potter isn't here to show off, it's time to see a real professional at work." Said Draco loudly, hoping to infuriate the Weasel King.

But Ron was too distracted with Harry's disappearance that he didn't hear Draco or see him perform the summoning charm for his Nimbus.

Draco gritted his teeth. That was the umpteenth time he failed to get a reaction from the Weasel or the Mudblood; they really must be worried for Scarface.

He rubbed his left wrist absentmindedly, as he swung his legs over his broom and kicked off the grass patch, anticipating the Tiggorn.

As if on cue, Draco saw a Tiggorn leap out of the thick canopy of trees from the Forest as he ascended. He could hear the class whispering with excitement as the Tiggorn came face to face with him.

Draco started, amazed that the Tiggorn had arrived in such a short time, and eyed the Tiggorn warily. It looked exactly like what he had seen on previous occasions, except this one looked more docile.

"Malfoy, yeh better let it sniff you now or it would think yeh scared!" Hagrid shouted from below, causing Draco to break his gaze from the deep ruby eyes of the Tiggorn. The class was so far down.

"Right." Draco mumbled, offering his left hand to the Tiggorn, focusing on his right hand's grip on his broom.

Without so much of a warning, the Tiggorn bared its silver fangs and lunged for Draco's left hand. Draco gave a yell and tried to pull his hand away but the fangs scrapped his wrist.

An old wound split open and blood gushed out, a fountain of red spewing onto the grass far below.

The class erupted into screams as they realised the danger happening above. Draco swore as he clutched his broom with his right hand and tried to swerve away from the clutches of the berserk Tiggorn.

A wave of nausea hit Draco hard.

The pain on Draco's wrist seemed to have doubled. Draco looked down to see that his left arm had a wide gash, exposing the bleeding flesh and several severed veins.

"Don'! Don' fly!" Hagrid yelled, but his warnings could not be heard, and Draco wasn't about to stay and be devoured by the Tiggorn. He ducked as the Tiggorn swiped at him.

He was losing too much blood, the Tiggorn was gaining speed, where was his strength? He was slowing down, so tired.

He couldn't dodge the blows anymore; the stupid beast was too fast. Then, the world went black as he lost his grip and plummeted head first.

The Tiggorn followed the falling boy; the air was thick with blood. The Tiggorn wasn't about to give up, the coppery scent of blood intoxicated it, spurning it to hunt down its prey.

It could smell fear.


Harry woke with a start to find himself on the ground with blades of grass in his hair. He glanced at his watch, before realising the time.

Swearing, he got up and ran towards Hagrid's cabin - he just couldn't believe he slept through the first half of Care of Magical Creatures, on the first day of school too.

'Hermione is going to massacre me!' Harry thought nervously as he pelted to class.

The scene, as he approached the class, was nothing like he imagined the first class of school ought to be. Instead of students dozing off to Hagrid's attempts to introduce a new dangerous, claw-infested beast, he was greeted with the sight of students running for their lives, screaming their lungs out as a flying tiger hunted Malfoy on a broom.

Wait, what was he expecting anyway? That was a typical lesson for Care for Magical Creatures after all. Well, at least Hagrid saw to the dangerous, claw-infested part.

Malfoy - chased by a flying tiger.

Harry blinked. Maybe he was still dreaming.

No, the tiger was still there.

He stared at the scene for a while unsure of what to do, wondering when Hagrid was going to put a stop to it.

Until he realised that the air was thick with Malfoy's blood and Hagrid couldn't do anything, save for flapping his arms helplessly.

Harry's insides went cold, the blood was pounding in his ears, the deafening screams echoed on the exterior before Harry's instincts kicked in.

Unplugged from his surroundings, Harry did the first thing that came into his mind. He pushed his way through the screaming class towards the falling Malfoy, pulling out his wand from inside his cloak.

"ACCIO FIREBOLT!" He bellowed without hesitation.

Jumping onto his broom before it could come to a halt; Harry rushed towards the falling body, the wind singing at the back of his neck, as he flattened himself against his broom, urging it to go faster.

Panic surged through his veins, as the Tiggorn gained on Malfoy's falling body, silver fangs bared, closing in for the kill, barely inches away from Malfoy's exposed neck.

With a sudden spurt of energy, Harry dived, colliding into Malfoy just as the fangs closed in a flash of silver.

Fastening his grip around Malfoy's chest, Harry pulled out of his dive as the Tiggorn crashed onto the ground, knocked out cold.

As Harry descended, the class surged onto them, led by Hagrid, Ron, Hermione, Parkinson, and Blaise.

"He's dying! He's dying! Oh, Draco!" Screamed Pansy hysterically, tears running down her face as she pulled herself from Blaise's grip, his face deathly pale.

Ron and Hermione looked sickened and frightened, their faces were tense, there was so much blood everywhere. Hagrid was yelling at the class to get Madam Pomfrey but no one was moving.

They were all stricken by the sight of the crimson liquid that spilled over Harry's uniform and covered Malfoy's pallid face, his breath slowing by the minute.

"Draco please, please wake up! Someone get help! Please Draco! Don't die on me! Don't die Draco, please? Don't die-" Pansy sobbed into his blood soaked robes.

Harry stared wordlessly at Hermione and Ron, searching for an explanation for the disaster.

"Oh Harry, we tried-" Hermione started, wringing her hands together nervously, "We tried to Stun it but the spells kept bouncing off- We didn't know what to do!"

Harry opened his mouth to reassure her but was cut off by a distressed cry from the Slytherin.

Damn it.

What Harry wanted right now was more sleep, but Malfoy was dying. Shaking his head, he approached the prone body of Malfoy tentatively. Malfoy's face was smudged with his blood, his hair out of place and over his face; he looked almost peaceful if not for the fact that he had loss so much blood.

"What are you going t-t- to do Potter?" Pansy sobbed as she clutched Malfoy's prone body.

Harry sighed.

"Look, do me a favour Parkinson, shut up. And move, so that I can save this stupid git here."

Harry looked at the severed arm, and realised why so much blood was being loss, the wound in fact, was opening instead of clotting.

'Bloody hell. You are a mess.'

Closing his eyes, Harry inserted the tips of his fingers into the wound and concentrated, he could feel the energy buzzing through his fingertips, a small vibration caused by his own magic.

A golden glow ebbed over the wound as he felt normal, repaired flesh pushing his fingers out of the wound, sealing itself with his magic. Harry relaxed and removed his hand, releasing the breath he had been holding.


Panic swept over Draco, flashes of dim light, cracks of a whip that stung his limbs. Water dripped down the stone walls of the dungeon – deep in the Manor; no one would hear the screaming.


The stone floor was bathed in it.

"Lucius, I think a little punishment would be fitting"

Black robes, black masks, black manacles – where are you going to run?

"Yes, my lord."

"No, no, no- Father please, Father please, please! Don't! Don't do it! DON'T!"


"Lucius, surely you won't allow such insolence?"

Wand raised.



"But I didn't do it! I didn't do it! I DIDN'T DO IT!"


Brightest of blood, everywhere. The stench was revolting. Silence that seemed to swallow the sun, noiseless ringing that crashed down on him. And then darkness, darkness all around that blinded him, and the pair of ruby eyes that never lost its glow.


A blast of gold light, the darkness that was about to tighten its noose around his throat disintegrated. Chased away by the unfamiliar warmth.


A tired smile, and then blissful, drunken sleep.


"He'll be alright; he's probably just tired from the chase." Harry reassured Hagrid, gesturing to Malfoy's unconscious body.

"Do you think Hagrid would be fired?" Ron asked nervously, as Hagrid lifted up the still prone body of Malfoy and carried him towards the castle, followed closely by a large group of Slytherins while the rest of Gryffindor broke off for the rest of their classes.

Really, sometimes Ron needed to straighten his priorities. Then again, it was Malfoy and God knows what he would do once he woke. After all, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Harry sighed and flung himself down onto the grass, settling back down into his sleep. Ah, sleep. Yes, Harry needed that. Besides, he still had another half an hour to his next lesson since Hagrid's class was disrupted.

So when he closed his eyes, he did not notice the two shadows that loomed over him, nor did he expect himself to be pulled up by the collar or the screech that followed it.



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